Soul Merging

Anela knew it was time,
The time had come for her to share her soul.
Her turgid breast bounced as she danced and swayed her hips in the rain.
Her nipples so firm
Anela felt it would drill a hole in her dress.


As Anela danced, she felt the burning desire between her thighs.
Oh! It burned, it burned so well.
The throbbing followed by the liquid that trickled down her thighs unto her feet assured Anela that it was time.
And with slow steps, Anela made her way into the hut to meet her lover, Ilam.


Ilam smiled as Anela danced her way into the Hut, her bosoms were full and he knew she was ready for him.
She danced seductively as she slowly took off her wrapper, baring to him her body and soul.
Ilam took her hand and led her to the mat, where she lay on her back and spread her legs apart, urging him to go in


And in he went, deep in to her glorious Sheath, pushing his way through a barricade of purity.
He was welcomed by an ocean of warmth, a slimy ocean that engulfed his whole being, leaving his soul bare and vulnerable.


Anela felt their souls merge,
Intertwined and bound to share a bond for all of eternity
It was a bond never to be shared by another.
This bond made them more powerful, and with each thrust, the Earth shook.
Sounding an alarm that something so great and mighty was soon to be born.


Anela locked her legs around Ilam and was tossed into a magical world where no one existed but her and Ilam.
It was a place she had never been,
A place she never wanted to leave.
A place where they grew wings and unseen forces sang and played a wondrous chime


For what seemed like eons but was only the half of an hour,
Anela flew in the clouds,
With Ilam by her side,
Both lost in the reverie that was more pleasing than the real world.
Then she felt Ilam place his tongue on her bosom, grab her waist, and bury himself deeper into her throbbing sheath.
Her toes curled and her fingers dug deep into Ilam’s skin.
Anela felt herself being propelled dangerously fast to her destination and judging by the look on Ilam’s face he wasn’t far behind either.


With a few more strokes, Anela’s eyes rolled back and she screamed.
She felt herself erupt like a volcano, with lava flowing out of her like a dam that had just been broken and the river flowing on without a care in the world.


Ilam knew he had fulfilled his lover’s desire and it was time to fulfill his.
So with one final thrust,
He let out a scream of joy
And his little warriors flowed out of him and danced their way into Anela,
Where her maiden was seated, waiting for her one true warrior to enter into her arms.

Anela smiled as Ilam fell on the mat beside her, for she knew their souls had merged
And she had just conceived a new soul that was going to be the savior of the kingdom of Anyavor.

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Written by Alexandra OPEYEMI

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