Anger is a very destructive emotion. It burns you up. Makes you do or say things you wouldn’t ordinarily say or do.

You see anger is a pushy and manipulative spirit and until you realize that, sweethearts you’ll always be caught in it’s sharp claws.

The youthful hormones comes with the need to be set free, the urge to take charge, the need to rebel. The youthful stage makes you think that your parents should no longer have a say in certain things in your life.

So you see, when you try to exercise that need and there’s a twinkle of resistance from your parents or guardians, anger steps in. Do you know that anger can be likened to farming?

You take it like corn and cultivate it, then it grows and by the time it’s ready for harvest you don’t have any power over it, it just lives.

At this stage and point in your Life dear youths, take care not to cultivate it, because it’ll be there for a lifetime.

Learn the various anti-anger mechanisms and which one suits your Temperament better.


You can walk away when things get heated, you can use music to calm down, you can learn the art of silence and so much more.

Sometimes you could just take a run . Please don’t scream out your life, don’t hit anyone, don’t throw dangerous objects, don’t turn to drugs.


Say no to the in-depth cultivation of Anger today.

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Written by Ada Iloka


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