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What’s the ideal age for a girl to marry

What’s the ideal age for a girl to marry. Our mothers would advise it’s best to get married at 18. They argue that they themselves wedded before 16 and by 25 they had already finished giving birth to their children.

“Marry early, so you can have kids early and grow with them.”

That’s their slogan.

Career women would argue that it’s best to marry before 30-35. When you must have gotten a firm grasp of your career or business. They say it’s necessary to be self-reliant, so your husband would respect you.

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Most girls in tertiary institutions prefer to marry before the completion of their NYSC. They seek and strive to be engaged by the final years such that by NYSC, they are already planning their weddings.

Different strokes for different folks. For me, I say marriage is a very important institution that shouldn’t have an age limit. It should be embarked when you find someone worthy of spending your life together. It should be about love, trust and joy and not rush and fear. It’s also important to have a level of maturity before marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman, not a boy and a girl. You have to be mentally prepared for what is to come. Beyond the love, there is a duty. Marriage is a responsibility. It’s commitment.

Are you ready for what it entails?

Don’t let societal dictates determine your choice in this matter. Keep your heart open. Trust your instincts. When the worthy man comes along, you can walk the aisle with him regardless of your age.

Let’s hear your opinion; what’s your ideal age for marriage for a girl?

Written by Chioma Ngaikedi.

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