Sarah’s Diary


**a beautiful hookers life changed when she met a classy guy from a very rich family****


What could it have been? it could have been the tiny sound of the voice of children Playing in the neighborhood and tapping their bare feet’s on the dusty grounds to an old mythical song about a hero of the night, “obi kere re nke” Or the smell the earth produces after a fresh afternoon rain.

It could begin with the weather, or the cold, the heat and the stench or autumn, it could begin with the sound of Madonna’s voice singing her first country album on the fancy music player in the sitting room, or the smell of rotten mangoes littered on the roadsides with a host of flies nuzzling around it and black alpha lizards noodling their red-head under the sun at the roadsides, or the fresh Smell of beauty, or the story of a woman engulfed in her young self, the smiles that steered Sarah’s face every time a man called her “pretty”
“omalicha nwa” Or  “nwanyi ocha” on the streets.

Or it could begin with the countless calls of her parents demanding money for Dupe’s school fees, or for maintenance of papa’s poor health, or mama’s demand to bring a man home already.

Sarah Chinwendu popularly known as Sarah Stetson on her Facebook profile hissed trying to wave away these thoughts from her memory, she walked slowly and quietly oblivious to her surrounding, she thought about the last date she went to and smiled again.

She could still feel his eyes glued to her body as she penetrated his soul with her feminine fire, she knew the nature of her job and how professional she was about it, she knows that nothing scares a man more than a woman who knows the power of her flames.

She could tell Simon already ejaculated in his blue tuxedo suit, she noticed the steady movements of his leg trying to suppress his boner, and how he would change topics so he could go down and she wouldn’t notice he was ever hard, she thought about the night they spent together and how he wrote her a check with so much aggression and want in his eyes to be slain by her already.

Sarah swiped through her diary again this time to know who the next lucky man is as she grabbed her pen and canceled off Simon’s name, it had been just three years Sarah left her parents in Idumota Lagos to Abuja for a greener pasture, and everything was working out well for her and her hunters business, she had a life she had always wanted, living in a two-room apartment well furnished and classically designed.

She looked closer into her diary and saw her next clients name, his name was George Benson, it was just two weeks after she met Simon that George came around too on Facebook promising to do anything in the world so she could be his forever, Sarah smiled and murmured his name
“well George it’s your turn baby boy”

She sent him a message which he replied a few seconds later and they set up a date to meet. George was a successful businessman and a very big man in Abuja known for his delightful and humble attitude.

He took over his father’s company as soon as he graduated from Harvard, his father, one of the most famous oil manganates in Abuja, Chief Omeredu Benson. To Sarah, he was just another catch which he will eventually drop like all the rest and move on to the next as her business was all about the money and no emotional attachments or whatsoever involved.

That fateful Saturday evening just, as usual, she looked exceptionally ready, beautiful and sexy for the date and waited for him to come, she waited for 30 minutes and there was no sign of him, she got worked up and called him, he didn’t pick up, this was the first time a man had to keep her waiting for a date.


She paced around her house a couple of times until finally a light shined in front of the house and a car pulled over, she readjusted Her gown which stuck to her body and displayed Her entire curve properly, applied some more makeup to cover up the ones has had slightly faded away to sweat and she was in shape again.


She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, turned around to look at her ass in the mirror, it was in place and looked so damn hot and seductive, she took her purse and stepped outside the house, got to the gate and saw a black Range Rover jeep parked outside, the door opened and a very unique, sizzling and handsome guy stepped out.

Sarah looked at him and was first baffled at his young looks. He looked different from the pictures of him she saw online, he looked like his younger brothers age, he was fine and very classy, he approached her, he was wearing a short jean with a black sneaker,

“Hi I’m Joe, Georges younger brother. He’s setting up a lot of things back there so he sent me to get you” I smiled at his muscular body and throbbing Adam’s apple, I felt my thighs shrink as he offered me to step into the car, I did and we drove off.


A couple of minutes later we arrived at the gate of a very big mansion, a lot of cars parked outside and securities patrolled everywhere, there were people outside too, men in their Agbadas and women, young pretty girls and boys, I smiled knowing this to be the best date I’ve ever gone in my life, the car stopped and a huge man came and opened the door for me.


I stepped out and Joe walked me into the mansion. The hall radiated and filled with people drinking as they mingled together, I looked for George but couldn’t see him, everyone dressed in fine clothes and seemed completely at ease in the luxurious setting of the mansion, enormous chandeliers hanged from the ceiling and classic collection of swats and colored Holly decorated the windows. the wines being paraded about on trays by men in matching uniforms of black trousers and white tops with bold ties, one stopped to offer me a Glass of champagne.

Joe excused himself from Sarah and left with some group of men saying his brother will be with her shortly, Sarah thought to herself, normally things worked her way but this was the first time a guy ever posted so much standard towards her, and she was falling for it.

