Dear Daddy 3

Dear Daddy 3

Rewane was beyond shocked, Dapo told her his dad was out of the country, why then was he standing by door staring at her naked body or was she hallucinating.

“Wh…what are you doing here?” she stuttered
“I believe this is my house so I have every right to be here without being questioned. Are you a friend of Dapo’s?” Rewane nodded “I’ll give you a minute,” he said as he turned around and left the room.

Rewane sat there for a few more seconds staring at the door and trying to process what just happened before getting up. She quickly packed her clothes and ran into Dapo’s room to get dressed, get her things and get the hell out of there. When she was done, she ordered a taxify and went to wait downstairs for it. While waiting in the living room, she wondered where Dapo’s dad was and what was going through his head, she wanted to call Dapo to give him a heads up but she decided to do it when she was as far away from the house as possible.

She heard a noise in the kitchen and knew it was Dapo’s dad. She checked her taxify app and saw that her driver was fifteen minutes away so she went into the kitchen with her head down.
“Leaving so soon?” he asked as he saw her coming into the kitchen
With her head still down, Rewane replied “I am so sorry about earlier Sir. You should know that it is no fault of Dapo’s, I made him do it, I made him wear your clothes and I was the one who insisted we use your room.

He didn’t want to because he didn’t want to get into trouble but I made him anyway. Please don’t be mad at him.” Rewane lifted her head to look at him, his jacket was on the kitchen table, his top four buttons were open and his tie was loose. He was seated on one of the kitchen chairs with a drink in his hand, he looked so very hot but Rewane was too embarrassed to think of him in a sexual way.

“I am not mad, you kids were just having fun. Want a drink?” he asked
“I am leaving Sir. My taxify is almost here.”
“First of all, cut it with the Sir. My name is Akinoladapo so you can either call me Akin or Dapo, your choice. Secondly, your Taxify is not here yet so I think you have time for one drink.”

He got off the chair and poured her a drink, it was a Scotch and it looked really expensive. Rewane took a seat and waited for him to give her the drink. He handed her the drink and they sat down to drink in total silence. Rewane sipped the drink and let her eyes wander around the kitchen she was too scared to make eye contact with him but he, on the other hand, was staring at her so intently that she could feel his eyes boring a hole in her skin.

Her phone rang and Rewane sighed in relief before picking it up. It was her Taxify driver he was waiting for her outside, Rewane quickly gulped down the rest of the drink thanked him and hurried to the front door. Immediately she opened the door, a hand came from behind her and slammed it shut. Rewane turned around and saw Akin standing really close to her, she felt his breath on her face when he spoke. “I have just one question for you before you leave, why did you make Dapo wear my clothes?”

Rewane stood there and said nothing. She had let it slip the other time that she had made Dapo put his clothes on, she didn’t mean to tell him that but it was out of her mouth before she knew it. Rewane was so scared and turned on at the same time. He was so close to her, towering above her with his chest facing and his lips just right there, beckoning on her lips for a dance. Rewane thought about risking it all, kissing him and making a run for it. She turned to face the door “I don’t know what you are talking about,”

Akin moved closer and pressed his bulge against her ass then whispered into her ear “Don’t play dumb with me, you said it yourself that you made him wear my clothes and insisted that you guys use my room. So now tell me, which Dapo did you come here for, the father or the son?” he asked as he pressed her tightly against the door.
Rewane was wet already, his voice was so seductive, feeling his cock against her ass even made her wetter. She wanted nothing more than to have that cock inside her so she replied him with a voice barely above a whisper “The father”
Akin spun her around and looked into her eye’s

“That is what I thought,” he said as he closed his mouth over hers and started kissing her.
His mouth was warm and delicious, it tasted of alcohol and something else that Rewane could not identify. Her phone rang and before she could pick it, Akin pulled his mouth away from hers, grabbed the phone from her and turned it off. “I have to go,” she said and it was obvious from her tone that she didn’t mean it.
“You can’t leave until I am done with you, am I clear?” he asked in that commanding tone of his and Rewane nodded. “Good, now where were we?” he asked as he placed his lips back on hers and plunged his tongue into her throat. He started to undress her.

