Tamara’s Alter Ego

Tamara was bored and horny, she couldn’t remember the last time she had sex and she was sure she had cobwebs in her pussy. She didn’t have a boyfriend so it was difficult to have sex whenever she felt like it. Tamara kept scrolling through her contacts to see who was available to hang out, but no one was available. She threw her phone out of frustration and screamed into her pillow.
“Arghhhh! What does a girl got to do to get some good sex?”
Few seconds later a message came into her phone. She picked it up and saw it was a message from her neighbour.


‘Heard you screaming, is everything ok?’ She was about to drop her phone when she had an idea.
Her neighbor is so freaking cute with a sexy body, she had always admired him from afar , but they never really spoke. In fact they’ve had each other’s number for like forever but this will be the first time they’ll communicate. Tamara was home alone and she was going to make the best of it. So she replied him.
“I am ok , just so bored it’s driving me insane ”
“Sorry about that” he replied
“Yh , no biggie”
“Anything I can do to help” he asked
“You could come and keep me company ,at least having someone to talk to will make things
better ” “Aii I’ll be there in a few” he replied.


Tamara immediately jumped out of bed, and went to put on the most provocative piece of
clothing ever. She wore a see through blue top without a bra and a booty short which left part of her ass hanging out for the world to see, when she was done dressing she brought out her body spray and almost emptied the can on herself. When she was done she heard a knock on the door and she ran downstairs to open it.
“Thanks for coming Sola” she said as she opened the door for him to come in . She could see the shock on his face as she opened the door, he stared at her breasts for a few seconds before
replying her.


“Sure, I was bored myself and I thought it’d be a great idea to have someone to talk to.”
Tamara led him into the living room “would you like anything?”she asked him
“No I am good ” he replied
“Ok . So what do you want to do”
“I don’t know, I am down with anything you want to do” Tamara smiled , if only he knew all the unholy things she wanted to do to him” ok let’s watch a movie then”she suggested
“Sure, what movie do you have ?”he asked
” err , fate of the furious, la la land , beauty and the beast and guardians of the galaxy ” Tamara


“Cool , I have not seen fast 8, lets see that”
“Ok” as Tamara was about to play the movie she had another idea . “ok this is embarrassing ” she
said to him ” the tv speaker is bad, we could go watch it in my room if you don’t mind”
Ok this is a setup , Sola thought to himself, this girl definitely wants something more than my
company. first the see through cloth, He could literally see her breasts and her butt and now she wants me to go see a movie with her in her room? I’ll just play along.
” I don’t mind , but won’t your folks complain…”
“They are not home”
” Ok, lead the way” he said to her.


Tamara led Sola upstairs and she could feel his eyes on her butt as they climbed the stairs.
As they got into her room she told him to sit and he obeyed then she went to her tv stand to play
the movie, as she bent to put the cd into the DVD plate he saw her pussy , ‘Fuck’ he said under his breath , he could feel his dick getting hard . When she was done she sat on the couch close to the bed and they watched the movie in silence.
While they watched the movie Tamara went out of the room and came back with drinks , she
offered him one and opened the other one for herself. She stared at the tv , she was not interested in the movie , all she wanted was some dick. So she devised another plan to get Sola to have sex with her . So while they continued watching she spilled her drink on herself.



“Oh shit!” She said. Sola turned his attention towards her
“Sorry about that” he said
“It’s no biggie I’ll just change ”
Sola swallowed hard ” you mean like here , like right now?”
“Yes, if you don’t mind”
“N..no..go ahead I don’t mind”

Tamara stood directly in front of Sola and took off her top . His dick was getting harder and he
couldn’t help it. He could see her boobs up close and personal, they looked so beautiful and he
wanted to suck them so badly .
There was a shirt on the bed beside Sola and Tamara reached to grab , using her breast to brush sola’s arm in the process.
To be continued……

Written by Alexandra Opeyemi

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