Dear Daddy 2

Dear Daddy 2

It’s been two weeks since the party and Rewane had not been able to stop thinking about the Man whom she had found out was called Mr. Dapo Olarinde.

She had thought she could at least have his son but a drunken idiot at the party fell into the pool and almost drowned, someone had rushed upstairs to inform Dapo so he ran off to control the situation leaving her in his room horny and yearning for his dad.

When Belle came downstairs that night, Rewane asked her where she had been and she lied that she was locked up somewhere with some people smoking Weed. Rewane was disappointed that her best friend would rather lie about smoking Weed than to tell her the truth. But she didn’t push, she wanted Belle to come clean to her in her own time.

The good thing was Dapo collected her number that night and they have been chatting ever since. They got to know each other better, she knew his mom and dad were separated, he was the only child and he was single. Rewane didn’t want a relationship, she wanted to fuck him and she was trying to find ways to make her intentions known without looking cheap or desperate.

She found a way when he faced timed her immediately she got out of the shower and she had made her towel drop and claimed it was an accident. Dapo had been complimenting her body ever since that night and she rewarded him by sending him nudes. Eventually, he admitted he couldn’t hold it anymore and invited her to spend the weekend at his place.
“What about your dad?” she asked.
“It’s a big house. you’ll be in my room all through”
“Are you sure?”
“The last time I saw my dad was last Tuesday and we live in the same house. Trust me I am sure.”

So she prepared for the weekend, she waxed the hair off her legs and her pussy; she steamed her pussy and ate nothing but pineapples for the rest of the week.

The day finally came, Friday the 9th of November, a day she had been looking forward to all week. She took a toxify and arrived at his place at exactly twelve noon, she called him when she got to the gate and the security buzzed her in.

The last time she was here was at night, so she didn’t have the opportunity to really admire the scenery. Just like the inside, the outside of the house was also painted white. It was a big house sitting in the middle of a very wide land, there were enough trees for shade, and Rewane counted about eight cars in the driveway. She saw Dapo come out of the house to welcome her.
“Hey there Rewane,” he said as he took her bag
“Hey, Dapo,”
“Glad you are here.” He hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks then led her into the house. “Welcome, for the second time into my abode”
Rewane giggled “Thanks.”
“Oh and yeah, you don’t have to worry about my dad, he has traveled out of the country,”
“Oh,” Rewane said. She had pretended to be worried about his dad being around for the weekend but she was really hoping to run into him.
“Yes, so we have the whole house to ourselves,” he chirped.

They went straight to his bedroom and Rewane noticed that it was neat and tidy, unlike the last time she was there. He dropped her bag in a corner and sat on the bed, she followed suit and sat very close to him.
“I can see someone cleaned up their room,” Rewane teased.
“Yes, I did.” There was an awkward pause that lasted a minute before Dapo broke it “So what do you want to do, eat, freshen up or watch a movie?”
Rewane got up from the bed and started undressing “I didn’t come here for any of that did I?” she asked
“No, you didn’t”
“Good. Now lay back and let me have what I came here for.”
Rewane lowered her head to kiss him and his lips happily welcomed hers. She waited for him to unhook her bra but he didn’t so she took his hands and placed it on her bra hook but he struggled to put it off. Rewane was quite disappointed, his dad had unhooked Belle’s bra with one hand and he was struggling to unhook hers with two hands.

Rewane gently pushed his hands away and unhooked the bra herself. They continued kissing and she had to pull her lips away from his and replace it with her nipple. Rewane usually would be turned on by now, but she wasn’t and it made her mad.

She knew the problem was that she wasn’t attracted to him, he was gorgeous and had a gorgeous body but he just wasn’t his dad.
As he sucked her nipple, Rewane closed her eyes and tried to imagine that it was his dad and she became really turned on.

She pulled away from him, jumped on the bed and spread her legs wide. He in turn quickly undressed and climbed on top of her. Rewane marveled at his cock, it was longer than his dad’s but was just as fat as his dad’s. She saw that he wasn’t getting the message so she asked him “aren’t you going to eat me out first?’
“Err I really don’t do that, I am not comfortable with it,” he explained
“Oh, that’s a bummer. But its fine,” Rewane murmured.

