Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy

Rewane wanted to be anywhere else but where she was, her friend Belle had tricked her into coming for the party.

The original plan was for them to hang out at the mall, see a movie, and grab something to eat then go home. But after eating, Belle called a taxi and lied to Rewane that she just wanted to see a friend and she should come with her.

Belle knew how much Rewane hated parties. she hated any gathering that had more than four people, she hated loud music and how loud people get when they are under the influence.

Despite knowing how much Rewane hated parties, Belle never stopped inviting her. That was why Belle had to trick her to come to this one.
“Why would you bring me here? You know how much I hate parties.” Rewane scowled
“Girl, you need to live a little, this one party is not going to kill you.”

Rewane frowned and scanned the place, the party was happening at the backyard of someone’s house. There was a pool but no one was swimming, most girls were dressed in a skimpy two-piece swimsuit and were rocking against drunk guys some of whom were smoking weed. “Whose party is this?”
“I have no idea,” Belle giggled
“What do you mean you have no idea, what are we doing here?”
“Junior invited me, he said it his friends birthday party.”
“Great, I need to lea…” Belle snatched her purse before she could complete her sentence “Hey! Give me back my purse,” Rewane yelled.

“You’ll get it when the party is over now go mingle and make friends I know I am your only friend but it gets overwhelming sometimes so go out there, make new friends or get laid or just does both,” Belle said as she skipped away.

Rewane suddenly felt alone, she didn’t know anyone there except Belle. She wanted to leave but she couldn’t because Belle had seized her purse. She saw people entering the building through the back door so she followed. When she got into the house, she realized that the people coming in were doing so to use the bathroom and there was a long queue.

Rewane was not interested in using the bathroom so she kept wandering until she found herself in the living room. The house was huge and the living room alone was almost as wide as her whole house. She saw a double stairwell that led upstairs and although she knew it was wrong snooping around someone’s house, her curiosity wasn’t letting her see reason so she went up the stairs, looking back to make sure no one was watching her.

Upstairs had a long hallway and seven doors, three doors on each side of the hallway and one at the end of it. Rewane wanted to turn back and leave but the door at the end of the hall kept beckoning on her to come.
“Just one quick look and I am gone,” Rewane said to herself.

She quickly hurried down the hall and put her hand on the doorknob, she secretly prayed that the door would be locked but it wasn’t. She entered the room and closed the door behind her. The room was big; the first thing that caught Rewane’s eye was the huge bed in the middle, next was the big TV hanging on the wall that was directly opposite the bed. Rewane saw two doors one was obviously a closet door and she assumed the other led to the bathroom.

She opened the door and it indeed led to a bathroom and just like everything else in the house, the bathroom was big and it made Rewane wonder why anyone would need so much space. The bathroom had two toilet seats, one had a lid and the other didn’t, it also had a shower booth, a bathtub a Jacuzzi and everything was white “This is ridiculous!” she marveled.


Rewane closed the door to the bathroom and sat on the bed and looking around again she noticed that the room had no feminine touch, it was very neat and tidy but it was still obvious that a woman didn’t stay in that room. Rewane wondered if Belle was looking for her, she checked her watched and realized she had only been inside the house for eight minutes. She could hear the booming of the music coming from downstairs and it made her sigh, she really wanted to leave.

She was about to lay down when she heard voices, she jumped up and started to panic. She started thinking of what to do next, she had to decide whether to come out and say she got lost looking for the bathroom or should she hide in the bathroom and wait for whoever is out there to leave? She quickly picked a door and silently closed it.

Rewane realized she had gone into the closet and not the bathroom and she was glad because she heard a man say ‘I’ll be right back I need to pee’ it took her a few seconds to realize she was holding her breath. She decided to hide somewhere deeper in the closet. The closet had a side that had a cloth hanger filled with suits, there was a shoe rack that had about a hundred pair of shoes and not just any shoes, they were Nike and Gucci shoes, there was also a glass case that had wristwatches with stones that Rewane was pretty sure were diamonds.

There were also mannequins that were dressed in jeans and polo shirts, Rewane was almost sure she had taken a wrong turn and ended up in a men’s clothing store. She checked the suits again and found out some still had their price tag and Rewane almost screamed when she saw the first price tag.

