Her Birthday Gift



Chinenye was the kind of girl I listed among the clique of girls I wouldn’t associate with in school, sometimes when I think about our friendship I would wonder how it happened and how we came this far, it all started after a 308 quiz I failed in my first semester, I was so broken knowing I will have a reference in that course, and that’s what I’ve always been trying to avoid, the next semester. I was in the library studying for the exam when she stepped in, she was slim and tall, very sleek with round boob’s but not that beautiful, at least not to the standard of girls i listed I would associate with, she walked around the whole library which seems to be occupied already looking for a space to sit down, after a couple of minutes i felt a tap at my back, it was soft and nice followed by a tiny strained voice in a Spanish accent “hi can I sit here if you don’t mind” she said pointing at the space beside me that was occupied by my school bag, at that point I knew there was Nothing I could do about it, there is no Beyonce coming to look for a space to sit, so I let her take it.

I moved the school bag and kept it under the table “Thank you” she responded immediately placing her own bag under the table too, she wore a short blue jean skirt that revealed almost every part of her thighs when she sat down, I tried to keep my eyes off it a couple of times I needed to take something from my school bag but couldn’t, it was too tempting; filled with shiny and with fresh black hairs that scattered from her laps down to her legs.

“So what are you studying?” she asked.

At first I was surprised and acted like I didn’t hear what she said before she asked again.

“It’s so quiet in here so I guess you heard my question.”

That part got my attention and I looked at her, her dark brown eyes fixed into mine and I couldn’t stop looking at it, there was something about her that attracted me so much but I didn’t know what it was.

“Oh, sorry didn’t hear that…” I replied trying to break free from her eyes

“Oh please I know I disappointed you.” Again she got my attention. I was wondering what she meant and asked to find out exactly.

“What do you mean by that?” she smiled as she was typing in the password to her laptop

“I mean I’m not the kinda girl you saved this space for, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t next time.”

I tried to defend myself when she cut in again this time sharply

“Oh please don’t try to explain, or you’ll end up telling a lot of lies before this study session is over.”

I was impressed at that moment, she simply read my mind, I knew I had a very high taste in my choice of women but I was attracted to this girl instantly, her intelligence was outstanding and I couldn’t Help but engage in a conversation with her,

“It’s just a 308 course I failed last semester, the exam is next week.” she smiled and was like

“Wow! Who on earth fails 308 in this school.”

She was very fun and lively, she helped me study and we became so close and tight without our permission, the exam ended successfully, year two second semester I checked my results and got a distinction, i was so happy and couldn’t wait for her to resume so I can tell her all about it, when she resumed, she came back a total different person, beautiful and added a little weight, fresh and fashionable, her hips enlarged and she took over my imagination.

I have been friends with chinenye since year one, and the much from the moment we met I had thought about her as a sister. Or, I was curious about what being with her would be like. It was a sum of many small things. Her laugh, the way she touched my arm in unexpected intimate ways when we were at lunch together. The playful moments, like when, sloppily drunk, she sat on my lap and licked my neck at party we went to at a lounge inside school She was gorgeous and approachable.

There were times and occasions that has led to this, some were built on my own nervousness. There was a time when I caught a glimpse of her in only a towel as she skipped quickly from the shower back to her room while I was in her apartment studying for an operation research test. Noticing the way her skirt pulled tight over her incredible ass when we were out one night. Watching her walk away during our study sessions in the library.

there were those intimate conversations also, born out of our close friendship. The time when, we would be up all night texting each other, it was so hard to sleep at 3am, she told me how she played with herself a couple of times in the shower sometimes, and there was also a lot of times I had fun with my cock in the bathroom thinking about her too, but I didn’t tell her. There were some Dating stories she shared, like how much she would love to hold an actual cock in her hands. The night when over drinks she let it slip that she often thought about having sex with her closest girlfriend. The closer we became the more curious and turned on I become. But it was hard for me, sometimes I would wonder if she even feels the same way, but why would she when the impression I only gave her was that we are friends and nothing more but friends. Her birthday was close so I was so ready for it, we went out to some joints and chilled, went for a swim and it was the most amazing moment of my whole life, seeing her in just a bikini, the water dripping down in between her cleavage set my whole body on fire. She pulled me close to her and made sure our body made contact, i tried to separate so she wouldn’t notice my erection, which made contact with her pussy, she looked into my eyes and ran her finger around my nipples, it felt so good but I stopped her by splashing water all over her body. We left the pool very late that evening, so I took her to her lodge where she lived alone, I’ve been there a couple of times myself but never actually slept over

That evening, the normal plan was to eat cake and sing the normal happy birthday song to her, talk a lot about unimportant stuffs that doesn’t matter, chill, but time was out of context here, but i thought to myself since its her day I could just spare her the whole attention she needed including the drama. The weather was dark and cloudy filled with rain and wild wind blowing trees around, time was 6:45pm. “so are you sure your friends are still going to come, I mean its getting late and its going to rain it seems?” She stood at the window looking out of it, the wind was blowing her dark curly hair around and her dress too, she had this amazing body nicely curved and packaged, the little ugly chinenye I knew back then in high school who couldn’t get a single guy is now my greatest sexual fantasy, soon it started raining, I felt bad because i thought her day got ruined by the rain, “well we should get started already and hope the rain stops or maybe not.” She sounded in a kinda tone that was hard to tell if she’s happy or angry. She closed the door and sat on the bed with me, I could hear the rain drops on the roof of the building and thunder storm that comes after flashes of lightning that illuminated the room each time it passed through the window, “I’m really sorry about this evening Nenye, i really am” I placed my hand on her back so those words would heal her loneliness “its ok and I’m not alone, you’re here with me its something” she smiled looking into my eyes, she walked towards the table where the cake was and blew off the candled. I wasn’t the birthday cheer guy or the life of a party type of guy, but I’ve watched movies and i have seen how its done so I clapped and whistled, hip hip, hurray nenye is 21. I walked close to the table and took pictures as she cut her cake, she took out a small portion from it and sliced it into pieces in a plate and went back to sit on the bed, “come on this one is for us, and since you’re the only one here you better start entertaining me,” I went closer and came up with an idea “ok let’s play a game, truth or dare are you in” umm I know this game and trust me it doesn’t end well, are you sure you sure you wanna play? ” she fixed her eyes into mine, I could tell her head is filled with words she cannot say, it’s wasn’t easy for me either, I’ve heard stories about how Guys loose control everytime they are around girls and i  detested them so much, but right now i seem to understand, and everything is clear to me, “I’m in control i said to myself ” but i seem to loose it all everytime she came closer or looked at me.

