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Tunde sat on his desk with a mountain of paper before him, he had to have it all filed before the end of the year or he’d get in trouble. So he stayed back after closing hours to reduce the amount of paperwork.

It was Christmas Eve and everyone had left the office to do their last minute Christmas shopping or take their kids to the mall to meet santa.Tunde had no kids he needed to shop for or take to the mall. his divorce had just been finalized so he had no one to go home to.

He finished with one of the files and took a break; got up and walked over to the window. He worked as an IT Procurements manager at LSW Equipment, a company that produced heavy-duty machines. Their office was on the sixtieth floor of a very tall building in the middle of the city so Tunde was able to get a good view of half the city right from his office window.

The city was literally lit and there were also a lot of people in the streets. Tunde thought about his last Christmas, he was in Bora Bora with is now ex-wife, Tiwa. They left their hotel room to take a stroll on the beach at night last Christmas Eve and had ended up having sex. Their marriage had been so sudden, he was told it wasn’t going to last but he ignored the naysayers, he was in love or so he thought. Tunde and Tiwa had met in a club; she was a stripper at the club. That night had been Tunde’s best friend, Boma’s bachelor party and they took him to the strip club.

The club lights were dim, and it had about five poles and each pole had a dancer attached to it. There were also several dancers giving men lap dances on their seats. The six friends each got a girl to give them a lap dance, the most expensive girl had gone to the man of the night, Boma, and Tunde had gotten Tiwa.

From the second she approached him he felt like there was something different about her. She looked too young to be a stripper.
“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you”
“I do mind you asking, but just so you know, I am not too young to be doing what I am doing. I would show you an ID but I don’t have pockets,” she teased, as she turned around showing Tunde her bare ass. Tunde didn’t ask for her age again or bother about it, he was sure the management of the club was responsible enough to not hire an underage for this type of job. She told him to take off his jacket and when he did, his work card, his credit card, and a couple of hundred dollar bills fell from his jacket pocket.

He didn’t notice until she called his attention to it, which had surprised him because he thought people that did what she did also steal. Thinking back, he realized that she had probably decided to let him keep his credit card and cash because she had other plans of getting married to him and taking half of what he owned in a divorce settlement.
While still being fascinated by her honesty, she sat on his lap facing him and asked for his name which he blurted out before thinking about it.

“You know Tunde, you are not like the other men I have danced with, you are special. You wanted to know my age which means you are not a creep like the rest of them. By the way, I am twenty-four” she whispered to him. He felt special because she had told him he was special so instead on the one dollar bills he had planned on giving the dancers tonight, he brought out a stack of hundred dollar bills and stuck them in her bikini top. “Oh generous too, I like that, “she giggled “How about showing you a bit of generosity too.” She nodded to a bouncer that was close to their table and he completely turned off the light in their table area.

With their side of the club completely dark, she unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock from the little hole in his boxers and started to suck. The music in the club was really loud otherwise the whole club would have heard him scream the word “Fuck” rather loudly. But his friends heard him and they asked if he was enjoying his time which he answered yes. “You know I’ve never done this before, there is just something about you,” she explained.

There was something about him, that something was half a million dollars in the bank, a mortgage-free house and a job that paid him four hundred thousand dollars a year. Tiwa was a smart girl, she had seen where he worked and what he did when the contents of his jacket spilled, and she must have done her calculations and known she had hit a jackpot. She sealed the deal that night by sitting on his cock and dancing seductively with his cock in her.
For a second he wanted to push her off his cock and run to the bathroom to quickly wash off any STD she might have tried to give him but then he remembered that she said she had never done this before so she was probably clean.

Her pussy was so moist he felt like never taking his cock out. She rode him gently while nibbling at his ear and kissing his neck, and he sat there, legs spread, hands on her butt and eyes closed. Tunde was glad the music was loud enough to drown the sound of his moans, he grabbed one of her boobs and started to suck on it, he wanted to do more but there was little he could do right there. It was almost like she heard his thought because she got up and whispered to him to meet her in the male bathroom.

