True nobility is no comparison with  your friend,  it is not competing with your peers.  True nobility  is conquering  yourself not another.
You are like a multi layered secrets.  Like a diamond  hidden  behind  rumbles.  You must dig within and unveil your true essence.
“Seek to understand  the root,- it is futile to argue as to which a single leaf, which design of branch, or which attractive  flower you like; when you understand  the root,  you understand  all its blossoming.
Bruce Lee.

You have your root. It’s your inner self.  Yes,  you may know your favourite  food,  you may know your favorite  color, fashion  style and all.  But you must still know yours emotions,  your behavioral  pattern, your flaws.  Because  when you  fully understand  self, then conquer it. You may know the right things but knowing  without  application  is void. And why humans resist application  against  all our best interests is because  we aren’t  in control of self. You are flowing  blindly  to the dictates of your mind.  And in the mind,  a million  emotions  strive.  Each fighting  to conquer  the other.  Chaos is about.  Living without  self mastery  is like swimming  in this chaos.


“The ability  to subordinate  an impulse to a value is the essence of if a proactive  person….  Stephen  R.  Covey

Rome is not built  in a day.  The road to self mastery is steep.  It’s almost like change the faculties of your brain.  Disrupting your life long traditions. Your body will rebel.  But you must be steadfast. Here are the tips. that will help you  in this journey.



 You have made that decision  to dig out your true self.  To unveil your glory and uphold your value. You have ignited the power of decision.  There  is already  alarm in your head.  How will you stop these bad habits. Your emotions has to come under control,  your goals have to be diligently  pursued. No more of procrastination.  Reverse the broken will.  No more of mediocrity.  Wage war on your flaws. No more of negative  habits.   Time has come for control. For mastery. How can you win this battle. You have to tune up the intensity  of your will. Resolve!  And mean it.  The true test of a sailor is not in calm waters but in heavy storm.



 Reflect on your decision.  Create a quiet  time to visualize the beauty  of self mastery.  How smooth your life will sail.  How much you will love and appreciate  yourself.  Mediate on positivity .  Control the voices in your head and steer them in the direction  that  you want. Be one with  nature.  Breath. Calm your nerves. Even in the very noisy world, it is the ultimate  self mastery  that will enable you glide in perfect  peace amidst chaos.


It is one thing  to know, it is another  to apply.  You know that this will help you to attain  the height you desire yet you crawl towards it instead of racing  towards it.  Engage the power of intention.  Be mindful .  Understand  your goals and be determined  to get them.
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