They are both beautiful cities with massive infrastructure. Two cities in the heart of Nigeria. Two cities with diverse cultural heritage and amazing people.

LAGOS AND ABUJA are almost be called fraternal twins.

In the southern part of the country, Lagos stands tall with a population of over 16 million people. From the stretch of the mainlands and across the sea to the islands, Lagos accommodates all classes of people. Lagos is a jungle where the rich and the poor strives. Lagos is competition. It’s survival. It’s hustle and bustle. Yet, these Lagosians love it mostly because of its bubbly nature. It’s the unofficial entertainment capital of Nigeria. This is where you will find the top artists in Nigerian entertainment. This is where Nigerian fashion strives with lots of shows, red carpets and endless walkways.


The city of Lagos never sleeps. Eko Oni Baje!
With its electrifying nightlife and exciting people, Lagos can be an excellent choice for an adventurous person.

Abuja on the other hand is the Capital city of Nigeria within the Federal Capital City. It boasts of over 700, 000 inhabitants. It’s well planned with amazing landscapes, mountains, rocks and greenish scenery. The city is introvertive, with calmer inhabitants, lesser parties, it lacks the Lagos bubble.


Abuja houses the embassies of different nations. There, you’d find the National Mosque, the Senate building, the milliemum park and several other eye catching spots.

Without much ado, Abuja can be said to be classy and coordinated. One wouldn’t expect less from a city that holds the Aso Rock.

In the battle of choice of residence between Abuja and Lagos: the adventurous spirits and the growing entrepreneurs would swing towards Lagos. Lagos is a hot spot for any business. With the massive population, almost anything sells.


But the calm and regal Abuja sits tall as the destination of choice for anyone who seeks serenity above all. Those who yearn to avoid the ceaseless traffic jam of Lagos, would definitely find a safer heaven in Abuja.

So, with all these facts, the question of choice of residence between Abuja and Lagos, largely depends on the personality and priorities of the resident. What you seek is what these cities would offer you.

I want to hear your opinion. Abuja or Lagos? Which would you prefer to reside in?


Written by Chioma Ngaikedi

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