Who the hell wears a suit of three thousand dollars? That could feed her family for a year. Rewane started to check all the suits and the more she checked, the higher their prices were. Who were these people and what do they do that brings them so much money, she wondered.

Rewane was sure whoever was using the bathroom must be gone so she moved towards the door and peeked through the blinds of the closet door, she was shocked to see that not only was the person still there, her friend Belle was with him.

What was Belle doing here? She wondered. The voice she had heard earlier belonged to a man who seemed to be in his early forties, he was a drop dead gorgeous man, he was sitting on the bed shirtless. Rewane could tell that he was about six feet tall; he had a very neat haircut and rock solid abs. This man was an Adonis, he looked almost unreal. How could anyone look so good and appealing and what was Belle doing with him? Her question was answered when she saw Belle lean in to kiss him.

“It’s your son’s birthday and you are up here trying to get dirty with me,” Belle teased.
His son? Rewane was quite sure she had seen a ‘Happy twenty-fifth birthday cake downstairs. If the birthday boy was his son that means he had to be in his fifties, not early forties. The fact that he was that age and looked nothing like it even made him more appealing.
“He’ll be fine, he doesn’t need my presence, you do.”

His voice was even sexier than he was; it was so smooth and soft yet rough and commanding. Belle started to kiss him again and they both fell into the bed and continued kissing. They kissed for a while then stopped, Belle was about to take her dress off when he stopped her and said: “allow me.” Belle stopped and smiled, she raised her hand and he slowly took off her dress and threw it on the floor. It was no surprise to Rewane that Belle wasn’t wearing panties, she hated them. He grabbed her neck and started to kiss it while he used the other hand to unhook her bra. He snapped the bra off in a manner of second and put Belle’s left nipple in his mouth.

Belle let out a groan and let her head fall backward then he left her nipple and started kissing her downwards until he got to her pussy. He looked up at her and asked “are you ready?” she nodded then he pushed her legs widely apart and buried his head in her pussy.
“Oh yes!” Belle screamed
He brought his head up and took in a deep breath inhaling the wonderful scent of her pussy, her lips were smooth and full, and he placed his tongue on her clit then dragged it down slowly.

He repeated this step a few times before plunging his tongue into her pussy. She let out a moan as she wrapped her legs around his neck, grabbed his head and tried to push it into her pussy while still repeatedly screaming “Oh yes!”. Seeing that she was enjoying it, he decided to take it up a notch, he took his tongue out of her pussy and started flicking her clit with it then he slipped two of his fingers into her pussy and fingered her. She screamed louder and he felt her legs go weak.

He paused and she started to beg him not to stop “Please don’t stop,” she said in a very low tune.
“It is my turn babe.”
He got off the bed and placed both hands behind his head as if surrendering to a cop. Belle off the bed went on her knees, grabbed each side of his sweatpants and pulled it down along with his boxers. His cock sprang up and Rewane gasped when she saw it, it was the fattest cock she had ever seen. His cock had veins popping out of it and the cap was so fat it almost made his cock look like a mushroom from where Rewane was.

Belle put the cock in her mouth, swallowing it whole at once then slowly pushing her head back to release it. She began to suck faster and harder, her head bobbing up and down in a robotic manner. Belle wrapped her palm around his cock and gently squeezed it upward as she continued to suck, never breaking eye contact with him as she did. He grabbed her head and started thrusting his cock into her mouth, gently at first but he picked up the pace after a few seconds.
“Do you love this cock?” he asked in that commanding voice of his and despite having her head held at an awkward angle and a cock thrusting down her throat, Belle was able to nod in affirmation.

She suddenly pulled her head away from his grip, bent down and put his balls in her mouth. “Oh fuck,” he screamed. He pushed her off his balls, carried her threw her on the bed then slipped his cock into her eager pussy.
“Oh my god!” Belle screamed
“You like this cock don’t you?” he asked
“uhm uhm” Belle managed to mumble
“Tell me you love this cock,”
“I love your cock, daddy.”
Daddy, why was she calling him daddy? Rewane wondered. She never understood why some men liked to be called daddy during sex, it just seemed sick and disturbing to her. Rewane was already wet from watching them have sex. She slipped her hand into her pants and started to finger herself as she continued to watch them.

