The number of ‘Awwwwwn, you look beautiful’ people say whenever you pass is not a measure of how good you look.
The headcount that rotates does not mean that you are beautifully dressed.

Many times, in trying to look good we end up looking like aliens. Humans from a totally different world. In trying to join the trend, to belong, sometimes we overdo it.

Many times when they compliment us on our ‘bad’ look, we accept with great happiness in our heart, our minds trying to bust like popcorn on how good we look.

Humans can be very deceitful. Though you might look funny, no one will like to say it out. No one will want to be the mouthpiece to tell you, ‘ooh, the trouser is too loose or ‘your hair will be better if you bring it down’ or ‘your face powder is rough’ or ‘your makeup is too much’ and the rest of them. They will rather tell you how they are tripping over your makeup or your ‘funny’ hairdo.

Only people who are close to you and a few other individuals might be able to tell you this.

Everyone one wants to look good. But keep in mind that looking good is serious business. Wear clothes that suit you, don’t wear clothes because you don’t want to be left out of the fashion trend.

Bear in mind that body structure and shape for humans differ. What suits Angelina may not be suitable for you and vice versa.

Wear the right clothes that suit you and heads will be turning for the right reasons. If you want to copy a new or trending style, make sure you look good on the ‘copied’ style.

Makeup is nice, super nice. And today’s makeup kit is boom! Cosmetics has evolved over the years from powder, eye pencil, lip gloss or lipstick to now include, foundation, concealer, amongst others. It really looks good on our ladies but the secret is not to apply it in excess. Like they say, an excess of everything is bad, really bad.

Just like clothes, different shades of makeup suit different persons. From the eyeshadow to the concealer and foundation, lipstick inclusive. Humans have different tone of skin color. Apply the makeup in line with your skin color.

Apply the shades that suit your body colour, not the ones you like. The colours you love might not be the right one for you. In fashion sometimes, it’s not about what we love rather what looks good on us, what shade suits our skin colour.

It will be odd for you to spend hours in front of the mirror, preparing for the day, only for people to give you the ‘what-kind-of-makeup-did-she-apply’ look because your face is fanta colour while your body is coke.

Your hair is another asset you consider in your fashion statement. Colour combination matters. That a pink hair looks awesome on Nicki Minaj doesn’t mean it will be good for someone with a dark skin colour. Find the colour(s) of attachment that really suits your skin and matches your eyes.
You will slay them when you step out.

And to the guys, the ones who love fashion, who love attention, the ones who love to dress so beautifully well that girls break their neck while straining to see them whenever they pass, here is a word for you.

Sometimes those girls laugh at you and not with you. The smile and giggle but once you are out of earshot, the burst into laughter. It’s good to join the trend but ensure you don’t look like an unhappy ghost while trying to make your fashion statement.

That Phyno’s hairstyle may not be ideal for you, considering the shape of your head, jaw or face. Try that one that will suit you and the girls will be flying after you like flies.

Everyone must not join the beards gang. Instead of you to look like a gorilla with the beards, go get a clean shave, it might do you some good. Beards are not a measure of good looks. Don’t burn your face with cosmetics believing it will make your beards sprout faster. A clean handsome face is still better any day than a ‘burnt’ bearded face.

Next time you want to: wear that cloth, make or cut that hairstyle, or apply that makeup, do check for the one that suits you. Don’t go about looking like someone’s worst nightmare.

Lest I forget, visit your mirror before leaving the house, telling you the truth is her hubby.
Remember, attention doesn’t mean you are looking good, it can be negative.
Go slay them!

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@ Modester Chinonyelum Alo

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