He took her jacket off first then her dress. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and it made him smile, he dropped the dress on the floor then spun her around and made her bend her back.
Rewane was startled by the sudden spin, he was rough but she liked it. After making her bend her back, she spread her legs and waited for his cock to enter her pussy but instead she felt his tongue. “Oh god” Rewane screamed as she grabbed on to the door handle to keep herself from falling.

Akin turned her around and made her bend her back. Instinctively, she spread her legs. Akin knew she was waiting for his cock, but she would have to wait because he had other plans. He went on his knees, used his hands to spread her butt cheeks and took one long lick. He heard her cuss and he smiled to himself, he took another then another before finally thrusting his tongue into her pussy hole. He stuck deeper and deeper into her pussy, devouring every crevice.

He switched focus to her clit, licking it at first before he switched to suckling. Her screams increased in tempo and her legs became weak, so he stood up, unzipped his pants and brought out his cock.
Rewane felt him stop and breathed a sigh of relief. She could feel her legs shaking and she was sure she was about to pass out. She turned around and saw him bring out his cock then he said to her “Suck” he had said just one word but it was so powerful and commanding that Rewane felt even if she wasn’t the type to suck cock, that voice would have made her do it.

She dropped to her knees and grabbed the cock, looking straight into his eyes, she swallowed his rock hard cock. He didn’t flinch, he just kept looking into her eyes and Rewane was worried that he wasn’t enjoying it so she sucked faster and harder making his cock sloppier and sloppier with saliva. She saw him close his eyes and clench his fist, Rewane knew she was doing a good job and she wanted to do more so she let go of his cock and put his balls in her mouth like she had seen Belle do the other day.

Akin was trying to think of things that would not make him nut, this girl was really good, at first she sucked him like it was her first time but then she switched into a pro in a millisecond. He didn’t want to nut through a blow job, men who did that in his opinion are very weak. He knew there was nothing more he could do so he pulled away from her, lifted her up and carried her to the kitchen.

Rewane held on to him tightly as he carried her into the kitchen, he had lifted her up like she weighed nothing. When they got into the kitchen, he placed her on the kitchen table top. The top which was made of marble was cold but Rewane didn’t care, she welcomed the cold. After he placed her on the table, he went and fixed them both a drink. He handed her a glass and before she could take a sip, he downed his in one gulp, pulled her close to the edge of the table and plunged his cock into her throbbing pussy. It was so unexpected that she dropped her glass and it fell on the floor and broke.

Akin didn’t care about the broken glass, he was too deep into Rewane’s pussy and he didn’t want to be interrupted. As he fucked her, her boobs bounced up and down and made a clapping sound, he let go of one of her legs then he grabbed one of her boobs and squeezed it gently.
Rewane was in cloud nine, her brain was fogged and she could barely make up a sentence, the only thing she could do was moan. Dapo was good but his father was great. He knew how to please a woman with his cock and his tongue.

She was feeling so good she felt like calling everyone she knew to tell them she was having the best sex of her life. Then she remembered Belle and felt guilty for having sex with her best friends’ man But the guilt disappeared immediately as Akin put his lips on her nipple and started sucking. Although his cock was still inside her he had stopped fucking and was now sucking.

Rewane’s breast was her weakest point, just a brush from the right person can make her orgasm and Akin was sucking it so good that she started to orgasm so she grabbed his head, pulled it up to face hers and screamed “Fuck me daddy!” and he obliged. He pulled his cock out of her completely and plunged it back into her pussy and she screamed, this time louder than ever.
Akin loved the fact that she had called him daddy without him even asking, she was wild and he loved the wild. “Do you love this?” he asked
“Yes daddy I do, I love this.”
“I can’t hear you”
“I love it, daddy, I love fucking you, daddy!” Rewane screamed.
“Do you love daddy’s cock?”
“Yes, I do daddy.”
Akin stopped and looked her in the eyes “How about we go to my room, you love it there don’t you?”
Rewane nodded, then he handed her his jacket and lifted her up. When they got to the foot of the stairs, he spread her legs apart and slid his cock into her pussy. He put his right leg on the first step and pulled his cock out of her pussy, as he put his left leg on the next step, he rammed his cock back into her pussy then pulled it out with the next step he took and rammed it back in with the next step.

