DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS. What is a success to you? What will make you happy? How are your goals? Expectations. And dreams however big.

To a pianist, mastery of the keyboard is the ultimate success, to have the keys obey your fingers and bond with your spirit but to a businessman selling okirika at Yaba market, that may mean nothing.

And a hunter, a steady supply of bushmeat is a success but to a vegetarian, it’s not. To a polygamous man, a barn filled with children is a success but to a Catholic priest, it is not. Success is a personal thing. I know how I define mine.

Success is that accomplishment that appeals to your inner peace. It is the explosion of joy at the success of your sweat. Success is directly proportional to your joy. If you strive at the process of your growth, even before you reach the goal, you are already smiling. Beneath the sweat and pain, you feel this satisfaction of the soul.

So quit looking for joy, work on your goals and joy will come, not because of the money you make, but because of your ability to solve life’s mysteries by fulfilling your purpose.

Success may be reflected in your cars and the mansion you live but that is not a concrete proof of success. You may have been underplaying yourself.

You may have been stuck in a corner, thinking that you are accomplished but you have an amazing purpose that you alone can bring to life.

The grave is the wealthiest place on earth for it has swallowed millions of unused talents. The success that was frozen in self-doubt or that was muddled in frivolity.

You may be successful at the wrong things. You may be underperforming and still consider yourself a success when you compare yourself with your peers at the time, perhaps, that isn’t your best. So success must be measured against your inner capacity and your purpose.


In my secondary school years, I had a friend, named Cordelia. She always walked around with gloomy face. I never saw her with a bright countenance.

So I thought that maybe she was finding it hard to adapt in the new school environment as she was new in our school. So, I went close and soon became her friend. As our bond intensifies, she began to open up to me that she was fighting a war within.

She showed me her past results from her former school in the village and she used to be the best there. The celebrated student. But here, she was barely passing her grades. I paused. Understanding dawned on me.

In the village, in the midst of a poor educational system and students who were one leg in the class and one leg on the farm, my friend had excelled. She kept leading in the class throughout her years. So to her, she was intelligent.

But here, in my school, which is a federal government college with very intelligent students from every part of the federation. The true content of her brain began to show. The mediocrity she enjoyed was unveiled. She failed for two terms.

Before she resolved to up her game and strive. With that, she gave in longer hours for her studies, researched in the library and burnt many midnight candles, and guess what, she began to top her class.

She had awoken a resolve that she never knew she had, she began to realize that what she was doing in the village school was far beneath her level yet she was contented there because she was comparing her success with others. Today, she is an accomplished engineer.

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Your success is individual. You are up an against yourself. Always give above 100% in everything you do.

Success to me is an Award-winning writer and filmmaker. it is a happy peaceful home. It’s helping people achieve their purpose. Success is recognition. Living on earth not a shadow but like a sun that will not set. Success is setting a legacy of my beliefs. This is my definition of success.

What is your success?

Written by Chioma Ngaikedi.


  1. It is time to do the reflection to see where we are standing at this moment. A clear definition of what we want in life. An article to not lose a line.

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