Anything that makes you uncomfortable is toxic.

Whatever that is a thorn in your flesh is toxic.

Anything that makes you feel less than who you are is toxic.

Anyone that body shames is toxic and anyone that makes use of hurtful words in hurtful ways is toxic.

Someone that physically and emotionally abuses people is toxic and someone that talks you down is toxic.

Anyone that makes you self conscious all the time is toxic. Someone you’re generally not comfortable with is toxic.

Any relationship that makes you do awful things like abortions is toxic. Any marriage that has a history of domestic violence is toxic.

The question is what are we doing about all these Toxicity? Nothing! We’re so comfortable with it.

We are accustomed to it. It’s a normal thing! Why? Because we were not taught to speak against them. We were not taught to have a voice.

It’s ok for a guy to beat a girl and go Scot free, it’s just a normal show of masculinity. How sad!!!!

Stand up! Wake up!! Get uncomfortable!! Say no to TOXICITY and NEGATIVITY. How?? Speak up when you feel offended.

Talk to the world when you see the signs of abuse. Do not hesitate to get rid of anyone that makes you uncomfortable. Take a stand against TOXICITY.

Break Free from NEGATIVITY.

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Written by Ada Iloka


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