Rewane had never been fucked this way before, it was a first and also something she never thought was doable. She buried her head into his shoulder and breathed in his scent as he fucked her all the way up the stairs. When they got into his room, he threw her on the bed grabbed his jacket from her and went into the closet.

A few minutes later he came out with nothing on but socks and came straight to bed and lay on his back. Rewane was going to sit on his cock but he stopped her. “Why don’t you sit on my face instead, daddy wants more of that delicious pussy of yours,” she did as he said, she stood over his head and slowly lowered herself down while holding the headboard of the bed for support. She placed her pussy on his mouth and put all of her weight on her legs to avoid suffocating him.

Akin inhaled her pussy as she squatted on his face, he stuck out his tongue and licked her clit as she shifted her weight to her legs. She wasn’t doing what he instructed her to do, he wanted her to sit on his face not squat on it. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her down, her legs gave way and her pussy smashed into his face. He started to suck and fuck and lick her pussy while she screamed, cussed and squirm.

Rewane could not explain what was happening to her, but she knew that if Akin continued she was going to explode, she was overwhelmed with pleasure and her clit had become too sensitive. She tried to wriggle free from his grasp but he held on tighter. “Oh please! Stop, please stop!” Rewane screamed but Akin didn’t let go, she threw her head backward and with her head facing the ceiling she screamed “Fuck!!!” very loudly as she began to squirt. But Akin still didn’t let go, he kept sucking and with all the strength Rewane could gather, she sprang off him and fell off the bed.”

Akin quickly stood up to check on her “Are you ok?” she nodded “Are you sure?” she nodded again “Then why did you get up?”
“I just had to, I don’t know if this makes any sense but the pleasure was too much and I couldn’t take it again.”
“You shouldn’t have done that, now I have to punish you,” he said.
“What do you mean,” she asked
“Exactly what I said, I have to punish you for interrupting me. Now come with me.” He got off the bed and disappeared into the closet, he was back a few minutes later with a black duffel bag. “Get on the bed,” he said to her.
Rewane knew what was in the bag, he had said he wanted to punish her so she knew that the bag contained the tools he was going to use to punish her. She got on the bed like he asked and waited for him to bring out the tools. He opened the bag and the first thing he brought out was a little remote control, he pressed the red button on it and four poles began to emerge from the edges of the bed. Rewane was both impressed and shocked but she tried not to show it. Next, he brought out straps and sat on the bed with her.
“Do you trust me?” he asked.
Rewane could see a different kind of fire in his eyes, she wanted to be scared but she wasn’t, instead she was eager to walk into that fire “I trust you,” she replied. He stood up and tied her hands and legs with a strap then tied each strap to individual poles. Rewane’s back was barely touching the bed, she was suspended like an accident victim that had on a full body cast.

Akin pulled on to the straps to make sure it was secure then he pulled out a paddle from the bag. He could tell it was her first time so he was going to do just the basics. The last time he used these things was three years ago with Dapo’s mother and it has been sitting in his closet since then.
Rewane waited for him to start, she wasn’t sure what was going to happen but she couldn’t wait to experience it. She felt something hard hit her ass. “Who has been naughty?” he asked. Rewane was quiet because she didn’t know what to say, he hit her again this time harder than the last “I said, who has been naughty?”
“I have,” she said.
“Now you understand why daddy has to punish you?”
“Yes, I do.”
“That’s my girl.” He dropped his leg between her legs and stuck his tongue in her pussy then brought it out almost immediately and asked: “Do you like it?”
“Oh yes, I do?” he continued to suck her pussy and after a while, she whispered “Spank me, daddy, I have been a bad girl. I need to be punished.”
Akin smiled and spanked her hard with the paddle and she moaned, he was happy that she was catching on fast he didn’t have to explain things to her. He spanked her again and she screamed “Harder daddy, spank me harder!” he spanked her, again and again, each time harder she kept screaming for him to spank her harder and it was turning him on.

