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Mania didn’t know whether to run or evaporate, she was supposed to be home alone but she was standing in front of Tsiwt naked and he was staring at her. He tried to make eye contact with her
but his eyes kept going to her breast and she couldn’t blame him because she also could not take her eyes off his bulge. Tsiwt was also almost completely naked, he had on those really tight boxer briefs that research had shown was not good for men. She let her eyes move up to his Adonis belt, it was well chiseled and beautiful. The Adonis belt was one of the things that turned Mania up,  in a man and she was getting turned on already. She snapped out of her reverie, dropped the vibrator, grabbed the closest piece of clothing to cover her body and ran out of the room. Mania got into her room and fell on the bed. She couldn’t believe what just happened, she wished the ground had swallowed her. It was bad enough that he saw her naked, he saw her with a vibrator so he definitely knew that she had been masturbating.


This was the most she had been embarrassed in her life. Mania concluded that she would have to avoid Tsiwt for the rest of her life. Her phone beeped and she picked it up to check, she saw a message from Tsiwt, ‘You forgot something’ followed by a picture of her vibrator on the floor. Mania blushed and cussed, she
knew she had to go get the vibrator before her brother would get home. She put on her nightshirt and dawdled to her brother’s room. When she got to the room, she saw Tsiwt on the bed and he
had moved the vibrator from the floor to the bedside table.
“Can you p-please pass t-that?” she stuttered.
“Sure” he took the vibrator from the table and stretched it to her. She grabbed it quickly and
turned to leave the room. “I can help you with that you know.”
Mania stopped in her tracks “Help me with what?” she asked
“Well the batteries you took from that clipper is not strong and it’ll die soon and I don’t think there are any more double A batteries in this house…”


“So?” “So I can lend you a vibrator with a double A battery that never dies, only you have to use it here because it is attached to my body,” he giggled
Mania’s eyes went straight to his bulge and her heart skipped a beat. She turned around and left the room. Mania got to her room and put her vibrator back in its hiding place. She sat on her bed and thought of what just happened. Her brother’s friend had just offered to have sex with her. She
wanted to be angry but instead was amused by his boldness. She used to have a crush on Tsiwt when she was younger but the crush had died a while ago. Mania picked up her phone and went on Instagram trying to forget about everything but her mind kept going back to Tsiwt’s bulge. She realized that he offering to have sex with her had turned her on and she was now incredibly wet. She dropped her phone and put her fingers into her pussy trying to pleasure herself and get
rid of the urge she was having, but her fingers were not working. The more she thrust her finger into her pussy, the more she wished it was Tsiwt’s dick that was doing the thrusting. She got up
to get her vibrator, but instead of walking towards her closet, she found herself going into her
brother’s room. She knew she was going to regret having sex with him, but the urge to do so was stronger than the voice warning her not to do it.


She entered the room and saw Tsiwt on the bed, he was on his phone and he was facing the wall so he didn’t see her come in. Mania had a change of heart and tried to sneak back into her room
when Twist spoke “Come to take my offer?” he asked.Mania turned and saw Tsiwt still on his phone. He must have seen her through the screen of his phone. His cockiness irritated her but she was horny and she wanted him. She sat on the edge of the bed and Tsiwt turned around.
“Where is my brother?” Mania asked.
“He left with some girls last night so I came home,” he explained.
“Do you know when he’d be back?”
“No time soon. He has gone to another party and I am supposed to meet him there in two hours, so we have enough time.”
“Ok.” Mania said but didn’t move from where she was.Seeing Mania naked had turned a lot of switches on in Tsiwt. He came home around three am, and had quietly gone to Meehan’s room not wanting to wake her up. Then he woke up this morning and heard moaning coming from her room.


He had thought she was watching a movie or porn but when he came out of the bathroom and saw her standing there with a vibrator in her hand, he knew immediately that the moaning had been coming from her because she had been masturbating. He was joking when he told her he could lend her his dick as a vibrator but she came back which meant she took his joke seriously and he didn’t want to embarrass her by saying he was joking. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to have sex with Mania, it was just that she was his best friend’s kid sister. But the image of her naked body refused to leave his mind. She had beautiful medium sized breasts with a big butt and wide hips, her vagina was also neatly shaved and her lips looked very luscious. He didn’t want things to get weird between them and run the risk of Meehan finding out.

But he remembered that Meehan had had sex with his elder sister Nana on Tsiwt’s twenty-eight birthday party. He had gone looking for Meehan that night to ask for his help with the distribution of weed when he opened his room door and saw his sister on Meehan, he gently closed the door and went back to the party, they didn’t have any idea that he had seen them and he did not say anything to either of them.


