Sex in this context represents gender.

In Africa generally we associate each gender with a certain role. A man should provide money,affection, security.

A woman should always be willing to have sex with her husband,cook,clean and all. Well all that is good. But I have a problem with the level of dependence these women thrust on these words.

This is why the man suddenly becomes unstable and everything goes South. This is why the woman gets tired of doing her ‘duties’ and opt out of the marriage.

It is nobody’s duty to do anything my sweethearts. Please be creative, innovative, think! Find a way to better your life he’d appreciate you more.

Use your strength positively. Nobody owes you happiness. Work on your strength and condition your inner self towards positivity. You see often times we neglect the power of positivity. You need to carve a niche for yourselves sweethearts.

Do something that motivates you. Pick up your efforts and try. A man must not do everything for you. You have a place in the world, you have a voice use it. You have gifts use them.

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Written by Ada Iloka


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