Dapo continued to kiss her and Rewane reluctantly kissed him back. She wanted his dad not him and she had thought she could at least get the same excitement that she wanted from his dad from him but she was wrong, she wanted to get it over with and probably go home.

Dapo pushed his cock against her pussy, he let the tip search for the entrance of her pussy and it was difficult because she wasn’t wet. At last, he found it and thrust his cock into it, it was warm and moist inside he let out a moan as he got in. “Oh yes babe, I have been waiting for this for so long”

Rewane just lay there and let him fuck her, she was enjoying it a bit but not enough and she didn’t want him to know so she started moaning. He continued fucking her without saying a word except for the occasional “Fuck” and “Oh yeah.

Unlike his father, there was no command in his voice it was just soft and low. After about fifteen minutes in the same position, he announced that he was cumming then he pulled out and unloaded his cum in his palm.
He went into the bathroom to wash his hand, when he got back he got into the bed with Rewane and kissed her.
“Did you enjoy that?” he asked and she nodded. “I don’t think you really did, is this because I wouldn’t go down on you?”
“No, it is not, I enjoyed it although not as much as I would have loved to.”
“Ok tell me, what do you like during sex.”
“I like to roleplay,” Rewane said excitedly.
“I guess I can do that, so what do you have in mind?”
Rewane sparked up, this was her time to take over “Do you have any suit?”
“I do but it is currently at the cleaners.”
“What about your dads?”
“Nope, I don’t want to touch his things”
“Please, I really need this,” Rewane pleaded.
“Ok, I guess I’ll do it this once. What role are we playing?”
“A businessman and his secretary,” Rewane beamed.
Dapo rolled his eyes and got off the bed. He left the room and went to his father’s room with Rewane right behind him. They entered the room and Rewane noticed that nothing had changed.

“In here,” Dapo said as he led her into the closet. He went straight to the suits on the rack but Rewane stopped him.
“I don’t think you should touch that,” she said as she picked a suit from the laundry basket. “How about you wear this so we don’t add more to his laundry”
“Eww, he has worn that.”
“Yes, but it doesn’t seem to be dirty at all, just put it on so we don’t add to his laundry. Do you want him to come back and start asking questions?”
Dapo took the suits and dress shirt from her and started reluctantly dressing. Rewane knew why she wanted him to be dressed in his dad’s already worn suit, it smelled just like his dad and that smell was going to help her reach an orgasm.
“So what now?” he asked
“You need shoes and socks.” Rewane ran to the shoe rack and grabbed a pair of shoes, then handed them over to Dapo.
“Can we go now?”
“You know what?” Rewane said as they stepped out of the closet “How about we do it here?”
“Absolutely not! This is where I draw the line” Dapo exploded

“Calm down Dapo, you need to live a little, be adventurous. Have you never felt this amazing rush that happens when you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing?”
“I have”
“Well you are going to feel that rush again tonight,” Rewane assured.
‘I do hope it’s worth it,”
Rewane held Dapo’s tie and pulled him with it to the bed then she made him lay on the bed. “Just wait here for me I’d be right back,” she said as she ran out of the room. She went to Dapo’s room and put on a very skimpy skirt and a shirt which she tucked into the skirt. She ran back to meet Dapo in his dad’s room. “Are you ready for me Mr. Dapo?
“I am more than ready,” he replied.
“Ok Sir, I need you to sign some documents, I think I left it right there,” Rewane said as she turned her back on Dapo and bent down. Her skirt went up at the back revealing her pussy. She stood upright and faced Dapo “You know what sir, how about I give you a message before you sign the documents?”
“That sounds good to miss”

Rewane pulled off his shoes first, unbuckled his belt, and then she brought her face close to his crotch and caught a whiff of his dad’s scent. She took a deep breath, inhaling the scent and trying to get the face of his dad in her head. She pulled down his trousers and boxers to reveal his rock hard cock. His cock was steely hard and she could feel it throb in her hands. She let her hand rise and fall on his cock before she finally put her mouth on it. “Argh! Fuck yeah” Dapo said
“You like that Mr. D?”
“Oh yes I do, keep going.” He urged
Rewane continued to suck his cock, slobbering it with so much saliva. She grabbed his balls with her other hand played with them for a while before moving her mouth from his cock to the balls.

