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The Internet is a very large place but it can be made smaller with the help of your phone. One can sit home and Google anything, and it will be pulled from the far ends of the internet to you.
There are so many make up tips and beauty hack, but do they all work? You have to try it first. Sometimes you might regret ever trying something in the internet. But how do you know which one to trust?

You’re in luck, because here are 10 that always work, it’s been tested and proven.

1.Tea bags.
For those of you that drink Tea every morning, don’t throw away the the bags.
First after you’ve used it, store it in the refrigerator for about 20mins, then place them on your eyes. They help tighten the skin under your eyes (eye bags). If the skin sags and wrinkles, you’ll look really old.
Start storing those used Tea bags in your refrigerator, they’ll help stay young.


2. Baking soda.
Now we all know that this baking ingredient is very versatile. But I bet you didn’t know that you can use it for your skin. You’ll end up looking as delicious as that cake you bake.
Here how you use it. Sprinkle some on your palm and then mix it with your liquid face cleanser or water. Apply it in your face, leave it for a few minutes, then wash away. It’ll do wonders for you.
You might want to know that Hollywood star Emma Stone uses this every morning.


3. Coconut oil.
If don’t have coconut oil, I’ll die. It’s too useful. It works for hair, skin, food etc.
Simply use it as a cream for every part of your body. Don’t mix it with anything.


4. Ice water.
Don’t drink too much of ice water, health guys say its bad for you. But I say its good for a few tricks.
Whenever you paint/polish your nails and it not dried up yet. You’re probably in a hurry to get somewhere. You can dip your nails in ice water it will dry faster.


5. Lemons.
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
Lemons flushes the system and aids digestion. It’s really good that way.
It can also be used as a cleanser for your elbows. Remember that dark spot on your elbow that just seems to never disappear? Good that one.
Use lemons to clean it during your shower and rinse it with water.


6. Baby powder.
Now before I begin with this one, I’ll really like it say, go and get yours don’t steal the baby’s.
Do you always wonder why babies have such long and fuller eye lashes? It’s their powder.
First, apply your mascara, then sprinkle baby powder on your lashes then apply the mascara again to cover the white stain. Simple. It always works.


7. Tooth brush.
Get another for other purposes. You can used to brush your eye brows. You can also use it to brush your lips.
Apply your lip balm, then gently brush your lips to help remove lip stains.

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Written by Frederick Daniel.

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