Purpose is gift to the world. It is the good tidings you bring upon your birth. It is your talent, your skills and your craft. Many people go through life not understanding their purpose or purposes as the case maybe. They glide through life like an unwilling participants. You are here. At a time like this. Arise to the responsibility of purpose. Grab your own baton and run. Run through the spikes and the thorns. Go through the hurdles and the storms. Run and don’t stop till you reach your peak and mount your flag at the top. You came, you saw and you conquered.



Goals are your dreams and vision. It is you in point A fighting to get to point B. You may want to conquer the world. Or you may want to build schools. You may want to help the needy. Alternatively, you may want to start your own business. You want to live above poverty and affect the lives of your loved ones. A friend once told me that it is important to be wealthy but it is essential to have control of that which makes the world go round. So, goals are those things that will bring you recognition, promotion, inner peace and wealth.



I said massive for the sake of emphasis. Action is already what we do daily, we wake up, we eat we excrete, we go to work.. These are actions.

But massive action is the incessant pursuit of success. Where you are burning for growth. Where you are striving and working under most undesirable circumstances just for the goals to be met. Massive action is simply unleashing the laser force to attain your goals. It is a point that you get to that you bend not to excuses, to emotions or to procrastination. You are of a singular interest and that is to succeed.

It’s only at this point that success is born. Not in the midst of simple daily minute actions but massive aggressive action. It is in flames that gold is forged. It is in the depth of the ground, beneath rocks and gravel that diamond is extracted.
Use massive action to extract your goals.



In the process of success, you will need a hundred doses of grit. Trust me, I have been there. At that point where rock bottom seem let ke the best place on earth. And when doors remain shut on you. When you are racing round and round and the end is still no where in sight. When doubt will start pushing the bricks of your vision and crumbling the walls of your faith. It is then that you will need your grit. Fly it like a banner. Sing it like a song. Keep on keeping on. And never ever quit.



This is the product of goals, grit and massive action . Success is the point where the pains of your process evaporates. It is a stage of immense joy that will result to innner peace. Success is what every human set out to find. But along the rocky path, many fall off, in the raging storm, people quit sailing. I ask you today, are you still on your path of success? Or have you fallen off the way line.

According to H. L Hunt, a one time the world richest self made billionaire, he was asked by a journalist on the secrets of success. He replied,
” There are only three requirements for success, first decide exactly what you want in life. Second, determine the price that you are going to pay to get the things you want. And, third, and this is the most important, Resolve to pay that price.”

Written by Chioma Ngaikedi

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