She was no longer in control of herself, the things going on here are way too much and above her that she wondered who the guy was and why this rich and exquisite kind of date, she walked around glancing at a couple of flowers and smiling back at lots of strange handsome guys looking at her, until to her relief George appeared.

He was wearing a midnight blue sequined polo that stuck to his body all the way down to his waist, and a black jean coupled with a black sneakers too, he came close to her and hugged her, finally she muttered to herself she’s safe and can now stop acting like a kid lost in a museum .

“You are the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen in my whole life, Sarah “

He whispered in her ears, she felt those words sink into her whole spirit and body, she knew she was beautiful and have heard it from all her dates, but this was different, there was a way he said it to her that made her know he was saying the truth and she was really beautiful.


He held her hands, looked her in the eye, Sarah was being brave, and her principles were falling apart at that moment, she forgot it was business, she decided to let that night pass. She decided to let things go the other way round and for a moment let Her standard slide, this is a man standing before her, his soft hairy hands holding hers sent a feeling of care and affection down her whole body, she didn’t care if it wouldn’t last, she only needed to enjoy that moment.

She understood that there’s a difference between being classy and being rich, George was rich and classy, he was fine and handsome, tall and sexy, for the first time she had met the kind of man that made her touch her self in the bathtubs,

“Come and meet my family he said” first he introduced her to his grandfather, who had difficulty in his hearing but spoke at length about Canada.

And when George was Able to make him understand that Sarah was from Nigeria, his eyes lit up and then launched into another story of Abraham Lincoln, George knew Sarah was no longer comfortable so he kept on muttering apologies for his grandfathers behavior, but Sarah didn’t dislike the old man for being a revolutionary who has “met Abraham Lincoln on one of his visit to America back in the days” she enjoyed his accent and ways of trying to engage her fully into politics, but George had to pull her away or his date will turn into his grandfather telling her countless stories about democracy and the American pre-colonial administration, Sarah understood that he was only being a man of his time and she didn’t expect him to act any different.

“You have such an interesting grandfather,” she said as they walked away from him, George placed his left arm around her waist, this made Sarah feel so good and more important than any other woman in that building, she could tell from the way they looked at her,

“haha, well thanks to him I wasn’t bullied by any wannabe task force or law enforcement agencies in the states, he taught me the American constitution”

Sarah chuckled out a smile

“well I would love to spend more time with him then so I’ll be well-educated on how to behave next time when an extremely Charming Harvard graduate sends his younger brother to pick me up on a next date”

George stopped and held her hands, knowing she was upset about his brother picking her up, he held her in a way that made her feel so comfortable, Sarah has been with men this way but this guy seemed so good at this, what will she be expecting from a guy who spent half his life in Harvard she thought

“I’m sorry about that, I know it’s lame, but you’re the most important person in the building tonight,” he said, this made her let out a smile, she couldn’t hear more of his poetry sometimes she put her face away.

Soon they moved on to talk to Georges mother, she was with a bunch of women talking about something that really made them laugh out loud. George called her attention and she followed him, the woman looked very classy and beautiful, Sarah could tell this family hadn’t been home for a long time from the looks on their bodies,

“Mother this is Sarah, Sarah meet my mother”

Sarah smiled and took the woman’s hand which she stretched out in a welcoming manner

“nice to meet you Ma”

She reciprocated her with a matching smile and fizzled, she looked at George and whispered something into his ear which made him smile and kissed her mother on her cheeks.

She took her hand and demanded her attention for a little woman to woman catch up, George agreed and said he’ll be back for her in 10 minutes

They both walked and she chatted her at length about Nigeria and how much she missed the country and its people and wanted to also know about her and how she met her son, her heart beat more faster when she got to the point of asking her what she does exactly for a living, she taught about a lot of things, George has never asked her before, she was still looking for the right words when George came in and stole her away from her mother, she smiled and left with George.

Meeting Georges father was less than enchanting, it didn’t help that one of his politician friends mistook her for a bartender in a public bar, neither did it help meeting with George’s friends, George has described Richard shy, but Sarah could tell from his eyes and the way he looked at her that he’s a flirt, she quickly snapped out of it, maybe shy people could be socially awkward sometimes she thought.

Sarah was glad that finally, the party was over, she realized that the family had just returned to Nigeria for the first time and every rich family in Abuja came to welcome them, she was now going to have George all to himself, she couldn’t read his mind so she let things go his way, she didn’t try to seduce him so she wouldn’t make the wrong move, he took her outside and walked with her around the compound which was beautifully designed by trees and nicely arranged flowers. She felt his hand on her cheeks as he turned her over in a very romantic way, this time again he looked into her eyes

“damn this man knows how to slay with his eyes,” she thought,

After a long silence he broke it with the most romantic words Sarah hadn’t heard from any man before, he said

To be continued

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