Ten most amazing places to visit in Africa.

Africa, the second biggest continent in the world is blessed with an expansive landscape and wild life.
In Africa one gets inspired from the view and it’s also the best site to fill your camera with.
Here are ten most amazing places to visit whenever you travel to Africa.
1.Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania. The highest peak in Africa which is 5,895 meters (19,341) ft tall. The is one of the best places to visit and you don’t even have to climb, you can just look at the marvel.
2. The table mountain, South Africa. This amazing place makes Cape Town, one of the best beach cities, also one of the most photogenic places in the world.
     Cable car rides are available to the top of the mesa, giving great views, fantastic sunrises and sunsets. Take Atleast 200 pictures.
3. Pyramids of Giza Egypt. This is one of the most famous places in Africa and arguably the oldest.
The pyramids of Giza was built in 2650 BC. It’s ancient and among the seven wonders of the world.
 It might be creepy because it’s gigantic tomb but for the love of photography and just sheer curiousity, this is one of the best places to visit in Africa.
4.. Nyika Plateau National Park, Malawi. The largest national park in Malawi, is one of the most unusual in Africa, with a plateau cut by numerous rivers that reach Lake Malawi by way of waterfalls off the eastern edge of the mountains.
The eastern border of the plateau forms the wall of the Great Rift Valley. The great domes of hills have gentle slopes, making this place perfect for both trekking and mountain biking as well as Jeep exploration.
You just can’t miss it.
5. Sphinx, Egypt. This colossal temple is on the way down to Egypt’s Valley Temple of King Chefren. Having the body of a lion with a human head is 70 meters long and 20 meters high.
    It’s is another site to feed. But please live in the moment don’t take pictures. I dare you.
6. Riding safari, Kenya. Kenya is known for it’s wildlife. As the name implies, you wide through the safari on horse back getting a view of the zebras running free.
     Maybe you just want to learn horse riding. Here’s your chance.
7. Fish River Canyon, Namibia. This 500 meters (1,640 feet) deep and more than 160 kilometers (100 miles) long, is second only to the United States’ Grand Canyon in size, and during the dry season is characterized by beautiful turquoise pools of seasonally flowing water stretching into the distance.
It’s also very popular for it hiking and running trial. But you have to be fit to go the distance.
8.Djemaa el Fna, Morocco. This place is the world’s most happening town square.
     In the heart of the old city of Marrakech, snake-charmers, henna-painters, storytellers, date-sellers and orange juice vendors set up their stalls in the heat of the afternoon.
As night falls, the vendors are joined by tribal drummers, ladyboy dancers and mobile restaurateurs selling delicious grilled meats, bread and salad as the smoke rises above their stalls ’til past midnight.
I would not want to miss this for anything.
9.Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is one of the world’s most majestic and beautiful water spectacles. It’s also called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “The Cloud That Thunders.
    Thousands have flocked to witness and enjoyed the spray from the 108-meter high which was once recorded flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second — double that of Niagara’s highest flow.
10.Mountain gorillas, Rwanda. Here you can get a close encounter with the mountain gorillas of the Rwandan rainforest. Something you’ll never forget.
     At a height of more than 6,000 feet, the Nyungwe National Park is an isolated region, covering more than 386 square miles across southwest Rwanda.
    Tourists can meet with different species of primates. If you’re a monkey person, here’s your chance to make new friends (monkey friends).
Written by: Frederick Daniel.
Photo source : Pinterest
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