A new dawn sets the tone of your day. Look back at your life in the past two years.

Are you getting the results you expect? Are your goals and targets still eluding you? Maybe, you are doing something wrong. It could be something as little as ignoring the beginning of your day.

Every new day is like a new building, you must set the foundation right. If you don’t, the building will crumble.

MORNING is very important. If you practice these rituals every day, they become a strong every day of your life and you will begin to win every day of your life. Then, these little daily wins accumulate to something bigger, grander; something capable of making your life as beautiful as you imagined.


Most of us begin our day wrongly. We snooze the alarm button till we wake by 7 am, then begin to rush to work. When you start your day in a rush, nothing works that day- you forget your books, your files or even your car keys.

The key to taking control of your morning is rising early. When you rise early, you begin at the better side of time. You have longer hours than most people and thereby you can achieve more.

The ideal time to rise is 5.30am.

Most of these great men and women you admire are early risers. They begin their day early. They don’t lounge in bed building their castles in the wind.

No. No. They rise and grind.

Be your own master

Life is about getting out of your r comfort zone. And every moment you spend on a bed, longer than you had intended is an unnecessary comfort zone.

Don’t indulge sleep. RISE and Start your day.



That little task of laying your bed in the morning is very important. It gives you a feeling of responsibility. A feeling of job accomplishment. This surge of joy generates dopamines hormones in your brain. A hormone that helps you feel great and stretch to achieve more.



Prayer is important if you believe in God. So pray. Otherwise, just count your blessings in the morning. Remember what good has come your way in life. Also, Remember people who have shown you kindness. Recall the smiles and laughter. Remind yourself of the food you had the previous day. Be grateful for them all.

Gratitude brings contentment. A contented heart is a confident heart.



Elon Musk once said the most important rejuvenates every morning is – BATH.

Bathing rejuvenates your body. It washes away bad energy and leaves you clean and smooth.

Bathing brings an aura of freshness that the mind and body need to strive harder and faster towards your goals.



Exercise should become your lifestyle. Something that is part of your71-year-old especially in the mornings. My 71-year-old father still exercises every morning. What excuse do you have not to? What excuse do I have not to?

Exercise is very important.

A sound body is a sound mind.



You can’t get into a car and tell the driver to take you anywhere. Anywhere clear-cut place. You must have a direction. A clear-cut vision of your mission.

No matter how big your goals are, if you break them into tiny pieces and schedule them one day at a time you will achieve all you hope to achieve.

It’s not always about speed but about to-decency.
Are you consistent?

The ritual of the to-do list is very essential. Break those large goals into tiny bits and squeeze them into your You’re to-do lists.



Your “why” is your only motivation. That why is the reason your rise early and go late to bed. You’re why is the reason you rise when obstacles push you down. The why is that reason you keep honors for the skies until you hit it.

What’s yours why? Explain your reason for pursuing success? Outlineself-development your tireless pursuit of self-development?

Your why can be your mother or your family. You want them to have a better life. C Ronaldo’s why is his late dad, who predicted he would rule the fields.

What is your why?

Written by Chioma Ngaikedi.

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