As a 21st century man, you cannot avoid going to occasions whether you’re in the rural or urban parts of your country. It can either be formal or informal. Now you probably want to look your best at all cost. But sometimes you find yourself rummaging through your wardrobe, and still not finding anything perfect. If that’s your problem, then you don’t have the right clothes. Here are some clothes you need to have, they’ll be there to rescue you when you need to step out for a meeting with your boss or a date with a crush.
1. A Suit. First, this is supposed to mandatory for all men. I mean every formal occasion is attended in a suit. It’s a life saver.
 If you have one suit tailored to the right size, then it can never go wrong. Is it a wedding or a meeting, or even a church service that you want to attend? A suit is just the perfect choice. It present you all responsible person, believe it or not, it can give what Nigerians call Swag.
         If you don’t already own a suit then I urge you to get one as soon as possible, you never know when the need will arise. Sometimes a suit is a compulsory dress code for certain events.
Now if you already own one then you need more.
2. A Tuxedo. This is not a user as a suit is, but it will make you stand out at events that you didn’t the memo. It goes with a bowtie. This semi-formal outfit is mostly seen on the red carpet. You should at least own one if not more.
3. A Tie. A tie is popularly known as a man’s jewelry. I guess that about explains it. A tie, whether it’s a bow is very important. It’s should have a compartment in your wardrobe.
       Ties are worn with suits and tuxedos, but it can also be worn without them. For some jobs it’s mandatory. If you already own a tie, you want to let hang on your belt, not below or above. Ties come in many colors and patterns that can match your outfits. Get yourself a tie today.
4. A Wristwatch. First, when I say wristwatch, I mean an actual watch, not a wristband. Wristbands are for teenagers. This goes with any outfit even your pajamas.
Those who are used to wearing watches will tell they feel bare when they not wearing one.
This piece of clothing is traditionally made for checking the time but we all know that’s not the case today. It’s a fashion accessory. It adds a bit a maturity to you.
Most importantly you don’t want to wear a suit without a watch, it’s not a good look on anyone.
5. A jean. This is another life saver. Jeans are the most common type of trousers, yet some people manage to avoid them.
 A jean can go with a range of outfits. Shirts, T-shirts, blazers etc. It’s perfect for a stroll, a date even a meeting depending on how formal it is. You can’t go wrong with jeans.
The good news is, you are never too old to rock a jean. They come in all sizes even for the hulk.
They also make stain inconspicuous, which means you can wear them more than twice.
Note. Trench coats, caps, hats, jacket etc are very fashionable but not owning them is inconsequential compared to the above. Go get shopping right.
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