Celebrities aren’t gods


Celebrities aren’t gods

There is a trend going on social media where everyone has the opinion on how to live your life, people are watching to see if you’ll make a mistake so they can attack and some even attack for no reason at all. And the ones that are the bigger recipients of these unsolicited opinions and attacks are celebrities.

Every time I log on to the social network, I see more than three celebrities getting trolled. It’s either someone has something negative to say about the way a female celebrity has dressed or the way a male celebrity wished his wife a happy birthday and honestly I think the trolling has gotten out of hand. I think this is a phenomenon that is affecting the world.

I think the problem is that people view celebrities as gods who are perfect and should live without blemish. So the slightest mistake made by any celebrity is magnified. People, especially in this country, are always quick to judge. In fact, I don’t think there are people as judgmental as Nigerians especially the religious ones and you would be surprised to find out that these people have or are doing worst things.

Celebrity is a celebrity because of us, they got to where they are because we celebrated them, we found them worthy of being celebrated and we did. But let us have it at the back of our heads that they are human too. They breathe the same air we do and will make mistakes common to humans and remember that there are others doing or have done worst things so chill on the judging.

Celebrities can’t be perfect, just because you hold them in high esteem and look up to them does not mean they won’t make mistakes. The truth is, I don’t think anyone has this life all figured out, we are just living it has it comes. Yes, a celebrity can date more than five guys/ladies before finding the right person.

I have a friend that dated seven guys in the space of two years and now she has married, not everyone will get married to their first love. And yes, a celebrity might repeat an outfit, they bought it so why not?

A celebrity will make a blunder; even the people who own the language make blunders. Let them live, let them breathe, stop making them insecure. I remember some time ago, Paris Jackson said she was so depressed and attempted suicide because of all the online bullying she was getting.

I fail to understand why people wake up in the morning, pay for the internet and decide to use that internet to make other people’s lives miserable. Is it because their life is so bitter and it hurts them to see others being happy?

We need to do better for real. The people I pity most now are the big brother Naija 3 ex-housemates; those guys receive a lot of hate on a daily. Alex, Cee-C, Ifu ennada, KoKo, Teddy A, Tobi etc. Every time I log on to Instagram, I see hateful comments on their posts
This is one of the reasons why I hate the limelight, I can’t stomach that much hate, I will have a breakdown.

People will criticize your every move when you are in the limelight. I follow a particular Super Eagles player, Ighalo Jude, he disabled the comment on all of his posts and I don’t blame him knowing what they did to other players during the world cup as if, given the ball they would do a better job.

Dbanj lost his son earlier this year and some people went to the comment section to insult him and his wife, they called them careless and any other synonym for bad you can think of. All we know is that the boy drowned, we don’t really know the circumstances surrounding his death. But some Nigerians didn’t even try to sympathize with a man who just lost his child instead they rained curses at him. And even some of those that managed to sympathize with him came back to insult him when they saw that he was already back in public and was now on vacation.

A lot of parents have lost their children to things that could  be avoided, shit happens every day and when it wants to happen, it doesn’t stop to check your status in the society.

So please, let the trolling and the hate stop, it is toxic for both the troll and the person they are trolling. Every human being makes mistakes, no one is perfect. Stop judging people because they are sinning differently. In the end, all sinners are going to hell, it doesn’t matter if all the bad you did in your life is steal a pen, you will burn in the same hell, with the same fire temperature with the person that killed millions of people.

I hope we can all stop seeing celebrities as gods and start seeing them as one of us because that is what they are. Put that energy used in trolling into something more productive. Stop being a loser hiding behind fake accounts and phones.

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Written by Alexandra Opeyemi

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