Good morning everyone. Relationships vary, relationships contrast,

the relationship makes you grow and also possess the power of killing you.

There are 2 kinds of relationship that I’ll touch.

Relationship with yourself and relationship with others.


Now relationship could literally mean 2 major things :

The way 2 or more people are interconnected/ relate.:

A romantic or sexual friendship between 2 people.

Relationship with yourself does not fall into any of this category.

Now a lot of people do not have self-love. They don’t see themselves in a good light. This might come as a surprise to you but it is evidence in the number of suicide that occurs every day

Now women fit into this category in an eerie manner. So many young women out there do not appreciate themselves. It’s either they feel that they’re not beautiful enough or that they’re not rich enough to afford all the fine things the social media shows forgetting that there’s a theory called the agenda-setting theory.

The media tells you what to think, it helps you make decisions but the spirit of discernment should never be far away from you. You should know what to pick and what not to pick, it’s your damn choice.

Relationship with others is a 2-way thing. It can fall into any of the previous 2 categories which are: the way you behave towards others or a romantic sexual friendship.

Your relationship with others depends on your relationship with them. The way you relate with your family and friends cannot be the same was how you relate with mere acquaintances

Your relationship with your family and friends is more positive than negative. But I’d like you to strive to show love to everyone around you, some people are going through a lot.

Now I’d come to sexual/ romantic relationships.

What is this romance?

Romance involves love, sexual involves sex. This is the most careful relationship you should ever commit yourself to.

Ask yourself certain questions before jumping headfirst into it. “Is it the right time”? “Is he/she the right person”? Does it glorify God? Will this relationship improve me as a person?

Sex is not what keeps a relationship! At a point you’d both get tired of each other, even the sex won’t help.

Transparency, honesty, love, God, prayers, truthfulness, a lot of caring does. Stop rushing to sleep with him/her in a bid to hold them with it.

Any relationship that does not help you grow as a person including your relationship with yourself should be dissolved and destroyed.

Strive to be at peace with all men but choose your crew wisely. Let genuine love and trust lead.

To forget and to remember

Written by Ada Iloka


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