Are You Ready to Pay the Price for Success?

An accomplished female pianist gave an electrifying performance before a large crowd and as she was packing up, a lady ran up to her, gasping in the wonder of the euphoria the pianist caused. The lady said to the pianist.

“I’d do anything to play as you do! ”

The pianist stopped and looked at the lady, then turned and continued her packing. The eager admirer repeated herself again…

” I’d do anything in the world to play as you do! ”

The pianist turned and quietly replied, “No, you wouldn’t. If you would, then you could play as well as I do or even better. But you want my talent fully mature, you don’t want to pay the price that would lead to this mastery. You wouldn’t play hour after hour, day after day, year after year, even when your fingers are bruised and your back aching. Would you play on? Would you remember the price ahead? Is your will strong enough to walk through the furnace that leads to success? Are you ready to pay the price for success?”

At the pianist’s response, the lady’s shoulders dropped. She just caught a glimpse of the pains beneath the glory.

So, my dear, how many of us are like this lady? We admire Dangote. Sing praises to Bill Gates. Yearn to be the next Davido. The next Tiwa Savage. The next Oprah Winifrey. The next C. Ronaldo. But are you really ready to succumb to the pain of the process? Are you ready to set out and say:

“No.. No more. I can’t remain at this level any longer. I should be bigger than this. The world deserves to know me. I am done being the local champion. I’m going global. I will take the trainings. I will endure the pain. I’ll stay past midnight yet rise early. Day after day, pushing myself beyond the limits of my endurance. Because glory comes to that man or that woman who is dead to the pain of process, who would turn lemon to lemonade. Who would fight to the point that pain turns into pleasure.”

Don’t give in to the excuses. Don’t say: Ermm… I know I can do this but the time isn’t just right. I can’t do anything when I am still squatting with my cousin. Not when I’m living in the village. I will do better when I get to the city. I will win when I get that capital.

No.. No… Don’t give in those excuses. The best time to start is now!

“Start where you are, with what you have, knowing that what you have is plenty enough. ” Booker T. Washington.

Be prepared to pay the price for success!

WRITTEN BY Chioma Ngaikedi.

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