Tunde waited a few minutes trying to think of things that would make his erection go down but nothing was he tucked his cock back into his boxers, got up and used his jacket to cover his erection. When he got into the male bathroom, he saw that there was only one guy in there and he was using the urinal. The bathroom had four stalls and they were all empty. He wondered where Tiwa was and why she had asked him to meet her here if she knew she wasn’t going to be here. The man at the urinal was done and was washing his hand, Tunde’s Erection was now going down but he needed to pee so entered one of the stalls to pee. He didn’t want to use the urinal because he didn’t want anyone to see his erection. He started to pee when he heard the tapping of a woman’s heels.

“This is the male bathroom,” he yelled.
“You think I don’t know that? I practically live here,” Tiwa yelled back.
Tunde finished peeing and came out of the stall, he saw Tiwa standing by the door, and she had changed her outfit and was now almost naked. She had on just a star covering her nipples and fishnet socks without any panties.
“How are you comfortable walking around like that?” he asked
“It comes with the job, honey. We are not allowed to have sex with our clients so I told them my last client spilled beer on me so I could change and come to meet you here,” her eyes went down to his crotch “It seems you are no longer interested”
He felt special that she had made an exception for him “I thought you were not coming again, I can get it back up if you want” he smiled.
Tiwa moved closer, grabbed his cock and whispered directly into his ear “I can help you with that,” she said as she rubbed his cock.
Tunde felt all the blood he had in his body rush to his cock and within seconds his erection was back. “What if someone walks in?” he managed to ask.
“I took care of that,” she said in a seductive voice.

Tunde quickly pulled his pants and underwear down revealing his rock hard cock, Tiwa went down and put the whole thing in her mouth. The feeling almost made Tunde fall; he staggered backward and struggled to regain his balance, he grabbed one of the bathroom stall doors and was able to regain his balance.
“Can’t handle that?” she asked.
“I can, I just can’t handle it standing up.”
“Ok let’s do something else,” she went and sat on the edge of the bathroom sink and spread her legs wide. Tunde smiled, moved closer to her and slid his cock into her pussy. He fucked her three times in the bathroom stall that night and she still wanted more.

They had gotten together three times after that day and he made her quit her job and move in with him. She was a very good girlfriend; she cleaned, cooked and fucked him really good. Two months later they were getting ready to get married. His friends and everyone around warned him that he was making a bad decision but he thought they were just too judgmental to see that Tiwa was a changed person but he was the one who was too stupid to see that he was being played.

He had foolishly gone ahead to marry her and he did so without making her sign a prenup and after coming back from their honeymoon, things went downhill. She was spending his money without caution and he just could not satisfy her in bed. Every night after sex, she would bring out her vibrator and help herself.

She didn’t even have the decency to leave the room or go to the bathroom; she did it right beside him on the bed. Eventually started leaving the room for her. He talked to his lawyer about a divorce and he was advised against it because she was going to clean him out so he stayed in his unhappy marriage. He didn’t have the guts to tell his friends or family what happened because he didn’t want to hear them say ‘I told you so’. But he had divorced her eventually when he couldn’t take any more of the crap and hostility.

Thinking about Tiwa made him hard, the last time he had sex was the day he told Tiwa he wanted a divorce and that was five months ago. He moved away from the window and went to pour himself a glass of scotch, sat in front of his laptop and searched for a folder that had a password, that was where he kept all the nudes that Tiwa used to send to him while he was at work. He rubbed his cock gently as he skimmed through the pictures. Tiwa was sexy, she had a beautiful body and she knew how to make you want it.

Tunde unzipped his pants, pulled down his briefs and brought out his cock. It was hard, but not fully hard. He kept going through the pictures and imagining it was Tiwas who was giving him a hand job.
Then he got to the videos. Any time Tiwa sends nude pictures to him and he refused to leave work and rush home to fuck her, she would send a video of her touching herself and that would make Tunde go crazy. He once ran out of a regional meeting claiming he had a family emergency. Tunde played the video and Tiwa appeared on the screen fully naked with her legs widely spread and her middle and index finger in her pussy. She was very wet, her pussy and thighs all wet. She continued to finger herself with her right hand while she rubbed her clits with her left.

Tunde paused the video and got up to go to the bathroom if he was going to do this, he had to do it right. He grabbed the hand soap and toilet paper from the bathroom and returned to his chair to continue with the video,  pressed play and the video continued playing; he grabbed the hand soap, poured a little on his palm, put his thumb and index finger together to form a circle, and started rubbing his cock. Tunde closed his eyes and imagined it was Tiwa that was sucking on it, hearing her moan in the video made it seem more realistic.

