Paracetamol is the remedy for all sickness. Do you doubt that?
Ask your mother, she will explain it better.

For everytime we complained of body pains, headache, stomach ache or any other ailment that bothered our young bodies? Every Nigerian mother knows the go to remedy : paracetamol.

I think the company who produced that drug deserves some accolades. Sincerely they do; for providing mothers with a remedy for all ailments.


Like paracetamol, mothers cure all ailments that bothers a young child, from a broken knee to boils. They are the sunshine in a child’s life, especially those children whose fathers are ‘Hitlers’. They come to the rescue of their children, sometimes they even fight, just to protect their children (not that I think this is ideal anyway)

Half of people in the world are more comfortable and free with their mothers than their fathers. Perhaps this is because of the special bond between the mother and her child. The fact that women are the ones that are created with a womb. The ones that carry the child for months…
Could this be why a mother’s love is so great?


I’m yet to meet people who don’t care for their mothers. Talk about mothers day celebration… you can tell the story better than me.

The story of how the grown children buy wrappers, footwear, jewelries and many other things for their mothers, but on fathers day they buy gin, or wine for their fathers; how the social media platforms are crowded with pictures on mother’s day but some persons don’t even have a single picture of their father; of how it’s the mothers that go for the ‘ọmụgwọ’ while the fathers are rarely remembered when his daughter gives birth.

Mothers are paracetamol. Little wonder that adults who had close relationship with their mothers when they were younger strive to keep it that way. Why? One might ask…


The answer seems obvious; mothers sometimes has the solution to all the problems. Their advices can come in handy. They can mend a broken heart.

Mothers are always on their knees, praying for the success of their child. Like paracetamol fights our ailment , their prayers fights for their children.


Meanwhile, paracetamol is good as long as you don’t take overdose. As homo sapiens, we can think. Don’t overdose on paracetamol. Take a mother’s advice but when you are sure it won’t work, do drop it.
Keep in mind that we might have perspectives on issues that differ from the perspective of our mothers because we are generations apart. The world is changing and it will continue for change is the only constant thing.

No doubts, mothers are paracetamol. Have you taken a ‘para’ today? It’s one call away. Call your mother and get a dose of paracetamol.


Written by Modester Chinonyelum Alo

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