32 years old Anita, is standing at the worst end of life. She is over weight, jobless and practically has no friends. She describes life in one word… “Shit hole!”

Dozie is barely 19 but he is already neck deep in drugs. Swinging between reality
and unconsciousness. He’s riding in a car that was bound to crash.

Clifford is a 57 years old retiree who is a chronic smoker. His wife is late and his kids are overseas. He feels this emptiness within. He wants more. Life can’t just stop at 57. He yearns to begin again.

This three individuals have one thing in common: an emptiness deep down their souls. They know that this cannot be all that is to life. They want a transformation. They yearn to live the life of their dreams but they don’t know how.

Here is one of thing. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED. And it’s you who would build it up. You have that strength within you. Uncover it!

At different phases in our lives, we face life crisis. We discover that life is not as exciting as it should be. We wallow in depression. We let our bodies go. We blame!

Someone once said – Life is God’s gift to us but how we live it is our gift to God.

How are you living your life right now? Is this the kind of life you pictured? Are you living to the fullness of your potentials?

If your answer is no, then this article is for you.

I believe it is time you turn round and redirect your life. It’s time to rise above the vices. This is not your best. Life can be more and you know it.

Today is the best day to begin afresh. Today is the day to rebrand your life. Change the narrative and sail towards the life of your dream.


I was an 18 year old girl, sitting in the banquet hall of University of Benin, listening aptly to the speaker standing on the elevated platform, a microphone in his hand, his words shook me to my bones.

“You are a product of three things: the books you read, the friends you keep and your environment. ”

His words soared through my veins and goosebumps swept over my skin. Those words changed my life. We are a product of the books we read. When you read you accumulate the experiences and expertise of the authors. It rubs off on you. So, when you talk, your level of intelligence reflects. Self rebranding begins with reading. Cultivate that culture of reading today.

Secondly, there is power in association. The friends you keep matter. Iron sharpens iron. They are the people you spend time with, so directly or indirectly , they influence you.


Your physical health affects your mental well-being and esteem. You have to learn how to take care of your body. It’s your partner. Hit the gym. Be well groomed. When you look your best, you act your best.

For me, you don’t want to see me rocking a new hairdo, my walking step automatically changes. My shoulder is straighter, my head higher. My smile wider. My soul would seem to sing aloud.

“Hell Yeah! I am rocking a new hairdo.”

This should be us every blessed day. Let’s shine like the sun. Let our smiles never fade. Let our voices never dim.

The best of life begins when we are beautiful inside out!


We must put food on our tables. You are your own responsibility. No savior is coming. So, come out of that comfort zone. Fight for your life. Take that career seriously. You are not weak. You are strong. You have this shit under control. Be brave and dare. Regardless of how many people are doing that business before you, you too can succeed. You too can win. You are made of something tougher than flesh. Define your why’s! Make discipline a must. Keep walking even when your legs scream. Keep kicking even when your arms hurt. Keep coming back even when life knocks you down. For the success you seek is at the end of your grit.

Written by Chioma Ngaikedi

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