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Hope, faith, dreams, vision, guilt, deceit, are elements that shape existence, the way people live, what they do, how they act and react to things.

My father would say that all the time, sometimes to cheer me up after a bully at school, or at nights when I couldn’t sleep, but there was one element he never mentioned, LIES.


My name is Samson blanks, I’m a writer, not everybody calls me that, sometimes I myself find it hard to say I am one, only a few people believe I can make a life out of it, people like my friends luke, cade and Nicole, sometimes I would think they are just saying it to make me feel better.

My dad is a businessman and hopes one-day, I will take over his company. I haven’t heard from my mom for a long time and suddenly it was easy to forget her, or it wasn’t easy because little things will still remind me she is no longer with us.

She was the only one who believes and reads my stories even if they don’t make sense. Finding a story to write was hard, I was looking for the right motivation, the right story. We live in a small town BROOKSVILLE, there was only one route that leads out of the town, the ischarious bridge, quiet and peaceful as it seems, everyone in brooks moved alone like they are all holding big dark secrets in their hearts. But eventually, everything starts becoming clear, the darkness starts coming out to the light.

Everything changed when Donald Made was found by my friend Luke shot in his own car on September 6th on ischarious bridge, his death changed everything in Brooksville, a lot of dark secrets started to unfold, and it all started at the burial of Mr. Donald Made the son of one of the most powerful citizens in town sir Okoye Made, a Nigerian American married to Jaclyn sims daughter of also one of the richest men in Brooksville.

The Badges moved alone and controls almost every part of the town with their assets and connections. Apart from Mr. Donalds the Badges also had a daughter who led the most famous band in the whole town called the sparkles, her name is Rebecca, just as usual nobody in the brooks high school knew she was bad until the death of Donald, their son.

That Saturday morning everyone seated calmly in the wooden chairs arranged parallel to each other in St Bartholomew Catholic church. In front of the church was a casket, a bunch of family members crying some of which I could recognize , his mother Jaclyn, his father sir Okoye talking to the towns chief at a corner of the church with some other group of men, madam jacylyns parents Mr and Mrs Kenneth sims that owned the biggest fashion company in brooks and some other women whom I couldn’t recognize.

Soon a lady stepped onto the stage and began her speech, she was tall, beautiful, young, she wasn’t crying and that was strange, ‘what’s her relationship with the man that died? ‘’ was the question I kept on asking myself , but it was clear when she started speaking, she was his wife madam Jasmine Made

‘ Thank you all for coming, Donald was a nice man, an honest man and he was a believer and he taught me how to be a believer too, I am still yet to recover from the shock that went down my whole body when I heard the news, he would tell me everything would be fine every time I cried at nights and sobbed in the afternoon about everything.

Sometimes when my work was rejected a few times and I wanted to give up, he was there to make sure I didn’t and eventually everything got fine and my first book was accepted.

I dedicated that book to him and, I was going to speak about how much he had supported me throughout these few years of struggling as a black underground writer in a white society who didn’t want my story or my book launched, about how much he made me believe in myself when I couldn’t believe myself. About how he supported me in everything, I didn’t want to speak on his funeral not this way, but I know his killer is out there.

Good people of brooks you knew my husband was a devoted member to the service of this town, he helped people, there’s nothing we can do to bring him back to us, but we owe him this duty of finding his killer.

A few more family members spoke including sir Okoye and his wife and finally Mr. Donald was buried, then the story began, the investigation started , the town’s police was unto everything they get their hands on as the slightest evidence first my friend, Luke was brought in for questioning because he was the one that found Mr. Donald’s body lying cold inside his car in a pool of blood.

‘ Mr. Anderson what were you doing on the ischarious bridge on September 6th “
The mayor asked looking deep into lukes eyes
‘I was jugging“
‘ischarious is a very long road to drive, how can you possibly jug it“
‘sir that wasn’t my first time“
‘so when was your first time“
‘what difference is it going to make’’
‘let me rephrase the question when was your first-time Mr. Anderson’’ the mayor asked in a more terrifying voice which made him a little bit scared

‘it was last year I can’t remember the date but it was during the summer ‘’
‘what time did you normally jug during the summer’’
‘in the mornings of course’’
‘in the mornings? So what were you doing on ischariois bridge on September 6th by 4 pm?’’
‘are you for a moment assuming I killed Mr. Donald?’’
‘no Mr. Anderson it was just a question and you are not a suspect yet?’’
‘yet? Which means I will be one? ‘’

‘’ That depends on how true things turn out in the next few days so tell me, son, what really happened on September 6th ‘’
‘’sir from the much I can remember I was having a fight with my dad that evening, I was mad at him for not coming to watch me perform at school with the sparkles, it went high and intense and he kept on saying that I don’t have a future with the sparkles, that I should focus more on the basketball team and his company, he kept on raising his voice high and I decided to leave the house, I needed to be alone and clear my head, that’s why I did that jugging that evening.’’

