10 Skincare Mistakes You Must Avoid


This is the most disastrous skin care sin.
Girl! Why? For What reason? Why do you do that? If you are too tired to catch a bath, use one of those facial wipes to clean the make-up off. That make-up that makes you look glam in the day can make you look grumpy 10 years down the line.
When you sleep with your make up overnight, it clogs your pores and weakens your skin. Love your skin enough to pamper it. Make it a rule to wash off your make-up once you get home at night.



I’m always conscious of this but no matter how conscious we are, we tend to let our hands stray to our faces, we are either pressing the acne or just checking out our makeup.
The hand always strays to the face.

Now, imagine the kind of things your hands touch every day. They shake people. Your hands touch money. Hands hold tea cups. They touch door knobs.

Hundreds of contact points that disperse germs and yet after all these, we raise those hands to our faces.

Not any more! Your face is rebelling now. Stop assaulting it with unclean hands. Think of your face as a sacred ground. Come holy. Wash your hands with sanitizers. Wipe your face with clean handkerchief.

Always remember, a clean hand equals a clean, spotless face.



Exfoliation is the removal of dead cells from the body layer. We all love the radiance exfoliation provides. Yet, when done in excess, it damages the body tissues.

So, be careful with the exfoliation.



There is a certain magic in sleep. It rejuvenates the body. When the body is well rested, the skin glows.

If you are searching for the secret of radiant skin, it starts with proper rest. Once you sleep well, at dawn, you skin would be born anew.



Water! And Water! More Water!

We always hear doctors recommend eight glasses of water every day. But how many people obey that? Most people would rather take a bottle of soft drink after a meal than water.

Drinks are not water. Water is pure. It is healing. H20 flushes bacteria in our body and helps our skin glow.

When you drink a lot of water, you sweat more. The skin emits the dirts clogging the pores thereby leaving our skin glowing and radiant.

So, yes! Water is a cheap secret but highly effective.



Open your make up purse. Extract those brushes that you have used for three years and counting. Remove that favorite eyeshadow of yours that you have used for donkey years.

Dump them in the trash. Your skin deserves better.



Where are those hot water lovers that seeks to boil their skin alive, get in here!
Hot water is a no no for your skin. What are you aiming at? To cook your skin?

Henceforth, please go for warm rather than hot water.

Your skin will appreciate it.



Few years ago in Abuja, I attended a breakfast meeting in an office with a very beautiful 50 year old woman who just relocated to Nigeria. She was too stunning that she looked 30. After the meeting, we were heading to our different homes. She didn’t come with her car and the sun was out. I kept laughing as this woman ran from the sun, holding her bag over her head and hailing every taxi that drove past.

She just couldn’t stand the sun. So while we waited under the shade of a tree, she began to tell me how damaging the sun rays can be.

I pinched myself as said to myself : “if a 50 year old woman can be this scared of the sun, I should be too. This must be the reason for her radiant, wrinkle free skin even at 50.”

Do you want to look radiant at 50? Learn a thing from this woman.



Be careful of the makeup products you use. Makeup products are made of chemicals and expired or fake chemicals are dangerous to the skin. Do your skin a favor, throw away all expired products and run from fake makeup products no matter how cheap they are.



Where are the junk food lovers like myself? We would rather have chocolates, biscuits than foods. This is terrible for the skin. Poor diet gladdens the tongue but damages the skin. It shrinks the skin.

No matter how expensive a body cream is, it cannot equate the magic vegetables would do to your skin.

Begin a habit of eating healthy today. Eat vegetables. Have fruits. Feed your stomach a healthy diet and watch how bright your skin would glow.

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