This girl’s story will change your life. Before I get to the story, I would like you to answer these questions sincerely.

1. Have you ever backed out of a Business_plan, because you had no money?
2. Are you desiring to shed some weight yet when exercising, your muscles begin to strain and you let fatigue overcome you?
3. Have you ever backed out of anything because someone said no to you?
If you answer yes to these questions then you need a persistence boost. Let me share this true-life story with you.
The Fifty Cent Lesson as inspired by Napoleon Hill.
Mr. Darcy was working in his Uncle at a mill when a  young colored child tenant of theirs walked in.
“My Mammy says to send her fifty cents,” she said.
Darcy’s uncle looked up and in anger ordered the girl out. “Tell your mammy that I shall not! Now go!”
“Yas Sah,” the girl said but she didn’t leave.
After a few minutes, Darcy’s uncle looked up and saw the girl still there and he barked at her. “Out! I said! Now!”
“Yas Sah” the colored girl replied but still remained where she stood.
Darcy watched this play in amazement. Here is a colored girl gazing up in defiance at her white lord. So, Darcy watched as his uncle looked up and still saw the girl still there.
He became furious. He quickly picked a cane and stormed towards the for.
Darcy who was expecting to see the girl tremble in fear because of his uncle’s fierce temper. Yet as Darcy’s uncle was few steps away from the girl, his cane raised in the air, this colored kid took one step towards her enemy.
Her eyes blazing in fury as she left out a loud shrill. ” My Mammy gotta have that fifty cents!”
Darcy’s uncle paused in his tracks. His cane dropped from his palm. His hand reached to his pocket and he picked the fifty cents and gave the girl.
The battle was between a Goliath and a David. It was a battle between a slave child and her master.
It was a battle of two unequal yet persistence and bravery give power to the powerless.
So, I urge you today… Knock harder on those doors that are shut against you. Go back to those people who had to say no to you.
Get up and burn those fats. Whenever defeat stands in your path, remember this little-colored girl story and stand your ground when No charges towards you.
Written by Chioma Ngaikedi.
Photo Source: Pinterest


  1. It’s worth the story. The reflection has room to settle the debts of hesitation and fear we have to face the daily problems of daily life. Everything can be done when you have will and courage.

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