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Marriage is an institution, it is beautiful when you go on that journey with the right person. It will be a smooth ride for you when you come to terms with its glaring reality.

90% of young women want to marry because of romance and sex. They want to marry because they think that marriage is a free ticket to legal sex. They watch so many romantic films, follow celebrity marriages and dream about husbands like that, sorry to disappoint you “It is not like that”!!! Sure there’d be lot’s of love at first, you can’t get enough of each other, you do the do any and everywhere! It won’t last!

The reason why your relationship was a smooth sail is the fact that both of you were fairly apart. He was trying to get you to say yes and you trying to get him to marry you so he didn’t know how you scatter your bed and how messy you are as a woman because you we’re always arranging the house when he visits! Forming wife material 100 yards!

You didn’t notice how lazy he is when it comes to washing his clothes and boxers because he was always hiding them in the wardrobe to impress you! Husband material 1 of Nigeria!! Once you’re joined in a marriage everyone brings out their true color and even extra. You start to notice all kinds of a bad habit that you we’re blind to at first. Even the sex will become tiresome

At this point what will you do?? Sweethearts what keeps a marriage is TOLERANCE! not even LOVE. Love is important but TOLERANCE, PATIENCE, FORGIVENESS is the main thing. Men are highly annoying, women can be small demons sometimes, they make you want to strangle them!

But you’ve signed”FOR BETTER FOR WORSE” now. Look very well before entering. Annoy her/him to understand his temper. When you enter TOLERATE! Be with someone you can tolerate.

Couple’s war

Written by Ada Iloka



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