The sun’s rays streamed through the window warming Omekannaya’s face, she was still in bed, she rolled over a couple of times before she found out I was no longer beside her. She drew the white bed sheet which was carelessly dropped on the floor and covered her naked body, stood up and sat on the edge of the bed.

The tiled floor was cold under her feet, she stretched her long fair legs which exposed Her fancy painted nails. Beside the bed was her panties and bra; she quickly put her panties on and her bra too which still exposed half of her breast to the public view. Om Kannada is a definition of what a full woman needs to be, tall and beautiful, she had killer curves and was rich and successful.


It was after one wild drunk night in her office, after we had won a contract, that she’d requested I stay behind and celebrate with her. That was when I became enslaved to her. She’d kissed me, again and again, and before I knew it, I couldn’t stop – the next minute, my cock was in her pussy and my life changed from that moment.
She walked up to where I was standing to look out of the window and rubbed her hands all over me. Her breath raked my shoulder and her nails dug around my nipples.
She kissed me from my back, moved her hand down, progressing until she caught my dick again.
She rubbed her hands around it for a while and then bent down her head and started sucking on my savage erection.

I pulled out and stepped away to the other side of the window and continued taking my whiskey.
She was surprised and wondered why I’d refused her efforts to make me feel relaxed. I have seen women who love sex so much but Omekannaya is wild with it, and can never get tired of squirting and cumming as long as there was an erection in her pussy. She came close to me again and looked me in the eye.
This time. I tried to keep my eyes away from hers but she kept placing my face back into hers.
“What’s the matter with you?” she asked in a soft tone. I said nothing for a while and she continued asking after my mood.
“You don’t like me anymore, is that it John? Tell me, I need to know…” she had come back in an angry tone.


“No, it’s not that, it’s about us, how can I ever get free from you? It’s been just two days since this business trip and we’ve fucked seven times and you’re still in the mood for another one…”
She looked at me in a confusing manner and took some few steps back, took the whiskey from me and sipped.
“So what is the problem, John? You’re supposed to be happy about that…Is this not what you’ve always wanted for a long time?”

It is Omekannaya. But it’s killing me every time. Every time we make out, I just can’t stop thinking about my wife. I know she’s dull and boring when It comes to this aspect but she doesn’t deserve this treatment…This is wickedness.”

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Om Kannada who was already losing it took a cigar from the table and lit up. She took a few drags and blew it in my face, looked me in the eye and smiled.
“You fuck me when I want John, and how I want it, no excuses, you seem to have forgotten who feeds you and your filthy family here. Just a single mistake John and you’re back on the streets, you know why they call me Omekannaya! Because just like my father, I know what I want and I go for it. So John right now, I want your cock in my pussy and me to want you to fuck me as your life depends on it…”

She went to the bed and lay down. I walked up to her and removed her panties, as I found out there was nothing I could do about it. I guided my erection into her swollen pussy and started fucking her so hard. Om Kannada moaned and held on to my neck and enjoyed each thrust I made. Each time she moaned, cigar smoke puffed out of her mouth. She kissed my lips, turned me over, tore off her bra and started grinding my hard cock.


Om Kannada was a porn star when it came to taking the driver’s seat and riding a cock.
She knew the tricks and turns to make that could make a man scream in maximum pleasure.
Her ample breasts jumped up and down as she increased her furious lubricating slides over my big cock.
She continued grinding harder and harder, her cumming was dripping on the bed and I was lost inside her soft hairy pussy. I moaned as I reached climax, tapped her to get off so I could cum, but she refused and continued grinding harder taking advantage of that situation. I moaned louder and shot my cum deep inside her pussy.

Om Kannada came down and rested her head on my chest. Later she went to the bar to get more whiskey. I saw the cum dripping from her pussy lips to the floor and then I knew what I had done.

Then and there, I knew my life was ruined forever.


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