Six Fashion Red flags for Men

Everyone has the freedom to dress as they please but consider that somethings are not just right in Men’s Fashion. Taboo is a better word for it. You might be fond of doing or wearing these things I’m about to show you, so please…change.

1. Wearing sunglasses backwards.
I don’t why guys to this, it’s not like they have another pair of eyes behind their head.
Sun glasses are made to protect your retinas from sun rays so why on earth would you leave your eyes defenceless and protect the back of your head.
My best guess is they want to look gangster, well if you ever want to be seen as more than just a thugs then you probably want to avoid this look. Huge fashion Red flags!

2. Cargo trousers and shorts.
This is one of the reasons girls laugh when they just pass you, apart from many more.
This cloth has way too many pockets, like why does he need so many pockets. Except he’s a pick pocket.
So maybe there was a time when cargo shorts and trousers reigned in sovereignty but it’s gone now( May it’s soul rest in peace). Major red flag.


3. Contrasting shirt cuffs.
It’s doesn’t look nice, it never has and never will, no offense to those in the act.
If you’re folding your sleeves up to the elbow is not a problem but this. This is just sad. Some people will never listen, no matter how much you tell them. So for ye few faithfuls, please let it go. You’re either folding it up or not. Simple.

4. Wearing white socks.
Wearing white socks on your outfits is laughable, considering how conspicuous is it.
But it’s not because white sock is obvious, it’s because it a sock colour used for only sporting activities only. So even if you manage to avoid all the other red flags but still do this, then you’re still in the danger zone.

Foot wears every woman should own

5. Square toed shoes.
Two words for this shoe. Plain ugly. They make people see you as someone with obscene taste. Or a clueless guy. As a young guy, you best ditch this shoe and leave it for the grandpa. Take this advice seriously.

6. Big collar shirts.
Trust me when I say, no one really liked this shirt. For Christ sakes, can’t we just get turtle neck instead.
It’s just too a waste of good fabric and honestly it’s uncomfortable to wear with a tie.

Written by Frederick Daniel.

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