Mania lay on her bed reading a book by her favourite author -‘Whispers of the Night’. This was the fourth time she was reading page thirty-six over again as her thought drifted somewhere else each time she got to the middle of the page. Finally, Mania dropped the book on her bedside
table and stared at her ceiling. She was bored out of her mind and she needed some excitement.
Usually, she would pick up a book by her favorite author and enter into a world of fantasies, a world that brought her excitement but she knew the book would not help her this time. There was something she needed, something her soul needed and she was trying hard to figure out exactly what that was.

Her phone beeped and she picked it up to see an email from her lecturer informing the class that their paper was due in three days. She hissed and tossed her phone on the bed. There was nothing fun to do and the last thing on her mind was a term paper. Mania was home alone, her parents were out of the country and her older brother, Meehan and his friend, Tsiwt had left the house since yesterday for a party and was yet to return home. Mania sighed as she got up to use the bathroom. When she was done, she stood in front of the mirror and studied herself, she had her hair in a messy bun and she was wearing a SpongeBob night shirt. Her complexion was darker and she had big bags underneath her eyes.


Mania knew she had to do better with her skin care routine but she wasn‟t in the mood to get into it now. She took off her night shirt and stared at her naked body in the mirror. Mania had an amazing body and she knew it, her breast stood firmly, they were very big and had the smallest areola. Her nipples were also very tiny but as little as they were, a single touch by the right person could send thousands of lightning bolts through Mania‟s body. Mania looked at her Vajayjay and noticed that the hair she shaved off less than forty-eight hours ago was now starting to grow back. She hated the speed at which her hair grew and wished the same speed would work for the hair on her head. Mania continued to stare at her reflection in the mirror, she loved to look at her naked body, and it turned her on to look at herself naked. She always thought it was weird that her own body turned her on but she couldn’t help herself.

While still admiring her body in the mirror, she started to move seductively. She slowly swayed
her hips around and squeezed her breasts gently, then slowly let her hand slide from her breast to her pussy. Mania‟s clits began to throb as she stroked it lightly, occasionally taking her hands away making the sensation ten times better. She put her index finger in a mouth wetting it with saliva, and then returned it to her clit to continue stroking. Mania was now getting really wet; she could feel the juice slipping out of her pussy onto her thighs. She wanted more so she pressed her breasts against the cold tiles and the cold feeling made her nipples hard. She continues stroking
her clits and moaning softly, it felt really good but she wanted more so she stepped into the bath tub and turned on the water.


As the smooth stream of water hit her clit, she let out a loud moan and started to rub her nipples, then she paused for ten seconds before continuing, let her body beg for more made it so much better. After pausing and continuing three times, mania decided it was time to take it up a notch. She grabbed the shower head, set it to hard jet stream, spread her legs, made sure the shower head was positioned right on her clits, then she closed her legs and allowed the shower head work its magic. The feeling was great, it was better than most sex she had had. Mania moaned and grabbed at nothing although she had a shower head between her legs, fifty percent of the liquid on her thighs was her cum, she had orgasmed twice already and she knew there was more to come.

Her legs got tired so she lay down in the bath tub, spread her legs and used her left hand to separate her labia so her clit would be very visible. With her clit very visible, the water from the shower pulsated on her clit and she moaned even louder.

Mania decided to take a break as she was a bit exhausted from cumming four times. she lay in
the bath tub thinking of what to do next, she could feel the throbbing in her pussy. Mania felt she
had been unfair to her pussy as only her clit got all the action. Most females get more pleasure
from their clits than their vagina and Mania was among those women, but she still didn‟t want
her vagina to be left out so she got out of the bath tub and went straight to her wardrobe to get her vibrator.

It was well hidden behind the bag of her underwear and some old books and everyone in the house knew not to even come between twenty feet of her room because she was a very private person. The vibrator was brown and had false veins on it, Mania bought the vibrator when she broke up with her boyfriend and didn’t have anyone to help ease her sexual frustrations.


The vibrator had a suction cup underneath so she placed it on the plastic chair close
to her bed and sat on it, she was so wet that the vibrator slid into her pussy with so much ease.
She began to ride the vibrator until her feet got tired so she moved to the bed. She laid on her
back and placed her feet on the wall then she took the vibrator and slipped it into her vagina. The vibrator had options to switch the rhythm so she made it rotate inside her. Two minutes later the vibrator went off and Mania sighed.

She wasn’t really feeling the vibrator but she wanted to make herself cum before letting go, so she got up to go look for double A batteries to replace the ones in the vibrator. She left her room not bothering to put anything on because she was the only one in the house, she went straight to her brother’s room to get the batteries out of his clipper.
Her brothers room was messy but she was able to find the clipper on his dresser. She took out
the battery and put it in her vibrator that was when she heard a voice.
“What are you doing here like that?”
Mania turned around and saw her brother‟s friend Tsiwt standing in front of the bathroom door looking at her. She stood there stark naked holding a vibrator with her mouth hanging wide open.

To be continued…….

Written by Alexandra Opeyemi

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