Have you ever wondered why there are so many broken homes and relationships that never last? Well, if you haven’t, apparently I have. Love is very beautiful and interesting especially when you are with ‘the one’. Real love is a rare gift (not the social media type expressed for the show of it).
Yet love alone cannot sustain a relationship, it’s necessary but not really the most important thing. It’s not always going to remain as it was when you first met him,when both of you were love drunk staggering to the rhythm of heartstrings. It won’t be like the first date forever.
A relationship is like a plant, it needs nurturing. Love is the planted seed.


Will you plant a seed without taking care of it? Unless you will perform some Harry potter or Merlin’s trick. Plants need to be watered, manured… it needs adequate care, you have to remove the weeds so that it can grow and spread it’s leaves. Thus for love to grow, it needs understanding and compatibility. The weed of lies, unfaithfulness need to be uprooted. Love alone cannot sustain, if you don’t feed it, it wanes. At the initial stage, it’s magical but staying with one person year in, year out might be hard for you if those other things are not there. If there is always a fight, if one of the partner is a liar, if there is no trust, that relationship is sure heading to rockbottom.


It’s quiet interesting when we watch romantic movies or read books with “they lived happily ever after ending” thinking that love is all sweet and no pains ride. It’s going to taste bittersweet and when that time comes love won’t sustain. It won’t grow well without the compatibility-trust-faithful-truthful mixed manure.
The next time you are going for that bumpy ride; the love adventure,the next time cupid shoots that arrow of love into your heart, do keep in mind that love alone cannot sustain the relationship, she needs her brothers, her manures, take them along the journey and you will have a great ride.

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Written by Modester Chinonyelum Alo

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