Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos


It is Friday and if you’re looking for where to turn up, we have curated a list of some cool places to visit in Lagos.

Have you ever been to Lagos? Have you been to a place in my city? HakunaMatata! I don’t know what that means but I’m hoping somehow, it translates to ‘welcome ‘. Now, you’re in Lagos, how do you feel? Awesome? I know, right! For years, Lagos has been the go-to place. Your wedding? Vacation? Business? Name it. Everything happens in Lagos and I dare say that it is the most popular city in Nigeria and should be one of the most traveled to in Africa, and for good reason. It is the hub! I know I’ve said it before, but everything really happens in Lagos. You see, while other states are known for specific things, you can’t really point what Lagos is known for.

The city is a jack of all trades and I dare say, Master of all. This is partly because Lagos was once the centre of administration in Nigeria before it was moved to Abuja, so for years it has that economic advantage. Before I bore you with introductory gimmicks, let me appraise you with a few places you just cannot leave Lagos without visiting. To make this easier, let’s break it into the two, the invisible lines dividing Lagos into two – the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. There’s the Mainland if you’re middle class and don’t have a lot of spending power, basically on a budget. Then, there’s the island, if you can afford to splurge.


Here, you have the people next door, the musa’s, Adamu’s and okoye’s. Before you turn up your nose in a condescending manner, everything happens on the Mainland, don’t let the hype fool you.

So, when next you’re in Mainland you should check out :



According to Google, they’re at 17 Jibowu Street, Yaba Lagosand that’s the first great impression about this – they’re online! If you’ve ever tried to find a place but they’re not on the web, so you’re just blindly groping around, then you’ll understand the struggle.

Pancake Hub, originally ADA’S PANCAKE HUB according to their Facebook page is an outdoor restaurant that caters basically to breakfast and brunch. Well, unless you want pancakes for dinner. Their main service is pancakes but they have other side attractions like chicken and some other stuff but basically, everything here is light.

They offer a variety ranging from cinnamon pancakes with Oreo flavored toppings (yum! Right?),  to chocolate chip pancakes and plain pancakes with sprinkles of everything sweet.

If you’re probably thinking about your weight or cholesterol or some other healthy something, they offer vegan pancakes too, so every body gets served.

They are one of the top places on the Mainland to hang out right now, and for good reason. They’re affordable and by virtue of proximity to the university campus, a lot of students can afford to come here and hang out. Their lowest prices start from 1000NGN which is less than 5 dollars and still fair, and this basic combo consists of about three slices of pancakes, scrambled eggs and a single sausage (talk about flexing on a budget). Any side attraction you order however, shall be on your tab and add to your bill. In the same vein, their highest meal combo is a little over 5000NGN.

Like I said earlier, they’re online. You can see their menu at or send them a mail at [email protected]. Their Facebook is ADA’S Pancake hub.

Organicarticle Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos



This is a modern day adaptation of the 1970 Old Afrika shrine originally built by Fela himself which unfortunately was burnt down seven years later, in the late 70s. Fela, the radical music maestro, a rebel properly so called and descendant of the famous Ransome-Kutifamily. Remember the first woman to drive in Nigeria? She was a Ransome-Kuti. During his lifetime, he was the medium through which the ills in the society by the upper class were brought to light and was a place where lovers of good music would converge and brainstorm,against the backdrop of fist thumping, feet tapping tunes by Fela himself.

Through Fela, the society viz a viz the average man was given a voice through his popular tracks, like the song Zombie. He called out heads of government, putting them on the spot, and for this, he was threatened, harassed and intimidated severally.

It is trite to state that the Nigerian Music culture is not complete without the story of Fela and even 20 years after his death, he is still Eulogized, remembered and celebrated. An instance is the annual Felabrationwhich holds in the shrine in October around the dates of his birth. Similarly, Beyoncé featured one of his renditions at the 2018 Coachella. Talk about tribute.

The New Afrika Shrine,located at 1 Nerdic Road Agindigbi, Ikejais managed by Fela’s children and it’s a huge spot for people to chill and hang out, what with the side attractions, cheap meals, photo displays cum musical performances depicting the life and times of the music maestro.

The gate fee is relatively cheap, just 500NGN. The downside however is the traffic congestion around that area, what with the proximity of event centers around the axis and the high consumption of hard drugs. If you’re a night person, this is the go-to place, as it heats up around 7pm till dawn. They don’t ever sleep in these parts.

Organicarticle Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos



This, because a Visit to Fela’s shrine alone, is never complete. As it turns out,this was the house the Legendary FelaAnikolapoKutilived in prior to his death,formerly known as KalakutaRepublic, coined from the name of the prison he had been held in, previously. It is at 8 Gbemisola Street, Lagos, Nigeriaand 2.40km away from the new afrika shrine.

At the kalakuta museum, the life and times of the maestro, all three floors of it has been preserved and turned to a museum with a private tour guide at a minimal cost of500n entry fee. His room looks exactly as it would have were he alive, his guitar and musical instruments likewise.

It’s a relatively new place but doing so well as it currently attracts visitors from home and abroad.

Organicarticle Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos



Here, you have the joneses, and the thirty billion gang people. So, if you’re on the island by chance and you want to have a good time, you should stop by the :



Here is an elite boating club founded in 1950 and located at 28 awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.  Entrance is strictly by membership and it is the preserve of the elites, the 30 billion gangs and the OBOs. Here, you can chill around with your friends, watch the beautiful lagoon in all its splendor and enjoy the amazing culinary skills of the staff with the attendant Peace and quiet of the mainland. If you’re not on a budget or on a fat budget, this is a place to be.

Organicarticle Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos



This, right here is arguably the most popular beach in Lagos State. I used to think it was on the Mainland because of how popular it is but it actually is a private beach, Off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ikate, Lagos. Owned and managed by the Elegushi Royal family. It offers a 24 hour service of relaxation, fun and partying for just a token entrance fee of 1000NGN. With beach shorts and minimal tees, you can enjoy a nice time of outdoor fun with family and friends with all the bustle that comes with being with a bunch of people. The best times to be here are weekdays, as it’s less crowded than during the weekends. You’d do well to also stay away during the rainy season. Come back In December. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is not the place for you. Elegushi Beach is popping, all day, everyday.

Organicarticle Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos



Against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, Hard Rock Café is located at  Plot No 3 & 4, Block XVI, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Near Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s an indoor/outdoor restaurant cum hangout zone and be warned that it’s not relatively cheap. Hell, nowhere on the island is as cheap as Mainland but you’ll get your money’s worth at least. Word on the street is that Hard Rock Café is over priced, but the jury’s still out on that. You can check any of their array of meals to decide for yourself, which include, onion rings, grilled chicken suya, fish and chips, Tupelo chicken tenders, tortilla chips, balsamic tomato bruschetta amongst other mouth watering offers. You can see their full menu here.

It’s a lovely place to chill with your family and friends as they have a wonderful kiddies section and a swimming area for your day and night relaxation, as their opening hours are from 12pm to around 12am. There is also a live band to mesmerize you. So, if you have the money to splurge, then by all means, hard Rock Café is the place.

Organicarticle Tourism In Nigeria: Cool Places To Visit In Lagos


There are so many other amazing places in Lagos and if you have time when you’re around, you should do well to check out any of the following

  • Festive mall
  • Lagos convention centre
  • Ikeja city mall
  • Oniru Beach Resort.
  • Palms Mall lekki
  • Yaba (bend down)
  • Freedom Park Yaba
  • Ozone cinema.

Enjoy your stay in Lasgidi!


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