This is a well-known term in Nigeria and the world at large.

Could this be the same as the Mistress /Concubine/Doxy”? Well, sadly they all belong to the same category.

Often times I wonder why certain women make the unhealthy decisions to be emotional walkovers to a man who can decide to leave you at any point he chooses to.

I mean there’s little or no security associated with this malicious act. A side chick is also known as the other woman! Someone who sleeps with a married man or one who has made it clear that he’s not single and can’t fully commit himself to you.

However, it might interest I’m not going to solely condemn the woman involved independently as most people do! It takes 2 to tango.

Most men say that their wives/partners drove them out! Research shows that the common excuses men give for cheating is either because their wives do not match their sexual fantasies! Or they’re not sexy enough anymore!

They can’t cook! They nag! How pitiful. They use this as excuses for their failure as the man of the home, a man who should give his wife emotional security. Is cheating the solution to this problem?

Most times they even abandon their wives and marry their mistresses and you think you’d have peace there either? You lie! Side chick is a bundle full of emotional breakdowns. No one should live with the reality of being an option or an “other”.

You deserve to be the main dish, someone’s one and only. Most times these side chicks clamor for even a tiny little bit of attention from their partner in crime. Why would you want to do this to your psychological health?

The act is dangerous. There are so many cases of murder because of this act. Either you get killed by really mean wives or you get injured for life. Say no to being a side chick. Slutty ways bare no good fruit.


Written by Ada Iloka


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