He grabbed some tissue to wipe off the soap and apply another one, and then he increased the volume of his laptop to its highest capacity, pushed his head back and started jacking off really fast. The louder she moaned, the closer he came to spilling milky cum from his swollen cock. With two more strokes, Tunde exploded and he sent cum flying everywhere, it went on his face, table, laptop, and floor. He let his hand fall limply to his sides as he sighed deeply. He remained that way for a few minutes then took a tissue and started cleaning the cum residue on his cock, he finished with his cock and threw the tissue towards the bin when he heard a voice.
“You have a really bad aim”
Tunde’s eyes darted towards the door and he saw a shadowy figure standing there, he couldn’t make out who it was but he knew it was a woman because of the voice. He had turned off the office light before he started jacking off and the only light in the office was coming from the laptop which was facing him. He wondered how long she had been there and how much she had seen.

She moved to the wall and turned on the light. Tunde could now see who she was, it was the janitor. He felt so embarrassed and didn’t even know what to do or say. How could he have forgotten about the janitors, he thought he was the only one left in the office. She was holding a bucket and a mop, Tunde looked at the bin and saw the tissue he had thrown right next to it, he looked at the cum on the floor and on the table. He could not allow her to do this, he had to do it himself to save what little dignity he had left.
“Can you just leave that,” he said, pointing at the mop “I’ll take care of it myself,” he said without making eye contact.
“You are the boss,” she giggled as she turned around and left, leaving the bucket and the mop behind.
Immediately she left, Tunde got up and started cleaning everywhere. He wiped the cum off his laptop, table, and floor then he grabbed the mop and started mopping everywhere. When he was done mopping, he took the cum filled tissues to the bathroom and flushed them. He knew he had to return the mop to the janitor and also talk to her or possibly bribe her not to breathe a word of what she saw tonight. He took some cash from his jacket, carried the mop and bucket, and made his way to the janitor’s closet.

When he got to the door, he put the bucket down and stared at the door for a whole minute trying to figure out what exactly he was going to say to her. He knew he had to do something or he might become the topic at the janitor’s lunch table for god knows how long. Tunde took a deep breath and opened the door.

The sight that beheld him was shocking yet familiar, the janitor was in her underwear with her back to the door, she had on a headphone that was connected to an iPhone and Tunde could see that she was watching porn. Her legs were spread apart and she was fingering herself, the scene reminded him of Tiwa’s video.

Tunde wanted to close the door and leave but he changed his mind and instead brought out his phone from his pocket and took a picture. After he had taken about three pictures, he put his phone back in his pocket and nudged her with the mop. Startled, she quickly stood up knocking down her phone in the process.
“Jesus Christ! Can’t you knock?” she snapped.
“Since when are you supposed to knock before going into the supply closet?” Tunde teased.
“What do you want?” she yelled.
“Was going to come and pay you to keep your mouth shut about what you saw back there but I guess that won’t be necessary anymore,” Tunde said, grinning from ear to ear. He dropped the mop and walked back to his office, he was glad he caught her in that position because even after paying her, he wasn’t sure she was going to keep her mouth shut.

Tunde got to his office and continued with the filing he had been doing earlier, he was halfway through when he heard a knock. He raised his head and saw the janitor standing by the door. She was now back in her jumpsuit and wore a remorseful expression on her face.
“No one is going to believe you anyway,” she blurted.
“Ah, but I have evidence,” he said as he patted his phone.
“You took a picture? You sick bastard,” she yelled, the once remorseful expression had now been replaced with anger.
“Look, I just had to, ok. It’s just like an insurance you know, if I hear anyone talk about what happened today, I am going to accidentally send this picture to everyone’s email.”
“I promise I won’t breathe a word of this to anyone, so now, can you delete the picture?” she begged.
“Not yet”
She sighed and crossed her hand over her chest, and Tunde returned to the filing.
“You know, the handbook doesn’t say anything about masturbating at work so there is no penalty for it” she explained.
“Yes, but I am not going to give people something to talk about, whether it is in the handbook or not, it is not something that should be done in the workplace.”
“Exactly, people are only going to talk, and we probably would be given a warning but we won’t be fired. However, if we fucked in the office, we would be fired immediately if anyone found out. So I say we seal this ‘do not breathe a word of what happened tonight’ deal with sex.”
Tunde dropped the file he was working on and glared at her, was she really suggesting they fuck or did he hear her wrong?
“Are you suggesting we fuck?” he asked
She nodded “I don’t know about you but I don’t want to lose this job, I have classes and rent to pay for.”

