The navy blue Lexus 470 SUV skidded down the lonely express road at top speed. A loud “Marvin Gaye’s, Sexual Healing” echoed from the open window. Frank was sitting behind the steering wheel,driving down the road like his car was an ambulance on a grave emergency. He took a sharp turn to the road that led to his estate, nearly knocking down a woman hawking tomatoes. The woman jumped out of the way, her curses rent the air as she bent to pick the fallen tomatoes.

Frank didn’t care, eyeing her from his side mirror. He admired her heavy buttocks as she knelt on the ground picking the tomatoes. He could almost picture himself ramming into her from behind. His dick stirred. His hand trailed to the growing bulge between his legs. The bulge was so hard that he felt it strain against the zipper.


He reached down with his left hand and unlocked his zipper. The long 7 inches hard black dick with thick veins shooting at the sides leapt free. Shooting upwards, slightly turned, hot fluid dripped from the tip. Frank groaned as he stroked the length of his dick. He rolled up his tainted glasses of his car, blocking the perverted glances the passersby shot at him.

“Humans!” he muttered. Their hypocrisy never failed to amaze him. They fuck in the dark and frown at any one who suggests sex in the day. He pushed thoughts of hypocrisy from his mind and brought his focus back on his swollen dick. He had had this bulge all afternoon ever since he saw his busty, semi clad secretary strutting about the office in a hot mini skirt, with her ebony thighs in full display.


Her tight white shirt was two sizes small and her perky nipples were straining against the thin fabric. As though begging to be freed. Frank imagined dragging her close and slamming her against the large mahogany table before ripping her shirt apart and pulling the black perky nipples in his mouth. He could imagine her groaning. Imagine her legs wrapped around his waist and she rose to receive his thrusts. He imagine her moaning loud in his ears. Begging him to pound her harder with his big dick.


“Sir… Sir… Mr Franklin! please, sign here.” the secretary’s throaty voice pulled him back to reality.

He snapped his eyes from her cleavage and swallowed audibly. A smile danced at the corners of her mouth. She knew what she was doing. She knew the power she had, so when she bent over the mahogany table and pushed a file to Frank to sign a file, all he could see was her firm, juicy oranges trapping the poor crucifix medal in between her deep cleavage. Frank has never wished to be an object before but today he wished he was that metallic crucifix.

Frank quickly signed the papers and closed from work. He knew he couldn’t achieve anything else that day. He knew he needed to ease this sexual tension.

The Sexual healing boomed in the car. Frank nodded to the beats as he stroked his dick, his hand slid up and down the shaft. Hot pre cum fluid dripped on his fingers.


Damn! He wanted more. Needed more. He needed a woman’s slender fingers running up and down the length. And he needed her mouth swallowing the length of his shaft. He needed his rod ramming in and out of a moist pussy. Salima’s pussy. He needed to grind. Jerking, pounding, bruising her till her screams was all he would hear.

He needed this and no other girl, not even his secretary can give it him like Salima. Salima, the sex goddess had him wrapped around her finger. Thoughts to her slender, fair skin crossed his mind. Her fat, perky breasts, her wet pinky clit all waiting for him at home.

“Damnation!” he cursed. Pressing harder on the accelerator. The vehicle sprang to life. Flying above the rocky road till it stopped in front of the huge black gate of Plot 64b Glory Estate.

Eze, the tall, slim gate man ran to open the gate.


“Good evening, Oga! Welcome sir!” Eze greeted, his smile revealed his broken front tooth.

Frank didn’t spare him a glance. He drove to the car park and killed the ignition. He then grabbed the files on the back seat and covered his dangling dick as he walked briskly into the house, flinging a low throated order at Eze.

“No visitors please, I shall not be disturbed tonight.”

“Yes sir!” Eze replied. A hidden smile crept to his face. He knew was the order represented. Oga will pound his sex slave tonight and he, Eze would watch from the tiny pigeon hole of door.

