Jungle Justice


Jungle Justice
Even as I write this I know I am just writing it for just the sake because those that I am aiming this write-up at don’t have a social media, at least that is what I choose to believe because I feel everyone that has participated in jungle justice is an illiterate whose mentality is stuck in the stone age.

Jungle justice is when a criminal is caught and beaten to death by a mob without a chance for proper justice to take place and as the name implies, it is a justice done in the jungle meaning it is a form of justice among animals.

In the past ten years in Nigeria, there have been a number of jungle justice cases. It is no surprise knowing the country is the way it is, we have a constitution that I feel is just for show. Most of the things written in the constitution are not applied anywhere in the country and some are contradicting with some of the religious laws we have.

A lot of lives have been lost due to Jungle justice and the most painful ones I have heard about are the four boys from Aluu community and the eleven-year-old boy who got killed for stealing garri.

In 2012, four boys got lynched and burnt to death because it was alleged that they stole a laptop. Four boys from four different families, four families that was put in mourning and will probably forever be traumatized by this event. I cried when I read this story and while crying I asked myself, what if they did steal the laptop, so what? Who among those that lynched them has never stolen before in their lives?

That includes meat from the pot, money from mummy’s purse and things that belong to siblings. It is being said that Let he who is without a sin be the first to cast a stone. But they are all hypocrites, they pretend like they are saints and judge people with every chance they get.

The other death that made me cry was the eleven-year-old boy beaten and burnt to death for stealing garri. Garri! Garri! Cassava flakes. A child got killed because of garri. I am not trying to prove what he did because stealing is bad even if what you stole is a pin or billions of naira, stealing is still stealing. But I know that little boy deserved another chance, he could have been handed to the police but no, they decided to put the law into their own hands.

Jungle justice can never be right no matter what the victim has done, let them have the chance to a free and fair trial, let the law decide what is going to happen to them. But then the ones that are supposed to make sure justice prevails, most times fail to do their jobs.

A guy reported that someone got caught stealing and when the authorities was called to come and arrest him, they advised them to beat the culprit instead because taking the culprit to jail; will cost the victim some money. Imagine those words coming out of their mouth, how can those appointed to prevent things like jungle justice end up encouraging it?

Only primitive people should engage in jungle justice because that is where practices like that belong; in the Jungle. Any learned person that has ever engaged in this should be ashamed.

Everyone that has done this should be ashamed but you’ll expect more from someone who is learned and knows the law.

According to the stories on the Aluu incident, someone owed one of the boys some money and when they went to ask for their money he or she started shouting that the boys have come to rob and without waiting to get to the bottom of what happened, they were lynched and killed.

Another story happened some time ago, a lady was accused of stealing and was about to be beaten to death when someone with brains asked one of the people beating and raining curses on the woman what she stole and the person had no idea.

The guy stopped them from beating the girl and asked the person accusing her of what she stole and he claimed she stole a phone and he wanted to take her to the police station. He then asked the accuser where the phone was and he couldn’t say anything so he dropped the girl and ran away. It turned out that he was trying to kidnap her if not for intervention of the good Samaritan.

We need to do better as a country; we need to stop being hypocrites. Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world and that is because there are people in high places that are stealing money and stashing it in foreign accounts which is not allowing cash flow in the economy thereby putting us in the spot of the poverty capital.

And you will see these people living in this said poverty, hailing and kissing the feet of the politicians that stole billions of naira and put them in the place they are. But they are always quick to kill and burn a child that stole garri.

I hope to God that things will change and come 2019, Jungle justice would be a thing of the past.


Written by Alexandra Opeyemi

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