Let’s not close our eyes to the fact that 80% of girls in Nigeria are either in a relationship, have been in one or just don’t want to enter one because of the previous unsuccessful ones.

As much as we as Africans avoid the “SEX” topic because often times we feel it’s too sacred, it is highly practiced. This is evident in the ever-increasing rate of Teen/Unwanted pregnancies all over West Africa.

I feel we should take on the duty to guide, counsel and correct rather than blackmail, shame and disgrace our young ones when they show interest in these matters. Give your wards the opportunity to talk to you.

Hormonal changes in teenagers make them somewhat distant and sometimes they don’t know how to handle it, they need someone to talk to at this point so stop pushing them away. That’s when they start engaging in relationships with or without your consent.

Most times these relationships are toxic. There are some factors that you should look out for when you enter such relationships:


Most healthy relationships require maturity. There comes the question: What age do you think is appropriate for a young man/woman to enter into a relationship? At what age can someone be called matured? Opinion polls conducted by LSBG team got the age 16′ 17′ 18 for girls and 18 for boys.

Most times truthfully, maturity has no definite age. It’s a thing of the mind, I’ve come across an 18year old that is much more mature than any 25 years old when it comes to thinking. Relationships aren’t child’s play. It requires a whole lot of maturity.


You need to realize that staying true to your partner is the real deal. Let go of distractions and focus on improving yourselves. Serve God together, do things that will improve your well being.


You worship that man trust me. You do all sorts of unhealthy things to ensnare and keep him by endangering your mental health in a bid to add spice to the relationship. You’re a good woman before he meets you and then you’re together and the obsession set’s in.

You do countless abortions for him, smoke with him, do all sorts of drugs with him just to be supportive, stay blind to his abnormal vices, he beats the hell out of you and you’re ok with it thinking he’d change or you’d change him.

Stop trying to change anyone, the decision to change is not yours to make. The moment a man goes against all your personal principles, excuse yourself from him.


Writen by ADA ILOKA


  1. I love your blog, seriously. And you write so beautifully well. Plus, your title ? #YourBoyfriendIsNotAGod

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