Ten awesome haircuts and styles

Ten awesome haircuts and styles

Are you tired of the conventional haircuts you do? Here is a list of great haircuts for a black guy is that will do you a total makeover.

Make sure you grab one these pictures on your way to the barbershop.
1. Shape up + dread top.
This cut is so cool that even white guys want it so badly.


2. Fauxhawk fade.
This one is crazy and cool. It’s not for everybody.

3. Narrow Afro.
If you have long hair and you love Afro but you probably don’t want it to look like there’s a bucket on your head then you can opt for this one.

4. Curly Mohawk.
When you’re tired of the conventional Mohawk then spice things up a little. Try this.

5. Long curly top.
This requires a lot of relaxers and hair oil. But I would kill to have this one.

6. Line up your raid.
So you first you braid your hair then line it up. Lovely hairstyles for people that are not living with theiwavesrents.

7. Taper fade + 360 waves.
All that spotting wave you’ve been using finallyDreadlocksHere’s your cut.

8. Dreadlocks.
This is becoming the most popular hairstyles now. Everyone is doing it, I wonder why. Look at it and decide.

9. Hook part + beard.
For guys with beards. Try this cut, I already imagine it looking good on you.

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10. Topknot with braid.
For guys with long can style this way or more other ways but this pretty awesome.

Written by Frederick Daniel.

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