“so I’m still older than You are” I quickly broke the silence to create a little detour but It wasn’t working, she came closer to me and touched my hands and said it, the same exact words i was scared to hear her say,

“don’t worry, i am older than you are so the blame will fall on me”

I saw the passion in her eyes, the desires to have my cock in her pussy

“actually I didn’t invite anyone for this, I just needed only you by my side, I’ve always wanted you by my side but it seems you’re too distracted by our friendship” she looked away feeling guilty for those words but i pulled her face back towards mine and our eyes locked into a more passionate embrace.

I kissed her slowly and steadily, and continued, I wanted to know if she’ll break free, but she kissed me almost immediately, I continued kissing her over again to drive away any contrary thoughts from her head

My hand was soft and tender, I stripped off her clothing, her hands shaked as she unbuttoned my shirt, I then took my trousers off, my penis which was already erect sprang up from the dark coarse bush, like the shrump of an old tree, I moved her closer to the dark corner of the wall, where our bodies only radiated a little in the evening moonlight, each time our bodies touched it felt like heaven, she grabbed my cock and ran her hands around it, I knew that is what she has always wanted so i gave her full control, her nipples pressed hard on my chest and she moaned each time I sucked on it, I wasn’t myself anymore I know she wasn’t herself too from the way she touched me, “do you know how long I’ve waited for this opportunity” she mummured into my ears as my hand slid into her panties to play with her wetness

I gave her the fleshy part of my hand as I lowered my head to feed on her pussy juices properly, the way a lady should be taken care off.

“awww it feeeeeeeelllls ggoood”
I could hear her chattering and the vibration of her body each time I sucked her clitoris hard, I Separated the two pussy lips to expose the whole clitoris, I sucked harder and she held my hair tight While she moaned in pleasure. I continued sucking until tiny drops of juices started dripping from her vagina black redhead into my mouth,

I watched the yellow droplets of her juices, clinging to the dark wavy hair of her vulva, the way her long brown fingers delicately held the elastic of her panties away from core and inadvertently pushed her lips together, I was imagining I could see the tiny spear of her clitoris sprouting out of the closed lips, I spread her legs apart again and the lips opened with gum juices sticking to each part of the pussy lips,

I sat down on a plastic chair under the table and made her sit on top of me, she placed my cock inside her pussy with her hands, she applied some spit on it for easy penetration. When my cock met her pussy lips she moaned and buried her lips in my mouth. My cock gradually made it’s way through the tiny red hole and filled her up, she looked into my eyes and smiled “you’re so sweet, I don’t wanna stop fucking you”. Then she started grinding gradually and slowly, I couldn’t believe it was happening, my life wasn’t the same, it was like a dream come true for me, all those times of mental sexual slavery finally broken. She increased her pace and grinded faster. I could feel myself touching a lot of spots and places inside her, to me it was the best feeling in the world. Then I had her stop and started thrusting on my Own. She moaned with lots of pleasure and i kissed her,I never wanna hurt her, she’s not a whore, she’s my everything at that moment of my life so I was careful, and trusted with love. She wrapped her legs around me,giving me more access into her…this made the urge for her to release to grow stronger than before,she sinked her nails into my back as I kept moving inside her in circles,Oh baby, you are so hot, I can’t just get enough of you.

My muscles started contracting again as i felt a hot sensation all over my body and my brain was excited with pleasure built up, she noticed this and tightened her legs around me as i thrusted Harder, she let go of my back finally and held on to the bedsheets.

Does she know I want my baby in her tummy, does she know I’m not scared of being responsible for her, does she know how much I love her i thought and kept thrusting. Our sweats wrapped and made splash sounds everytime our bodies met, her pussy juice splashed more as i thrusted

The thrusts grew faster,the moans also getting louder….she pulled the bed sheets as she can feel her climax nearing…but she wants to wait for me because our souls are intertwined and she wants us to share the blissful moment together

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So I looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately as I shot my seeds into her and her juices all over me, we moaned and fell over. I looked her in the eyes and told her not to worry That my seeds in her is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She felt safe,and well taken cared of…our bodies together,skin on skin..it felt like home to her,she’s never felt anything like it before. I knew our lives have changed that moment and I knew she has conquered me. I knew I have touched a woman, I have dislodged a boulder and torn a veil and i knew I have been crushed. I was so much in love with her and would want more of what we just shared as much as she does. “she rubbed her hands on my cheeks and kissed me” I was sad and angry, she asked me why and i told her I’m sorry I have nothing for her on her birthday. She smiled and said to me, “tonight is the most perfect birthday gift I’ve ever gotten”.

Emerie is 21 year old and was born in Oraifite, Anambra state. He is a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri, studying Computer Science. He started his writing career in 2013 when he wrote a lot of stage plays and short stories, an aspiring actor and script writer.

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