She had never done it before but she had seen Belle doing it and she wanted to try it on Dapo and he seemed to like it as much as his dad did. She let go of his balls and proceeded to unbutton his shirt, he tried to take it off but she stopped him “Keep it on”
She kissed his nipple then his neck, then his ear and after nibbling on it for a little while, she went back to his nipple and sucked it while she played with the other one. Rewane could tell that Dapo couldn’t wait to fuck her, he kept trying to slide his cock into her pussy but she wouldn’t let him.

She adjusted herself and rested her ass on his cock, she wanted to torture. She wanted him to beg for her. So she continued to rub her pussy against his cock while still sucking his nipple.
“Come on babe, you have to stop teasing and fuck me already,” Dapo begged

“In due time, in due time.” She grabbed his cock and put the tip in her pussy but immediately pulled it out. He became mad and pushed her off before she could catch her balance, he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock into her pussy.

She was wet this time, and her pussy was warmer than the first time. “Don’t make me beg you next time Miss, you work for me not the other way round,” he thundered.

Rewane was shocked by the sudden change but she was also glad. He was staying in character and now that he was mad, he sounded more like his father. Rewane grabbed the trousers and buried her face into it breathing in his father’s smell. Her pussy became wetter as she pictured Dapo’s father fucking her instead of Dapo.

She lifted her face from the trouser and started to scream “Oh Mr. D fuck me hard, fuck me Mr. Olarinde,” She wanted to hear him speak, she wanted him to speak like his father. “Call my name Mr. D” He called out her name and for sure he sounded like his father. Rewane buried her head into the trouser and screamed, she was about to orgasm.

She felt Dapo pull out his cock and slam it back into her pussy, her knees went weak immediately and she collapsed on the bed.
“I am not done with you Miss now bring that pussy back here?” he roared.
Rewane obliged and stood up, she pushed him on the bed and sat on his cock and began to ride it and hard at first then gradually intensified until she was fucking him with reckless abandon. Her legs got tired quickly so she rested them and started to twerk on his cock instead.

Seeing that she was tired, Dapo grabbed her hips, lifted it up a bit and started thrusting his cock into her pussy. Her breast was slapping his face as he fucked her so he grabbed one with his mouth and let the other continue with the slapping.
Rewane knew she was going to orgasm again so she buried her head in the collar of the shirt Dapo was wearing, smelling his dad always helped her arrive at orgasm faster and no sooner had she buried her face that she did.
“I am about to cum,” Dapo announced a few seconds later.
“I need you to cum on my face, can you do that for me, Mr. D”
“Anything for you Miss,” Dapo said in a hoarse tone.
He kept thrusting his cock into her pussy and when the time came for him to cum, he pushed her off his cock and pulled her face close to his cock then heaved everything on her face and in her mouth.
“That was wild?” Rewane commented.
“You can say that again.”

Dapo got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up, when he got back he picked up his phone and went through it “Oh shit!” he exclaimed
“What is wrong?” she asked.
“People from work have been trying to reach me”
“Is anything wrong?”
“Not really but they urgently need my help for something. I have to go.” He rushed out of the room and was back five minutes later. He was dressed in jeans and a polo t-shirt with Nike sneakers and a cap. “I have to go but I’ll be back in an hour or two.

Please help yourself to food in the kitchen and give me a call if you need anything else and can you please clean this place up before going back to my room. Thanks .” he said as he dashed out of the door.

Rewane went into the bathroom to clean up, and then she went back to the bed to lie down and go through her phone. She was hungry, but she was also too lazy to go downstairs to get food so she continued playing with her phone with her back to the door.

Forty-five minutes later she heard the door open “You are back so soon?” she asked but didn’t get a reply so she turns around and froze when she saw Dapo’s dad standing by the door.

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