Tunde relaxed in his chair and swiveled it side to side as he thought about what the janitor had just said. It was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard, and yet he was considering it or at least his cock was considering it. It had been about six months since he had been with a woman and this janitor was suggesting they have sex. He tried to study her well, the name tag on her chest revealed her name to be Chris and although she looked incredibly ridiculous in her grey overalls, Tunde knew what was underneath was more appealing to the eyes. He had seen her in her underwear so he knew she didn’t look bad at all.

Tunde thought about sending her out of his office but her offer to have sex with him was so tempting, all he had to do was make sure he didn’t end up marrying her as he did with Tiwa.
“So your place or my place?” he asked.
“You are not so smart, are you? How did you get this job? We have to fuck right here right now or the contract won’t be binding.”
“Ok, I am in. so what do we now?”
“Now, I suck your cock,” she said as she walked towards him unzipping his pants and going on her knees. When she brought it out it was limp “I can see you are not excited”

“I just need a second to get myself going,” he closed his eyes and tried to think about Tiwa
“You know what?” she said, interrupting his thoughts “I’ll just work with what I have.” She took his limp cock and placed it in her mouth and immediately Tunde began to feel himself get hard. Within seconds he was fully hard and the veins on his cock were popping. “Wow! This is huge,” She said, staring at his huge black cock for a few minutes before returning it to her mouth. She sucked for another two minutes then stopped. Tunde stood up and his briefs and pants dropped to his knees as he lifted her up and carried her to the mini fridge. After carefully placing her on the fridge, he spread open her legs and went on his knees.
“This is the most stupid solution to a very stupid problem, but I’ll go with it anyway,” Tunde said.
“It is going to work belie….” Chris could not complete that sentence, she felt Tunde’s cold tongue on her clit and it sent bolts all over her body. It had been so long since any guy went down on her, she usually had to beg her boyfriend but this man had just gone ahead without her even asking. Chris arched her back and spread her legs even wider, she was ecstatic, it was almost like he was trying to suck out her soul and she was going to let him.

She moaned louder each time his tongue tugged at her clit, followed by a squeeze of his head. She lost it when he started to drag his tongue right from the lower part of her labia up to her clitoris and she  was shaking violently almost like someone who was convulsing. Then she pushed him away and tried to calm herself down and catch her breath, her pussy was now very sensitive and one touch could make her explode.
“Did I do anything wrong?” Tunde asked, looking very confused.
“No, it’s just, you have been pleasing me so well, let me return the favor.” She said with a very seductive smile. She got down from the mini fridge and pushed Tunde making him stumble into his chair, looked at his cock and smiled again, it was huge and she liked them huge.

She went to her knees and swallowed Tunde’s cock, her mouth welcomed the gloriousness of his cock once again, and it felt like Tunde’s cock had found a perfect nesting place. And she deep throated the whole thing, producing saliva as a lubricant to make her job easier for her. Chris used her lips to cover her teeth and started sucking Tunde’s cock.
“Oh yes, suck that cock! Harder baby, suck me harder!” Tunde commanded as he grabbed her head and started thrusting his cock deeper into her throat. Chris was starting to choke so she tried to stop and catch her breath but Tunde’s grip on her head was very tight and she had no chance to stop him from choking her to death. Chris became scared, she and her best friend always joked that she would have ‘death by cock’ on her death certificate because she loved cock too much and it was probably going to be the death of her. She used to laugh off the joke but right now she wasn’t laughing because it was no longer a joke, it was becoming her reality. She had to do something or she was going to choke to death, so she started to scratch his thighs really hard.
“Ouch! What did you do that for?” Tunde said as he pulled out her cock from his mouth. Chris started to cough really loud and gasp for breath, “Are you alright?” Tunde asked, really concerned.
Still gasping for breath she replied, “You were choking me.”

