Weekend Vibe:Top Places To Hang Out In Ikeja

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It is Friday and this list is perfect for you if you’re looking for cool top places to hang out in Ikeja and if you are not in Ikeja and still want to chill with your friends this weekend, you can also check our previous post on Cool Places To Visit In Lagos.

Weekend in Lagos is often the best time to hangout because people are on break from their regular 9-5 hustle or school but especially because the road is traffic free, so you can easily get to where you are going to without being stuck on the road for hours. Even apart from the weekend, we often have different reasons to have a time-out. This could be with friends, with family, business associates, lovers or even alone. For me, I think is one of the underrated location for cool spots as people often won’t believe the amount of aesthetically pleasing, cozy and even crazier, affordable. There are so many amazing hangout spots that you may be in a fix of where to go to; yeah, we know that finding the right place could be quite tough. So, we have curated a list of some of our favourite places you can visit in Ikeja and this list has all kinds of restaurants, bars etc that are either cozy, open, calm, loud, romantic, casual and more.

An essential tip to note is to consider your budget before deciding on your choice location. Where some of the restaurants may be expensive, some are really affordable and some are a mixture of expensive and affordable. You should also consider the number of people you’re going with or what you’re going there for as some places will require that you make reservations if you’re having a large crowd or if it is a birthday party, a very private meeting or you just want a really private moment with some select few.


  1. Burg:

Burg is a new-ish burger joint in Ikeja and it has fast risen to be one of the top cool places to visit in Ikeja. Well, that is not such a surprise as it is so beautiful and feels like home. In fact, it is so serene, you could set up you work station here during the day to get some work done; they provide free wi-fi and there are electrical sockets everywhere for you to charge your gadgets.  It is located on 11b, Isaac John Street, Ikeja. Burg serves such amazing burgers perfect for everyone, including pepper lovers as they have a menu that allows you to “spike” your burger with jalapeno peppers. They also serve milkshakes, ice-cream, lemonades, soda.

From the exteriors of Burg, you will find an open space with wooden seats and tables that could take two to four people. In the evenings, the place is lit up by soft lights that give out an entirely cool ambience. Burg also has a bar where you can get cocktails, beers and shisha. It is outdoor, so it is perfect for smokers. Another reason why burg is top-notch hangout spot is because it has cool games like darts, board games, ping-pong and table tennis. This place is a perfect place if you’re looking at having an outdoor, unusual date or need some time out with your friends.

The burger price ranges from 3,500 to 5,000 naira. Oh, if you love chips with your burger, you will have to pay for it separately making the burger and chips combo is as expensive as 5,000 naira for the cheapest on the menu. However, their beers and cocktails are quite are reasonably priced; starting from 500 naira. Definitely, a great place to hangout with friends over beer and cocktails and shisha especially if you are night crawler as they are opened from 8:00 AM to 4:00 AM from Monday to Saturday and it closes by 2:00 AM on Sunday.

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  1. Ikeja City Mall:

The Ikeja City Mall is a carefully-designed and built connect of over a hundred different stores, from fashion stores to restaurants to the cinemas and more. When you enter the mall, the first thing you might notice is the extremely wide parking space that takes hundreds of vehicles. Every day, it records a gross number of thousands of people who come to either shop or hangout. You might be looking at an indoor date, or get-together or something simple and fun outdoors. If you are looking at having the best time ever even if you’re on a budget, then the ICM is one place that you won’t regret going to as a large number of stores and spots means you can always find whatever suits your budget, especially if you are confused about what exactly to do or where to go. You can also visit more than one spot while you’re there. You can stop by the cinema to watch a movie or stop by any of the restaurants to eat or window shop.

ICM is perfect for a personal time-out, a family outing or a date and more, you will always find a place that suits your budget.

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  1. The Orchid Bistro:

Food will always be a big deal and that is one reason the Orchid Bistro will never be a bad idea if you’re looking for a spot with awesome food and drinks for your belly. With a spectacular aura, we can tell you confidently that this is one place you want to go if you want a stylish and quiet place to hang out. The Orchid Bistro puts you in mind with everything they offer from the amazing food and snacks to commendable customer service. From time to time, old classic music is played bringing you interesting nostalgic memories from years before. The food selection ranges from tasty foods for breakfast to lunch as well as light foods like salads and desserts. All in all, this is one of the best places to visit with that special person or with a few loved ones.

This classy restaurant is located on 58a, Isaac John street in Ikeja and is open every day of the week.

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  1. La Mango Restaurant and Lounge:

The La Mango Restaurant and Lounge is located on 2, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, GRA, Ikeja. Wondering why we would recommend this restaurant to you? La Mango offers you an unforgettable experience in terms of foods, drinks and relaxation. The foods come in a large mouthwatering sort such that you cannot be short of options. A taste of the food could be synonymous to heaven on earth. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this restaurant is the fact that their food and drinks are well-priced and very affordable so you don’t have to bother about spending a ton before you have great fun. Music, to many, is life, and La Mango really does offer a lot of lively, soul-pleasing music. There are other riveting features like a poolside, VIP lounge and an indoor area located upstairs (perfect for couples). The place also has a wide space for important events like parties or reunions.

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  1. New Afrika Shrine:

If you are looking at having real fun in a laid-back or relaxed environment, the New Afrika Shrine will forever be a great idea. We understand that there are certain times when all you need is a time out of the hectic life of Lagos to a place with mind-blowing music, food and palm wine. It is an environment which strongly carries the presence, music and legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The Shrine is open every day of the week but you will have an exceptional time when you go during the evening hours. Thursdays and last Saturdays of every month are also amazing times to be there as Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti perform really great pieces of music which are a good break away from the usual hip-hop music. You should note, though, that there is a usual smell of weed and you might have to be more careful about going there if you are asthmatic or allergic to smoke.

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  1. Seven Eagles Spurs:

There are not very many hangout spots in Ikeja that are family-friendly and affordable as well. However, Seven Eagles Spurs is one of the top places you should consider for a wowing time out with your family at reasonable prices and it is located at the Ikeja mall. From the entrance, you will find several indications that the place is one that kids would absolutely love. And if your kids love the place, why shouldn’t you? They also have great excellent customer service and have a broad list of continental foods, fries, milkshakes and more. You could also visit with friends but would definitely get maximum satisfaction if you’re going with your family.

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  1. Jevinik Restaurant:

Talk about taste, quality and affordability all in one place and you will be talking about the Jevinik restaurant. This place is located on Isaac John street, Ikeja and is notable for a number of things. One, they have standard food that tastes just like homemade food so if you’re a sucker for local dishes, going here would be one of the best decisions you could ever make. They have a very large hall for events like weddings and conferences. Because they pay attention to the food, you might have to wait a short while before your food is ready. You can also use the POS option if you do not have cash in hand. Their waitresses are great and treat you as special.

Organicarticle Weekend Vibe:Top Places To Hang Out In Ikeja


Which of these top places to hang out in Ikeja would you like to visit when next the occasion arises? Let us know in the comments!

Written By: Orifunke Lawal. She is a writer, blogger, content creator and storyteller. She blogs at orifunkelawal.com


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