Rubbing his groins, he ran to grab his bottle of pomade.


Frank stormed through the house. Crossing the spacious, well furnished expanse of his living room, everything was in place, a real tiger fur was lying on the shiny black marbled floor. The 50 inches flat screen TV was buried in the wall, next to a limited edition sets of Dr Dre woofers. His cushion was the purest leather made by Fendi. He flung his files on the glass table and slumped into the cushion, before pulling off his shoes. He was very hungry. His stomach screeched. Yet, he couldn’t spare the time to run around the kitchen making any food. His bulge was aflame. A primal hunger drove him. The fire of desire burning in his belly pushed him to take quick stride to the door by the basement.

The massive metal door stood before him. He yanked the key from his pocket and inserted it in the pigeon hole. The door creaked open. Soft red light flooded the room. It was a large room. A large gold rimmed bed sat in the center of the room. A huge split unit air conditioner cooled the room but as cold as it was, it still couldn’t cool his flames.


A woman whimpered. Frank’s eyes rose and trailed the sound. At the left corner of the room, surrounded by candles hanging on the wall, a red haired girl was tied to a wooden stake. She was naked. Her legs tied apart. Her hands bound to the edges of the stake. Frank loomed closer. She whimpered louder,wriggling within the confines of the ropes. Her fat breast jiggled as she twisted.

“Please… Please…” she cried.

Frank stroked his dick as he walked towards her.

“You know, your pleas will not help you, Salima. Your master has come for his slave.”

His eyes swept over Salima, from her barefooted feet twisting in the ropes, up to her smooth slender legs, to her fleshy supple fair thighs, then to the black triangluar hair covering the apex of her thighs. He paused. His breath labored. She was twisting and wriggling. His dick grew bigger.


“Have you no idea hard you make me?” he said. His voice echoed across the room.

She paused. Looking him straight in the eyes.

“Let me go, Frank. Ple… Please…”

“It’s Master Frank… Remember? You owed me money and you offered pay it with your body.”

“I have paid my debts, Frank. You know it.” she spat at him. Her eyes red with rage.

He smiled and walked towards the high wooden table on the left. A bucket of ice cubes, a leather whip, honey and a jar of oil sat on top.


Frank reached for an ice cube. He walked towards Salima. The closer he came, the harder she yanked at the binds. He stopped in front of her. Her turgid breasts rubbed against his chest. His swollen dick pressed against her stomach. He heard her sharp gasp. He smiled. Drawing closer, he whispered to her.

“It’s going to be a long night, Salima.”

Then, he placed the ice cube on her nape. She shivered. He smiled and trailed it down to her breasts. Climbing the fat mound, he paused at her nipples. Rubbing the icy cube in circular motions around her nipples while he blew hot air at it. She threw her head back and moaned. Her teeth bite on her lower lip. He rubbed the cube faster. The nipples responded, growing harder and harder like hard black ivory beads shooting up at him, daring him to do his worst, and that, he intended to do. He bent low and took the left nipple in his mouth, sucking as he rubbed the right nipple with the cube. Her moans flooded the room. Tears sipped from her closed lids.


Still sucking the nipples, he trailed the cube down her flat stomach to her groins. He paused at her entrance of her pussy. Her legs began to tremble as she yanked harder at her binds. Frank dipped the ice cube into her moistened warmth. The slippery juice smeared his fingers. He raised it to his lips and licked. Then, he sank the ice cube deeper, searching for the edge of her clitoris. He found it. Shooting out in the pinkish fold. He left her breasts and bent on his knees, staring at pinkish folds of her hot pussy. His dick ached from the pain of restraint. All he wanted to do was push her to the floor and shovel on big dick into her. But he knew that wasn’t the way to get the best of Salima. For Salima, the path to pleasure is only through pain.

“Yes, master… Tame your slave…! Salima moaned. Her hips gyrating to the rhythm of the ice.



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