Now Tsiwt had the opportunity to sleep with Meehan’s sister and he was resisting. He looked at Mania and saw her nervously looking around the room, he had to tell her this was a bad idea, and he didn’t want it to seem that he was taking revenge on Meehan. Tsiwt got up and went to stand in front of Mania to let her down easy, but she got up and started kissing him. Immediately her lips touched his, he forgot about Meehan and about Meehan sleeping with his sister, he wanted to do nothing but fuck Mania’s brains out at that moment. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

They kept on kissing passionately sucking each other’s lips and sticking their tongue down each other’s throat. After three minutes of intense kissing, they both fell on the bed. With Mania’s back on the bed, Tsiwt pulled himself away from her, pulled up her nightshirt and spread her legs wide.Mania was in another zone, the voice in her head telling her she was going to regret having sex with Tsiwt had now been silenced. She felt happy and anxious and nervous at the same time. He had her legs opened and she closed her eyes waiting for him to put on a condom and slide in, but instead, she felt his fingers separate her labia and the next thing she felt was his tongue.


“Fuuuucccckkkk!!!” Mania moaned.
He had his tongue inside her pussy and it was honestly one of the best feelings she had felt in the world. This was better than her shower head and her vibrator combined. She grabbed his head and pushed it closer to her pussy so his tongue could go deeper into her, he started to wag his tongue in her and she screamed even louder. Then he whispered “Want me to write the
alphabet?” she replied ‘yes’ in a very low voice and truly he started to write the alphabet in her pussy with his tongue. When he was done with the alphabet, he started to suck on her clits and she went berserk, never before had she felt this way because never before had she been given head, she couldn’t stop screaming and she was sure the neighbors could hear her scream but she didn’t care.
“Oh my goodness,” she screamed
“Do you like that?” he asked
“Yes! Yeah! Yes!,” she replied
He doubled the pace when she replied because hearing her scream was turning him on more, he sucked her clit and licked it at the same time, he wanted to make sure she had a good time because to him, before you can call yourself a man, you must have made the girls you have slept with cum.


Tsiwt started to suck her harder, he was careful not to hurt her, she started to scream “Fuck me please, please fuck me” he smiled because he loved it when they begged. He started to lick her whole pussy, dragging his tongue from the pussy hole to her clit. On his fifth lick, she exploded and started squirting all over his face. He felt so proud of himself because this was the first time he had made a girl squirt. While she was still squirting, he slid his dick into her pussy and as expected, she was extremely wet.
“Oh Fuck!,” Tsiwt moaned. She wrapped her legs around him and he thrust harder into her pussy, he looked into her face and she had her eyes closed. He leaned down and kissed her then slowly grabbed her boobs sucking and fucking her simultaneously not taking his eyes off her face. She mouthed the words “I am cumming”, he smiled and started fucking her harder and faster while she screamed “Yes fuck me! Fuck me harder” she dug her fingers and screamed “Fuuuucccckkk!” really loudly and he knew she had orgasmed. Mania didn’t want this moment to end, Tsiwt was amazing in bed, his dick was big and he knew how to use it.


He had been making her feel so good and she wanted to return the favor so she pushed him off her and made him lay on his back while she sat on his dick and started riding.
Immediately his dick entered her pussy, he said ‘Damn!’ and that made Mania ride him harder.
Hearing a guy moan or cuss during sex turned her on more and made her do better.
She orgasmed twice while riding him and he kept on cussing and moaning. She switched position to the reverse cowgirl, hung on to his leg and rode him twice as fast as she was doing before.

Tsiwt was going crazy, he always saw Mania as a dumb little girl who didn’t know about the things of the world but he was wrong, she was wild and she knew how to do things, a lot of bad things.
He was trying his best not to cum yet because they had only been fucking for fifteen minutes and he wanted it to last longer. But she was fucking him really good and it was becoming difficult to stop himself from nutting, so he made her get into the doggy position and he fucked her from behind slowly because he was still trying not to nut. She was moaning softly and scratching the bed and the wall, hearing her moan was making him want to cum even more and he knew he couldn’t put it off any longer so he made her lay flat on her stomach with her legs stretched out, he slid his dick into her pussy from behind and fucked her hard. With every stroke he took she screamed ‘Fuck!”, and he quickened his pace and she started to scream even louder.


Mania was about to climax, she could feel it. She squeezed the walls of her vagina and she heard Tsiwt moan and announce that he was about to cum. Mania was happy because she wanted the both of them to do it at the same time. She squeezed her vagina tighter and that was when she climaxed!
Mania grabbed the bed sheet and started to squeeze it hard and dig her fingers into the bed at the same time. Tsiwt must have known she climaxed and felt the warm juice dripping out of her pussy because he let out a final moan and pulled his dick out of her pussy and nutted on her ass. Mania felt so fulfilled and happy, she tried to get up and go to her room but her legs were too weak so they gave way and she fell back on the bed.Tsiwt smiled as Mania fell back on the bed.

He had done such a good job that she couldn’t walk again. Tsiwt felt so proud and he wished he could boast about this to his guys but he wasn’t the kiss and tell type. He got up, lifted Mania up and carried her to her room. Tsiwt placed her on her bed and kissed her on the forehead before returning to Meehan’s room. When he got back there, he opened up the window, took a shower, came back to lay the bed and he was asleep as soon as his body touched the bed.

Written by Alexandra Opeyemi

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