I watched as Shango drove his spear into my lovers heart, i could see him die in pains but couldn’t hear his screams.
It all started a long time ago.
The ancestorial gods blessed the land of Oshomogbo with rain, sun, moon, thunder, lightning and stars.
These gifts were all assigned to a particular deity to watch over the people, the deities all carried out their tasks well but some of them came down in human form and  seduced the women made love to them at night, these women became pregnant and gave birth to smaller deities like Orunmila (god of wisdom and knowledge,) Oshun (god of sensuality and pleasure,) Obá (god of beauty, marriage and domesticity. That is me) after which their mothers died.
My name is Obá, I waited under the Idu tree untill the rain in the clouds started  pouring in its abundance on the earth, the day was gradually fading and I couldn’t wait any longer as my husband Shango ( god of thunder and lightning)  will be looking for me any time soon. Then I felt his hands around my waist and his heavy breath on my shoulder, I smiled knowing it was him, my Orunmila, he ran his hands across my anklet which made rythymical sounds everytime I walked, his tender palms rested on my tummy and then up to my breasts which was already soaking wet from the downpour of the rain.


“Orunmila my love, I thought you’d never come” I whispered into his heart as he lifted me up and made me crawl my legs around his waist, I could feel his thickness and firm body, the true definition of a god, his muscular hands ran across my face, he pushed my hair behind my ears to get a full view of my blue eyes, he laid me down to the grass and planted a deep kiss on my belly button, he continued making his way down to my thighs and eventually stopped, his mood changed and his eyes filled with red hot tears, he kept his face away from mine, and got up turned around, I knew he was troubled and something had upset him.
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“What is the problem my love” I asked running my hands around his waist,  and burried my face inbetween his backbone.
“You shouldn’t be with Shango” his eyes still raged and his heart strode against each other, everything about my husband made him angry, and i know what Orunmila could do when he’s angry.
“My marriage to Shango can never seperate us my love” his eyes ragged more and his footsteps each time he paced about made the whole animals in the forest panic and run for safety.
“No you should be married to me not that tyrant beast of a god.”

He came closer to me and looked into my eyes and held my chin in his hands, he knew how to make me feel like a goddess, Shango is only interested in the nights we spend together and nothing more, but Orunmila knows how to make me feel like a woman, even gods deserves to be loved the way humans do.


“Let me end this, Obá let me put my sword in his chest and we can be free, we can have a life of our own…”
He muttered the same words I’ve been so terrified of him speaking, I know Shango my betrothed husband and the power he posses, I’ve seen him conquer and defeat gods, take lands and slaves unto himself, I fear what he might do to my Orunmila.
“No I’ve seen what Shango can do when he is angry, i fear what he might do to us if he finds out we are plotting to kill him,” Orunmila was blessed by wisdom and patience, that’s why he waited all those years patiently for things to take its natural cause.
And no matter what happened nothing can change what has been prophesied by the chief priest.


Shango married another wife, a goddess of pleasure and sensuality, that was when my pain began, Oshun was way more beautiful than I am, but that didn’t matter to me because she bought me enough space  to spend more time with my Orunmila, on the night Oshun was to go in to Shango for their first procreation, I could hear her screams and moans from my tent where i slept alone about a couple of miles away from the palace, I could only hear them from this far because of my goddess powers. I laid my head down on my small silver linen pillow trying to distract myself from thinking about Oshun. Gradually, I started feeling a warm, tender and gentle touch on my legs. I tried to sweep it away and continue my sleep but I couldn’t, it grew more intense as it made it’s way up to my thighs, when I quickly rose up and there was my Orunmila.
Deep down, I was surprised and asked him to leave so as not to be caught by the guards, but he declined and planted his lips on mine. At this point he was all over me, he stripped himself of his sword and placed it beside my bed and kissed me harder, he ran his hand under my Iyere that covered my breasts and held me with his firm hands, squeezing tight.


He looked into my eyes and planted a kiss on my shoulder, as he striped me from my clothing exposing my whole body to the night
“You’re my sexual goddess” he whispered into my ears and started sucking on my nipples while my hand made it’s way down his Jigida looking for his manhood. He helped me strip himself naked and it fell out from its place, I held it in my hand and squeezed it, I took some amount of oil on the table beside my bed and applied it all over the big shrunk of wood, it was hard and firm, big and tall, the perfect manhood for a god. He sucked harder on my nipples and each time I tried to keep my moans low so not to alert the guards or draw attention. Our bodies collided and rubbed against each other in a maximum pleasure, I looked into his beautiful eyes and kissed him, he spread my legs apart and gradually guided his big erect manhood inside my vagina, i could feel his heavy breath and hear his heart beat each time his erection struck the shaft of my vulva. He buttoned his palm into mine and struck with pace untill he was all inside of me. I felt him touching most places inside my vaginal wall and it felt so great and good, he increased his pace and thrust and sprang out a couple of times, each time his erection came out he will guide it back into my vagina with his hand, and it easily went in this time because of the river that flowed in between my thighs.
“My love I need your seed in me please”  i murmured into his ear, I knew the consequences and the curse it will bring upon the kingdom but i didn’t care, to me we were already cursed for  not letting us be together.
He looked into my eyes and kissed me passionately, he moaned out of intense pleasure and i felt hot streams of liquid pour all over my legs, I knew that was him and he didn’t heed to my request. I was sad and angry and told him to leave, he tried to explain but I couldn’t hear him and made him leave before I will alert the guards.
In the morning i was woken up by the guards and dragged to the palace, i looked into shangos eyes and it was filled with rage, he looked at me and struck my face with his feet and i fell to the ground. I didn’t understand why but i saw the smiles on oshuns face inbred something was wrong, shango came to me and dragged me by my hair and looked into my eyes, his eyes burning with heat, the kind of heat i see in his eyes whenever he’s going to war,


“For how long” he asked me, tears rolled down my eyes as i was now realizing what was happening, my lover had been caught, I knew what this meant. I hated myself for driving him out into the night, i should have respected his decision of not wanting to get me pregnant; his wisdom must have guided him to make that decision but I was foolish and selfish; i didn’t care about the punishment the pregnancy would bring upon the people.
He struck me again, this time a splash of blood followed as one of my tooth fell out of my mouth.
“Watch me as i kill him like a dog he is”
He summoned the guards to bring him out. They dragged him out in chains and brought him into the town square, they chained me too and dragged me along with them. I looked out and saw my Orunmila being paraded and beaten by the guards, Shango got down from his chariot and grabbed his spear and walked towards him, the town gathered around and watched as he commanded the guards to unshackle him, they did and gave him back his sword, this is what I always feared would happen. He picked up the sword and engaged in a duel with Shango who effortlessly beat him up like a child and finally staged his spear in his heart.
He fell and died, followed by thunder strikes and rain, he looked at me, scraped the blood away from his spear and ran it around my face, he brought me into the square and exiled me, never to return to ogbomosho again.
Written by: EMERIE EBUBE
Emerie is  21 year old and was born in Oraifite, Anambra state. He is a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri, studying computer science. He started his writing career in 2013 when he wrote a lot of stage plays and short stories, an aspiring actor and script writer.
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