Best places to shop in Abuja.

If you stay in Abuja and you love buying things. These are some places to visit if you haven’t already.

1. Sahad stores.

Is located on plot 1512 uke street area 11 Garki Abuja. If you want to enjoy shopping with ease and also take super cute selfies, then this your spot.
This place makes shopping fun and also they receive all currencies making it possible for foreigners to shop too.
They also do home delivery, can you imagine? You can just stay in your house an place an order through their contact on Google.

2. Next Cash and Carry.

Next Cash and Carry is one shopping mall you don’t want to miss. Located in Jahi not Jabi.
The mall stocks both food and non-food items. There are over four ATM machines to get more cash and keep shopping.
The mall is very secure and it’s has a very convenient parking space which is what most shoppers desires apart from more stuff to shop.
Another good news is, if you shop too much and end up losing a few things. There’s a Lost and Found where you can always return to and get your stuff back.

3. Ceddi Plaza.

This is one the first mordern shopping malls in Abuja but it only gets better with age.
From the entrance of Ceddi Plaza, you already feel like you’re in another country. It’s so beautiful in and out.
What do they have? A cinema for Christ sake. You get to shop and watch your favorite movies. I call that a double combo. Shop and Watch.

4. Grand Square.

Grand Square is grand indeed. It is located within the Central Business District of Abuja. It has a large car park and tight security.
The interior is wide, containing grocery, dairy, household items, utensils and almost everything you need.
Their prices are a little high compare to other but still not unaffordable.

5. Shoprite (Jabi Lake Mall)

This one is just a bomb trust me. It’s sizeable and splendid.
There’s a lake, it’s not just the name. Sometimes shoppers forget the aim of being here and end up just take pictures. This place is more of a tourist attraction than a mall.
The prices are very affordable and payment services are efficient and speedy. There are over 20 POS’s, and they have a large range of products from organic food to toys and lots more.
They have annual bonanzas and they accept coupons. Finally the parking space is to die for. It’s large and convenient.

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I’d personally recommend this place for anyone in Abuja or anyone visiting from other parts of the country or abroad. Get shopping already.

Written by: Frederick Daniel.

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  1. Como ciudad capital de Nigeria, debe ser un imán para el turismo. realmente es un ciudad muy movida y me gustaría conocer el National Mosque y el Millennium Park.

  2. As the capital city of Nigeria, it must be a magnet for tourism. It really is a very busy city and I would like to know the National Mosque and the Millennium Park.

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