Kindled fire

Kindled fire

“Uju stop” David moaned out this words mixed with pleasure and a bit of seriousness, Uju’s hand was gently squeezing his erect dick in his trouser looking into his eyes begging him with an expression in it to grab her by the waist and kiss her already or at least slide those masculine hands into her panties and play with her wet cunt.

Dave was still surprised at what made uju take this dangerous decision that could jeopardize her job as a househelp but he should have known when he always pulls her under the stairs on her way to the market and pinched her nipples until it’s pointers were visibly seen from her blouse, or when he kissed her and his hands all over her waist which made her feel a warmth in between her legs, or the times when uju would open her legs for him to get a glimpse of her pussy lips when she’s cooking in the kitchen with his mother.

Her breasts, her sexy waist, deep blue eyes, and perfect lips are the images saved for the many nights when he touched himself, slowly at first and then vigorously until a muffed foam escaped him.

He starts with her face at first and then imagine her arms around him, her body molded to his,  finally, he lets her breasts form, sometimes they become so hard tempting him to bite into them other times they were too soft.

The game went on and they kept on enjoying their secret moments of hot romance at some spots around the house, Dave has tried many times to get her to have sex with him but, she refused and pulled away countlessly until that night, everyone has gone to bed and Dave was just parking his clothes into his suitcase as he will be leaving very early in the morning for school he just got admitted into.

He was still stocking some trousers into another black bag when he heard a gentle knock on his door,  he opened it and to his surprise it was her, she looked different, wearing a Bumshot and a singlet, he was surprised because he has never seen her like this before,  and she was hot and sexy.

Dave could still see her nipples pointing out through her singlet. he let her in and locked the door,  she was holding a black nylon that looked like something was inside, she handed it over to him and tears eluded her eyes, Dave was touched and pulled her close to him,  raised her chin up making sure her eyes merged with his, he wiped her tears and pecks her on her forehead. “I’ll be back always, whenever we’re free”

She nodded like a child who was just made another unfulfilled promise by a parent, to give her hope. She tried to say another word but more tears poured out, Dave hugged her,  feeling her turgid breast on his chest and his cock on her flat tummy and she kissed his lips gradually but he wasn’t sure she meant it at first.

When she handed the black nylon to him and he opened it, it was two pairs of boxers, he was surprised and wondered how she got the money for that.

“I want you to remember this night whenever you wear it Dave and I also know you’ll see and meet pretty women more attractive than myself but do me this last favor and let me be your first.”

She stepped back and unzipped her shorts and dropped it on the floor,  she was wearing a black stripe with Yellow panties, Dave felt bad for leaving he also felt bad for lying to her about being a virgin.

She stepped closer to him and ran her hands on his biceps and made her way to unbutton his trousers, her hand stroking his erection everytime she squeezed the button hard so it’ll unhook.

Finally, she gained access and placed her hand into his boxer and grabbed on his dick and stroked it.

Sarah’s diary 2
To be contd…

Written  by EMERIE EBUBE

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