He felt his cock throbbing and begging to be allowed into the pussy. He sucked her harder too and she started to squirm and thrash around so much he had to hold her by the hips so he could suck her clit well.
Rewane wanted to push Akin’s head into her pussy, she wanted the whole of him inside her, she wanted their souls to merge so they could become one. She needed that cock inside her and she needed it now so she screamed: “Fuck me Akin!!”

The only thing Akin loved more than a girl calling him daddy during sex was calling his name, hearing her scream his name made him want to fuck her brains out so he dropped the paddle, got on his knees and started using his cock to tease her slobbering slits, he wanted to go in but he needed to hear her call his name again so he put her nipple in his mouth and sucked as he continued to rub his cock against her pussy until she let out a shrill cry and yelled “Akin, please fuck me” He took the cue and rammed his cock into her warm and welcoming pussy “Oh yes Akin, fuck me harder”
“You like this cock?” he asked as he pounded her pussy with his huge cock
“Yes daddy, I love it, give me more daddy,” she said in a raspy voice.
“Daddy is going to give you all you need baby.” He grabbed one of her nipple with his mouth and sucked while still fucking her. “Tell daddy you love him”
“I love you, daddy, fuck me harder, daddy”
Rewane felt him change to the other nipple, she was so wet and Akin’s cock felt like it belonged in her pussy forever. With every thrust, she felt a rush in her head. The vein on his temple began to throb and Rewane knew he was about to cum, she had seen the same thing happen when he was fucking Belle. “I am about to cum,” he announced.

He started to moan really loud and Rewane also felt herself about to reach a climax, she buried her face into his neck to take in his scent then she felt his cock leave her pussy but only for a second because he rammed it back into her and Rewane felt her soul leave her body.

Rewane came to a few seconds later and she screamed “Fuck me!” she had never felt that way before in her life, she felt her soul literally leave her body for a few seconds. Akin didn’t stop fucking her, he was in his own zone. He increased his speed and pounded her for a few minutes before taking out his dick and ramming it into her again. Rewane’s eyes rolled backward and she sprinted upwards as if trying to levitate then she felt her soul leave her body for the second time that night.

While in what Rewane considered short time purgatory, she heard Akin let out a cry that sounded so animal-like, it was so loud but it also sounded so far away.
Akin was about to cum, he had been holding it back all along but he knew there was no way he could hold it back this time so he braced himself, pulled out his cock from her pussy and rammed it back in for the last time. He felt cum explode into her pussy and as it did he let out a cry that sounded more like a roar.

When he was sure that he had gotten all the cum out of him, he crashed into her and both of their weight must have been too much for the straps because the ones that were attached to her legs came loose but the poles and hand straps was attached to broke. He rolled off her and lay still on his back to catch his breath. He looked over at her, she looked very fragile and ghost-like, he smiled and kissed her forehead.

Rewane was drained, she felt like she had no life left in her, for the past two weeks she had been fantasizing about this moment but this had totally surpassed her fantasies, she wished she could call Belle and tell her she just had the best sex of her life but she couldn’t. Sex with Dapo was child’s play compared to what she just had, it turned out the apple fell very far from the tree, the apple didn’t even fall in the same field as the tree. Rewane suddenly came to her senses and remembered that Dapo was going to be home any minute, he had said he’d be back in an hour or two.

She had no idea how long she and Akin had been having sex for, she had completely lost track of time. As if on cue, Dapo burst into the room
“Rewane are you ok? I saw broken glass in the kit…” his voice trailed off and his jaw dropped. Rewane tried to get up but she could not move her limbs, they were very heavy and unwilling to move.

“What the fuck Dad? Not again, you have to stop doing this shit, it’s getting old.” Dapo said. Rewane saw his eyes turn red, she knew he was beyond angry. “Is this why you wanted me to dress up in his clothes?” he barked at her. Rewane was frozen on the bed, she felt bad for hurting him but didn’t regret fucking his dad.
“I am sorry,” she said.
“Yeah right,” Dapo said as he left the room and slammed the door.
“Well, that was a Dejavu,” Akin said
“What do you mean?” Rewane asked
“That is not the first time he’ll walk in on me fucking his girlfriend,”

Rewane was a bit disappointed, for some reason she had thought she was special. She brushed off the feeling and turned to him “I am not his girlfriend,” she said as she fell asleep with a smile on her face.



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