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Sarah’s diary goes on to unfold the mystery behind her past that poses a potential threat to her future.

its just been two months since after the reunion party of the ogundeles and Sarah’s relationship with George has not been put to any risk yet. But everything scares her, his phone calls, her phone calls when he talks with his friends when his friends talk to her.

Much scarier than all, his mother. Her first fear started when she asked about her career and what she does for a living at the reunion party, of which George rescued her from that moment saving her from a momentary embarrassment that will last for a lifetime.

That rescue also scares her because sometimes she would think George was trying to save her from a part of herself he already knew about, or maybe not, if he knew what she does and who she was why hasn’t he talked to her about it, and he acts so cool and treats her like he only knows the part of herself she told him about.

All these thoughts and questions in Sarah’s head sometimes drives her crazy. The morning news carried the report of George’s appointment as the new CEO of Skyfall enterprise and their wedding which was already around the corner.

Mrs ogundele has been all over it making sure it will be the best wedding that city has never seen before, Sarah taught about her, her foreign lifestyle and rich clique of friends, how she pronounced her name and made it sound like it ended with a doubler and the ‘’honey’’ she attached to it to make it sounds less offensive.

Today just like every other weekend George and Sarah will go out into the city to invite a few more friends so they decided to hit a party a friend of George that just dropped into town was hosting in the biggest hotel in that city.

Sarah nodded to the music coming from the car stereo while she fixed her hair looking in the rear mirror before her, since George couldn’t wait for her to finish doing that in the bedroom which made her slightly upset, it was all over her pretty face, and also a way of seeking George’s attention too.

George looked at her and smiled, Sarah already knew he was cooking up another complement to lavish on her again, she was well aware of how beautiful she was now because he told her every time.

George is quite obsessed with her, he did a lot of crazy things for her, and the biggest of all which made Sarah wonder why he loved her that much was when he tattooed her name on his chest, she thought about her life completely, and the adventures of her beauty, back in the village how every young man sang her praises and worshiped her with love poems and gifts, her mother advising her to give one of them an opportunity and settle down, his father on the other hand did not encourage this and believed her daughter would explore her youth and travel the world one day.

Sarah loved her father because they had a lot in common, he was educated and graduated from a college of education in Nigeria, he served with sun newspaper and taught in so many private schools too, he was a revolutionary and believed all his children will go to school and perhaps bring civilization to their beloved home.

She thought about life now and felt a tint of happiness in her, she moved on completely and life was good hoping eventually or maybe GOD decided to show her mercy and sent her an angel to rescue her from her evil and sinful ways.

The news about their wedding has already spread through the big city, beautifully, well scented and classically designed invitation cards have already been sent throughout the city, to the governor, the senators, rich friends of the ogundeles and different personnel throughout the country would be attending.

It will be a very big occasion and a lot of people were anticipating for it. Just a few days after the invitation card was printed Sarah was surprised when she saw how her parents were qualified or rather described on the invitation card
‘’George ogundele son of a chief and Mrs senator badmus ogundele weds Sarah Okoye daughter of the chief and engineer chukwuma nwabuike’’
she could remember telling George about her father once and she did mention that he was a struggling engineer who could barely feed his family and his dreams of one day becoming the town’s chief and her mother a local headmistress in a public primary school.

She hasn’t heard from them in a while also since, after the introduction ceremony which just took place last two weeks in her hometown Anambra State. The arrival of the ogundeles in her compound intimidated her whole family, it intimidated the whole town, nobody has made that classy entrance in that village for decades and this was clearly the first cross-cultural marriage that was going to take place in that town.

Everybody came out of their houses, children ran along with the classy convoyed cars which were slowly drifting its way through the bad potholed road, soon their compound was filled up with men and women, the towns chiefs and elders, some of the villagers looked surprised, some folded their hands, Sarah was surprised when she saw that some of the young girls she grew up with were already with child that was tied tight on their backs with their wrapper, which made Sarah worry the more about when civilization would finally visit her community and also partly excited for leaving.

She thought about what her life would have been like if she did stay back and continued playing her hide and seek game in the town’s river with her village lover uchendu, who read her countless love poems that he learned from his uncle who was a teacher and taught literature in a government schools in the neighboring town.


Sarah remembered how close her brother was to uchendu and how he took money from him to arrange meetings for him and so many other men in the village. some men stood at the corner of the house to heaving their shoulder up and down, it was hard to tell whether they were happy or sad, or surprised at least.

Sarah asked George about the change of status for her parents in the invitation which he clearly stated was his parents idea in conjunction with his, that it was a way of bringing their dreams to actualization, and besides that their union is going to change their lives forever, Sarah was slightly happy and sad too, happy because she was going to bring change and development to her town finally, sad because the ogundeles are rich and successful people and maybe they couldn’t tolerate writing that their son was getting married to the daughter of a village engineer and a primary school headmistress.

After a couple of hours drive they arrived at the party venue which was dashing and grooving with young men and women, the outside was illuminated by bright lights that changed direction from one point to the other, the light extended to all parts of the biggest hotel in Abuja, the entrance was busy too, the security was checking and going through the invite list so as to stop uninvited guests from getting into the party.

George came down and opened the door for Sarah which he always did everytime they went out together and she came down from the car looking very beautiful as usual, she had taste, which made George worry less of her fashion life because he met her classy and rich, he took time admiring her beauty, she was wearing a red gown that covered one of the legs and exposed one and she was elegantly beautiful and sexy.

She wore the matching smile and they made their way to the entrance, on getting to the entrance the protocol security didn’t keep to protocol knowing who they were he let them in immediately.. the hall was filled up and just like every other party they have been to.

Sarah knew it was another time of meeting George’s friends, the DJ was turning up the dance floor with some slow trap songs with girls shaking their bums to the beats raising their glasses to the sky, men mingled looking for the finest ass to rock and lonely girls to buy drinks for, George dragged Sarah by hand through the crowd to the top of the building which is where his friend was with some other group of guys.

They came into the room and George as usual shaken hands with his guys in a boyish way and introduced her to them one after the other, and as usual they were all talking about how beautiful she is, soon the shaking of hands was over and George was asking about a name that sent thrills down Sarah’s body, ‘’Josh,’’ she prayed in her heart that It shouldn’t be the josh she knew, they said he went into the restroom and would be out any minute.

Sarah was uncomfortable for a while and after a few munites he came out, with a bunch of girls all over him, Sarah could not be any more surprised now, it was him, ‘’Josh’ her ex-boyfriend, at first he couldn’t recognize her when George introduced her to him because she changed and was probably her and beautiful than she was before they separated.

George introduced Sarah to him as his fiancée and the surprise on Josh’s face was noticed by George which made him curious and asked questions.

‘’umm do you guys know each other?’’
‘’No, I mean no’’ Josh replied trying to hide his surprise behind a friendly smile which George bought and laughed over it,
‘’she just looked like an old friend I once knew’’.

Sarah excused herself and went away after the introduction and sat at one end of the room sipping her drink and thinking about the possibilities of Josh showing up in town just a few days before her wedding, she was trying to put the picture together and once again she was scared of what’s coming next….

Who is Jane Ford

To be continued


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