WHY ARE WE HERE? This is really a question everyone must ask himself. Why are we here? What is the essence of my existence? What’s my purpose on earth? What do I have to offer to further beautify the world?

From the beginning, the world was void, just plain field and roaming animals and naked beings. Humans began to grow and dominate. We began to use leaves to cover our nakedness.

Began to pitch tents and shield ourselves from cold and began to domesticate horse and house pets. The man began to study his environment.

Centuries later, man is still studying, learning, growing and inventing. We have evolved from horse riding to Porsche racing. Have evolved from tents to skyscrapers.

We have evolved from leaves to fashion mastery and have flown with our planes and curbed waves with our ships. We are superhumans. You and I.

Same intellect, same gifts, same time. We all came with our own gifts like a bowl filled with paints. We will paint our universe in the colors of our purpose.

Yet, some of us, do not understand the essence of our birth. We let circumstances and past erase our identity but beneath the muds of doubt within us lies a superhuman with the unlimited ability of dominion.

You are that person. Arise to your purpose. Pursuit it with single-minded diligence.
Make this year, your year of awakening and accomplishments.

You are a miracle. You survived a race of three million sperms. Without eyes, guns, nor limbs. You raced fiercely, crashing through uterus walls. You hit the egg. In a speedy fertilization, you emerged human.

You are magic. Arise to your boundless potentials. Walk henceforth in the reality of your identity and always believe in yourself.


Written by Chioma Ngaikedi.


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