NIGERIAN PARADISE Jos Plateau state.

Jos is the capital of plateau state Nigeria. It is located in the middle belt region of the country.
Now apart from the fact that His is the six largest city in Nigeria with a population of 900,000 people. It’s also one of the most adventurous places to visit. One never gets bored in Jos. Here’s why.


1. The Weather. Jos has an ambient temperature of 23°C and drop as low as 10°C. That mean this town is never too hot, if anything it’s the coolest part of Nigeria.
This weather has attracted foreigners from all over the world to settle in the city, they get a feeling of home. In Jos one can comfortably wear a hood and a muffler, and feel like you’re in Moscow.

2. The Tourist attractions. Jos is not in short supply when it comes to tourist attractions. The whole city is attractive. There are lot of places you’ll not regret visit.
a. The wild life park: located at Rantya on Dung road. If you’re never seen animals thriving, then you need to visit this place.
It’s also a good place to have a picnic with your family under the pine trees. As long as you abide by the park rule, you are sure to have a great time.
b. The Kerang mountain: located in Kerang district of Mangu local government area. This is the source of the popular Swan spring water.
If not anything, curiosity is bound to draw you to this place. Tourists from all over flock to this place just to witness the natural spring.
c. The Riyom rock formation: This is the most popular site on the plateau. It’s has a peculiar rock formation that is considered a wonder. It’s plateaus very own Pyramid of Giza.
There are more tourists attractions like the national zoo, the museum, the wase rock, the gurra falls. Etc All these sites are amazing place to visit.
3. The Food. A variety of dishes that will make your mouth water. Jos has forty tribes and each of them has their own dish. Imagine the thrill of eating forty different dishes on your vacation.
There are also fast food like the popular Masa and other native drinks. Whenever you’re cold in the evening you can take a stroll and eat one the hot snacks sold on the road.
There are also a large variety of farm products ranging from Sugar cane, Corn, Irish potatoes, yams etc. Come ready because you’re going to carry Irish potatoes and many more.
4. The cost of living. Unlike other big cities in Nigeria, Jos has a cheaper cost of living. This mean you’ll spend less when you come to visit or even decide to settle in Jos.
This is a very important factor when visiting any place. You don’t want to travel and then get stranded. One can visit, lodge, eat, drink and still be left with enough change. There are standard hotels and parks to visit and spend your money.
5. The Lifestyle. Jos aka Jtown is known as a happening town. Music and drama is in the vein of the people.
The nightlife is wonderful. If you’re a Club person, then you’re in the right place. It’s not a boring place, one will always see people with guitars on the streets playing in merriment. There’s are music concerts week after week.
6. The Market. Terminus market was once the biggest local market in West Africa. Do you love shopping? Then you’ll want to visit Jos terminus market. Things like clothes, electronics, food stuff. The tomatoes is know as the freshest in Nigeria. There’s a saying that a beautiful woman is a fine a jos tomatoe.
There are very affordable and quality clothes just in case you’re a business man.
Finally you can only get first hand information if you visit Jtown yourself.
Written by : Frederick Daniel.

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