“I am so sorry.” Tunde watched as Chris tried to catch her breath. She was on all fours and she looked really frail. “I guess you can’t handle this cock,” Tunde said as he placed both hands behind his head and swiveled in his chair.
“Excuse me! Please do not insult me ok? I have handled bigger cocks,” Chris said defensively.
“Doesn’t seem like that to me,” Tunde teased.
Chris stared at him angrily; she wished she could slap the evil smirk off his face. How dare he say she couldn’t handle his cock, she stood up and took off her bra, she was going to show him just how well she was going to handle his cock. She took off his tie and belt and used it tie his hands to the arm of the chair.
“What are you doing?” Tunde asked.
“I am going to show you that your cock isn’t too hard to handle, watch and see.” She went down on her knees again and put his cock in her mouth. She held it at the base while she sucked on it, letting her tongue explore every inch of it. She slowly pulled the cock out and left only the cap in her mouth and started to suck really hard. He was moaning loudly and trying to release his hands from the arm of the chair. she smiled at this and continued to suck. Next, she let go of his cock and started to lick his balls. It was hairless and had no horrible smell unlike the cocks of the men she had been with. Men didn’t know how to take care of their cock and balls; they think it doesn’t need attention so they focus most of their hygienic routine on other areas of their body. But Tunde was not one of those men; his balls were well groomed and odorless. She continued to lick his balls, occasionally shoving the whole thing in her mouth whilst also gently stroking his perineum. He was literally screaming now and Chris had never been more pleased with herself. He was really tugging at the tie and belt she used to tie him, trying to free himself.
Chris licked his balls for one last time and returned to his cock. She could see veins pooping on his cock looking like they were going to explode. It was her turn to return the favor; it was her turn to try to suck out his soul. She started to suck his cock really hard and fast, giving him a hand job and sucking him simultaneously. Chris stuck her tongue in his pee hole, sucking hard at it as if wanting to actually suck out his soul.
Tunde was going crazy, he had underestimated this girl by saying she couldn’t handle his cock and she was punishing him for it. Her finger was back at his perineum and she stroked it and sucked him at the same time. Tunde felt his cock about to bust a nut and he started to think about dead bodies to stop himself from nutting. He had a record of never nutting from a blowjob and he wanted to keep the record clean, even Tiwa as wild as she was had never made him nut from a blowjob. But thinking about dead bodies wasn’t working, he was a few seconds from nutting so he tugged harder at the bondage hoping to set his hands free so he could push her away from his dick but the bond wouldn’t break loose. A few more seconds and he exploded inside her mouth, he sighed because he thought it was finally over, his record had finally been broken. But she didn’t stop, she continued sucking and he started to scream on top of his lungs.
“Bitch! What the fuck are you doing? Oh god no! Please stop you, stupid bitch!” Tunde screamed.
Chris kept on sucking his cock with her mouth full of his cum, she felt his cock throbbing against her tongue as she sucked ignoring his pleas in the process. That would teach him not to ever underestimate her.
“Cut me loose, please! Please stop I beg you. Ok, I get it, you can handle my cock and many more just please stop!”
Chris stopped sucking and smiled at him “I am glad you have learned your lesson.” She laughed. She untied and waited for him to react but he did nothing, he just sat there looking drained, legs spread apart and cock going limp. “It’s time you fucked me,” she announced, “Or are you too tired?”
Tunde looked at her, she was mocking him and it pissed him off. He wanted to screw her brains out and make her beg like she had made him beg. But he needed a moment to regain his strength before taking revenge on her. He closed his eyes, took in a deep breath, exhaled and opened his eyes. Tunde had now mustered enough strength and was ready to fuck this bitch.
He got up and took off his pants and boxers that had been hanging around his ankle. He started to remove the files on his table one after the other and placing them in a row of two.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
‘Trying to get these off my table so I can fuck you on it,”
There was a couch in his office but they both knew it was going to be very uncomfortable and nearly impossible to fuck on it.
“Why don’t we just do this?” she bent over and tried to wipe down everything on his table but he stopped her.
“Are you crazy? These are really important files and I can’t have them mixing up,” he said angrily
“In that case, let us go into the conference room.”
“Hell no!”
“Relax, no one is in the office except for you and me, everyone has gone home to do some Christmas shit.”
“That is true. Alright, let us go.”
Chris walked out of the office and made her way to the conference room with Tunde following closely behind.
They got to the conference room and Chris started to push the seats aside, she climbed up to the table, spread her legs and told Tunde to come fuck her. The conference room was large, and it had a very large and oval mahogany table with twelve chairs surrounding it. Tunde knew the table could hold both their weights so he climbed on and started kissing Chris.
Tunde could taste himself in her mouth as he continued to kiss her, she reached down to stroke his cock while he peeled his lips away from hers and placed it on her nipple, gently nibbling it and licking at the same time. His cock became steely hard and he pulled it away from her hand and rubbed it against her sopping slit. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, and he shifted his attention to her second nipple and sucked it gently. He began to tease her, dipping the head of his cock in and out of her pussy. She pulled his head up and stuck her tongue into his mouth, and then she wrapped her arms around his head, pushed his head down until her mouth was beside his ear and she whispered: “Fuck me please?”

