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Understanding the lekki lifestyle”. To win the Romans, you must be like the Romans.” Well, I am not so much of a religious person but I think we gain knowledge from every life dispensation. The above statement is obtained from the letters of Paul and one could paraphrase it to be: To thrive in Rome you must be like the Romans.
However, since the article is purposed to help you thrive in Lekki, one of the fast growing urban areas in the world, we could say this: to thrive in Lekki, you must be like those who live in Lekki.

It is no doubt that Africans in general, have Lekki, Lagos as a dream residence. Talk about the organized life, the top-notch security, the availability of power supply and other public corporations, the influx of celebrities, top businessmen and government officials etc, Lekki could be called the Nigerian ‘Cannan’ – A land flowing with milk and honey. However, not everyone really enjoy this milk and honey, and while some do, but not at their required level. If you are in Lekki or aspire to live there, then, follow these seven steps in thriving in Lekki.


1. Have these three languages on your tongue: You must come into Lekki with three tongues: Good English, Pidgin English, and at least one mother tongue. In this three tongues, you make the best conversation, best in the sense of ‘profiting’.


2. No room for introversion: Ok, so you are the professor, who just read day and night or you said you don’t like going out, you hate socializing; then please steer clear from lekki, or go there and be hungry. In Lekki, you must learn to socialize, even if you don’t go clubbing or to the bar, you could at least go to church or mosque or whatever religious center, to the cinema or at least to the mall. ‘Connection’ opportunity is hung in every social gathering. You never can tell the bill gate or Dangote that sits close to you in the cinema or in the church, that’s why you gotta socialize and be nice.


3. Be branded and packaged: Yeah, this is very handy for any lekki resident. Lekki barely cares about what you do (skill) or what you sell (trade), they are only satisfied when their sights are satisfied. So get a business card, Always dress good and smart- not too decent and not poorly decent. Stay fresh, get all the deodorants in the world and always smile. If you are into business, have a beautiful logo and business name. If you are properly branded and packaged, you’ve got Lekki in your palms.


4. Live economically large: This is in addition to the rule 3 above. You’ve gotta live large. Mind you, stay true to your pocket and bank account, live the best of each day with the much you can afford. Buy good dresses and cosmetics, but let them not make your account red. And if you could afford it, get a car, and an office. You win the heart of a lekki client once you own a car and an office.


5. Be inspired: Wake in the morning and take a stroll, look around and you will see, the best of cars, freshest of persons, best of desserts and beverages, best of clothes and accessories and even the ladies and guys. Don’t envy, it will only cause you depression, instead get inspired. See the possibilities of wealth and cease it. Widen your horizon, because in lekki, only big dreams come true.


6. Measure well:  Opportunities will come your way, once rule 1 to 5 are abided on. But friends, you can’t grab all. Chose the best for the moment. ‘Best for the moment might really be the one that pays best, it is the one that would create more open doors, the one that will give you a wider coverage and connection. So, dear friend, measure well.


7. Give back: Nothing tickles a lekki Clientele as to discover that you own a foundation, or you periodically pay to the charity. So, when you are strong enough to give back, do not hesitate, other than the fact that it attracts favour from men, it also attract favour from God.

Keep this seven rules at heart. Hold them to practice and in less than 3 months of your stay in Lekki, you would tell your success story.

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