Dear strong black girls, don’t ever play with family.

They’re the only people who do all sort of things to you and yet you love them unconditionally. No matter what happens, it is the most important unit of the society.

No matter how “Not tush or poor” your family is, don’t ever be ashamed or turn your back on them because they’re your pillar.

Now social media depicts this flawless trend of perfect families who travel abroad, look all hot and squish squish, all smiles and kisses!

The truth is all families aren’t wired that way. There are certainly low class families out there.

Don’t let their definition of a perfect family ever make you doubt the love and sacrifices your average parents made for you.

There’s no perfect family. Love yours the way they come. Now sometimes your family might not be able to give you the kind of life you think you deserve, the kind of things you see on TV, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!!

You see families going on vacation, traveling around the world and so you think yours is worthless, you see they gave you the best according to their strength, they’re no less than those you compare them with.

We’ve had so many cases of children killing their parents either accidentally due to arguments on money or possessions or intentionally due to hatred of their poor or average status, even ritual killings.

If only they understand the power behind one family. If you can understand that your parents only owe you a sound up bringing and the basic social amenities like food, shelter, clothing, education and they’ve done that and you still blame them for your failure.

They owe you nothing but a good start in life. Your success or failure depends solely on the amount of hard work you put in your dreams and on God.

Even the Bible condemned laziness. A man who has his family and Loved ones beside him is blessed. Love your family, no matter how they come.



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