Her plea to be fucked brought a smile to Tunde’s face. He granted her request by thrusting his cock into her very wet and very warm pussy. They both let out a moan at the same time, it felt really good. He quickened his thrusts and her breast bounced in rhythm, he felt her pussy wall tighten and he dove deeper and harder. Her juices pouring out unto the conference table as she screamed for him to fuck her harder.
“Oh yeah! oh yeah! Fuck me harder, fuck me really hard. Yes! Yes! Harder!,” she screamed in a voice that made it sound like she was about to cry. “Harder Papi harder!” she commanded.
Tunde pulled out his cock and turned her around, his cock was so wet and so was the table. Despite the AC being on in the conference room, they were both sweating profusely. After she got on all fours, Tunde started to rub his dick between the crack of her ass while he gently squeezed her breasts. When she least expected, he rammed his cock into her pussy and she screamed “Fuck!” Now Tunde was glad she had made him cum earlier because now it was going to take a while for him to that again. He grabbed her hips and pounded against her frantically as she screamed the word ‘Fuck’ repeatedly until she pulled herself away and collapsed on her stomach. What did she think she was doing, he wasn’t done with her yet. Still on her stomach. Tunde separated her butt cheeks to get a better view of her pussy then slid into it. She was warmer and wetter than before and Tunde knew she collapsed because she had orgasmed and was tired. Regardless, he continued to thrust his dick into her pussy this time very gently.
Chris was tired, she had collapsed because she orgasmed and couldn’t feel her legs. But he didn’t give her a breather, he continued fucking her and she loved it. She started to back her ass up against his dick to let him know that she wanted more, and he got the cue because he picked up the pace. She let him fuck her like that for a few minutes while she regained strength in her legs. When she was sure she could use her legs again, she pulled away from him and lay on her back. Chris spread her legs and bent it over until her knees were touching her face. Tunde positioned himself over her making it look like he was about to do some push-ups, then he began to fully deep his cock into her pussy and taking it out fully. Chris felt his cock touching her in places that made a wire come loose in her brain, he was screwing her brains out and she loved it. She gasped with every touch, holding on to the back of her legs not wanting to let go so his cock would continue to hit her in the right places. Once again, Chris started to lose feeling in her leg and she knew she had to change positions so she told him to lie down and let her fuck him.
Tunde did as he was told and immediately his back touched the table, she sat on him and started riding him fast. He could feel her pussy juice dripping all over his crotch. He grabbed her boobs as they bounced while she rode him. They had been going at it for a while now and he knew he was going to nut very soon, he could not hold it back any longer. She bent down and started to suck his nipple, he wasn’t expecting it but it felt too damn good. He wrapped his arm around her, lifted his butt and started to pound her from below, while she continued sucking his nipple.

“I am cumming, I am cumming,” Tunde announced as he continued to pound her faster. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and shoved it back in with full force and speed and he felt his cock explode its content into her pussy. They both collapsed on the table and with heavy breaths, he asked “You have the morning after pill right?” she nodded and he rolled off the table and went into his office to get dressed.

Tunde got dressed and made his way out of the building. he knew she still had to clean up his office and the conference room before leaving so he left without saying goodbye. He felt no need to do so because he owed her nothing. He waved down a cab, got in and gave the cab driver his home address as had sealed the deal with Chris and no one would ever know what happened tonight.

Norm the security guy couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed; he had watched the whole thing on the security camera and he had even jacked off to it, smiled at himself because he knew what he had just seen was going to be his ticket to money. He saved the conference room sex scene on his hard drive and deleted it from the main system hard drive and started laughing hysterically.

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Written by Alexandra Opeyemi


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