He was on top of her, her legs were spread wide open and he was thrusting into her so fiercely. Rewane wished she was the one being fucked by this demigod looking man, she would call him daddy if he wanted her to heck she would call him grandpa if it meant having that cock in her pussy. The veins on his hands looked ready to pop. Rewane liked seeing veins on a guy’s hand.
He got up from the bed and ordered Belle to get up and as she did, he lifted her up and pushed her back against the wall and continued fucking her, pulling out his cock completely out of her pussy before ramming it back in.
“Oh daddy fuck me, fuck me, daddy, oh yes daddy, fuck me hard,” Belle screamed
“Oh I love that pussy, daddy loves that pussy.”
Belle wrapped her hands and legs around him and continued to scream, at a point she dug her nails deeply into his back but he didn’t seem to notice, she wanted to put the whole of him inside her, she never wanted him to stop fucking her.

Rewane increased the pace at which she was fingering herself, they were standing very close to the closet door and not only could she see them clearly, she could also smell him and damn did he smell so good. His cock was glistening from her pussy and for the first time since she had known Belle she was jealous of her, she wished she was the one getting dicked down by this gorgeous man, she wanted to call him daddy, she wanted that fat cock of his in her mouth and she wanted him to unload in her mouth so she could swallow it.

“I am cumming daddy,” Belle screamed this time louder. He increased his pace and a few seconds later, cum juice started to gush out of Belle’s pussy. He threw her on the bed spread her legs and started sucking the juice out of her pussy and squeezing her breasts at the same time. She was screaming and squirming, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and it almost looked like she was being exorcized. When he was done, he flipped Belle over and thrust his cock into her pussy from behind and she screamed.

“Ahhh, back that booty up?” he yelled. Belle began to back her ass up against his cock while he spanked her ass real hard. “Back that pussy up baby, daddy loves that pussy,” He stopped spanking, grabbed her hips, raised his left leg up a bit and started to pound his cock into her pussy really hard.
“Fuck me daddy, harder daddy!” Belle kept screaming.
Rewane who was still fingering herself was also on the edge of having an orgasm. Hearing him moan was driving her further to the point of orgasm, she grabbed a shirt from the laundry basket and put it over her face, and she needed to smell him also so she could reach her orgasm faster.

He obliged to Belle’s request and pounded her harder and faster. She arched her back lower and he started to scream “I am cumming baby, daddy is cumming,” he announced. After a few more strokes, he pulled his cock out of Belle, flipped her over and unloaded his cum on her face.

When he was done unloading he fell back on the bed and tried to catch his breath. Belle got up and went into the bathroom and when she came out, the cum was no longer on her face. She picked up her bra and started to put it on when he spoke: “Don’t go yet, come and take a nap with me.” Belle smiled and joined him in bed and a few minutes later they were both asleep.

Rewane was glad she achieved an orgasm, he yelling ‘I am cumming’ had done the job for her. She waited for them to leave the room but heard no movement. She peeked and saw that they were both asleep, he was snoring lightly and her mouth was open. Rewane knew she had to leave because Belle will go looking for her as soon as she wakes up.

She opened the closet door gently, trying not to make any sound, and then she crawled out of the closet and crawled to the door. Rewane saw his boxers lying by the door, she picked it up and smelt it, then immediately dropped it, opened the door and ran out. She got downstairs and ran towards the door that she came in from but before she could get to the door, she bumped into someone and all the content of what they were holding was dumped on her.
“I am so sorry, I am really sorry,” Rewane pleaded.
“I should be the one apologizing I have ruined your dress. I am so sorry.”
Rewane looked up and gasped, the person she had run into looked exactly like the man upstairs, but he was taller and younger. This must be the birthday boy.
“It’s fine, can you take me to a bathroom where I can fix myself?’ she asked.
“Of course, come with me. I am Dapo by the way.”
“I am Rewane,” she said with a smile.
He smiled back and led her upstairs. Rewane could not stop smiling as she followed him upstairs, she knew she was about to get dicked down, if she could not have the father then she’d make do with the son.



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  1. “Allow Me” to say this is a nice read. I got a boner from the visuals playing out in my head.

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