‘what happened, did you see anything or something we could work with, did you hear any gunshot or see anyone,’’
‘’no just Mr. Donald there in his car’’
‘ok thanks for your corporation’’
‘its ok chief anytime’’
Luke got up and was about leaving when the mayor called him back
‘’Oh and Mr. Anderson, you’re not the only kid who has a negative father, it’s everywhere, James would understand someday the importance of your choices but for now, let things go on a smooth lane, make it easier for him not to raise his voice’’
‘its ok chief thanks’’

‘and one more thing, Ischarious is not the best place to get over a troubled father, for now, it’s not safe for you anymore, it’s not safe for anyone until this case is solved. Donald’s death is not the only mystery this town has witnessed, stay safe ‘’
Luke nodded and smiled to the mayor and left, the mayor called one of his men
‘’hey sam keep an eye on that kid, ‘’
‘’yes sir the man responded, ‘’
‘’and sir’’
‘yes sam whats the problem’’
‘we were able to crack Mr. Donald’s phone and went through his phone conversations ‘’

‘’ok fill me in’’
‘’sir he didn’t make any calls September 6th ‘’
‘yes sir matter of fact his call log was wiped out, but we were able to recycle the log back ‘’
‘which means whoever killed Donald was covering his tracks’’
‘im listening’’
‘he didn’t make any calls, on 6th September but he did receive a call from a number multiple times. we are currently trying to get in touch or trace the user but we haven’t made any breakthrough yet, its switched off, so we’re trying to trigger the calls to know who it was, but he did make a call on September 5th by 11 pm,’’
‘ 11 pm? who was it ?’’
‘his wife sir’’
‘why was he calling his wife on phone by 11 pm?’’
‘the only possibility was that she was not at home sir’’
‘that’s strange, get Mrs. Donalds in for questioning tomorrow’’
‘yes sir’’
Sam responded with and left.

The mayor sat down and flipped through some files on his desk, put some away and held one onto his hand, he took a lot of time looking at it before putting it away too.

That morning just like every other morning before Mr. Donald was killed, Brooksville was quiet and calm, every parent is trying to cage their kids and withdraw them from associating from each other, stopped them from going out and hanging out with friends, but there was one place they couldn’t stop us from going to, SCHOOL.

That morning Mrs. Donalds was seated in the mayor’s office waiting for him to come in which he did after a couple of munites
‘Mrs. Donald ‘’
‘good morning chief’’
I’m still very sorry about your husband’s death, I promise you, we are doing everything we can to find who killed him, we just need your corporation’’

‘what do you need chief’’
‘everything, what was your life like before September 6th, you know my Donalds more than anybody in this town, you must have something to say, ma’am.

She sighed, placed her two hands on the table and continued

I met Donald in high school, he was the captain of the basketball team, cute and handsome, full of energy, son of one of the richest men in brooks, he always rolled with this girl, joey, she was a cheerleader , I had a huge crush on him, of course, every girl hit on him so mine was not an option.

We just moved into brooks so blending in was hard, we haven’t talked before until homecoming night, the party was happening and everyone was looking amazing , then the dance began, I knew nobody would ask me so I decided to go outside and look around for a while, then I heard his voice behind me, after the party we were pretty drunk so he offered to take me home, he did but things turned out the other way round, I became pregnant for him, I didn’t know what to do I was young and naïve, it was my first time and it was wrong.

One day I summoned the courage to go to his house and talk to him, I got to the gate of their mansion and was sent back by the man at the gate with an appointment to come back next week, I was leaving when a car pulled over beside me, a man stepped out and said her boss wanted to talk to me, I was scared and confused, I got into the car and that was when I met Donald’s mother Jaclyn.

She asked why I needed to see her son, I had no choice than to tell her what happened, she made a deal with me not to mention what I said to her to anyone, not even Donald nor his father, she offered to provide everything I needed from then on till the child was born, that pregnancy ruined my life, I stopped going to school, I stopped hanging out with friends, soon the baby bumps started coming out so I left town, to my grandmothers, because I had nothing to do.

I started writing, every day every night, I was grieving, I was in pain, my life was just stolen from me so I needed to channel all that aggression into something positive, nine months later my child was born, I named him David, Donald’s mother continued to fulfill her own part of the deal, my child was well taken care of and remained a secret between me, her and my family for a long time.

I moved back to brooks with my parents and finished my college there through the Made0 connections, my relationship with Donald continued and then finally we got married, David still remained a secret to him under her mothers instructions, she was powerful and nobody dared cross her in the whole town, we had one more child Rebecca.

David went abroad to one of the best high schools in the world, and now after his father’s death, his grandmother decided he will be coming home.

Madam Jasmine’s story went on to unfold many secrets about the family of the Badges, and yet another mystery is about to hit town, David is coming home, the only thing the people of brooks knew was that Mr. Donalds has a secret son abroad, nobody knew what he looks like and his identity also was going to be kept a secret from everyone as usual, so the question is, what more could this family be hiding, what other secrets are yet to be revealed..

To be continued

Tamara’s alter ego


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